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Decline and Fall of the British Empire – parts 3,432,125 and 3,432,126

by @ 19:25 on December 2, 2008. Filed under Immigration, Politics.

Item #1 (H/T – Jon Ham) – The Daily Mail reports the “Catholic” bishops of England and Wales want to open up Muslim prayer rooms and facilities for Muslim pre-prayer washing facilities in every Roman Catholic school in Britain. The Mail reporter who wrote the piece, Simon Caldwel, notes that the recommendations (termed by Caldwell as “demands”) “go way beyond legal requirements on catering for religious minorities.”

Item #2 (H/T – AceTory MP and immigration spokesman Damian Green was arrested and held for 9 hours while his home and House of Commons office tossed by Metropolitan Police for the “crime” of revealing various episodes of coddling of illegal aliens by the ruling Labour Party on the floor of the House of Commons. Roger Kimball has a rather good wrapup of reaction on the far side of the pond.

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