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Archive for December 10th, 2008

WordPress 2.7 is live

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That’s right. After almost a month of delay, WordPress 2.7 is out. There are some nice improvements, both on the back end and the front end.

The biggest item on the front-end is threaded comments. To reply to a specific comment, just hit “Reply” just below the comment. I’ve enabled it all the way out to the maximum 10 levels of commenting.

Paul Ryan votes to bail out the UAW

This YouTube video is my insta-reaction to Paul Ryan joining the Democratic caucus in bailing out the Big Thr…er, UAW to the tune of $14 billion (warning, gratutious use of fuck-bombs involved). I especially like the stretch between 1:25 and 1:33 when Butch Coolidge goes ballistic.

Revisions/extensions (9:00 pm 12/10/2008) – I should’ve checked to see if was embeddible before trying to embed it. Sorry about that.

The Morni…er, Afternoon Scramble, 12/10/2008

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This one goes out to Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich (D)…


  • Katie Favazza wonders what is on Blago’s iPod. He strikes me as a punk rock fan.
  • Charles Henrickson wishes all the DUmmies a Merry Fitzmas, complete with song.
  • Brian Ross confirms that Jesse Jackson Jr tried to keep the seat vacated by President-elect Barack Obama in the Chicago family the old-fashioned way – with 10,000 Benjamins (or $1,000,000 for those who can’t do the math)
  • James Wigderson has a dozen questions for Obama. Judging by the complaint, Blago tried to buy favors from the Obama campaign/transition team in exchange for naming one of their prefered candidates for at least 10 days, which James compared with the “pro-forma” discussions Blago had with Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL).
  • Mary Katharine Ham dug up a report from November 5 that stated Obama planned on meeting with Blago the afternoon of November 5. That would be right in the middle of the attempt to buy favors from the Obama campaign/transition team. The link “conveniently” died, but Yahoo still has it cached (and I have the cache saved in case the ObamiNation Net Scrubbers strike Yahoo as well). Meanwhile, Fred put up a screencap, knowing full well the ObamiNation Net Scrubbers would strike.
  • Rob reports that meeting did, in fact, take place. Of course, the station that had that report did the same thing it did to the one MKH found, and thankfully Yahoo still has it for the moment (I also saved this one).
  • To counter that, Ed Morrissey found a report from the Chicago Sun-Times on November 6 (between the two noted above) that says Blago and Obama didn’t meet.
  • Jim Lindgren runs the timeline some more and wonders why there was an initial denial of any knowledge of Blago’s attempt whatsoever from Obama.
  • Rick Esenberg reminds us that, absent something more substantial than what has already come out, this doesn’t say anything substantive about Obama. He also reminds us that Blago is a manifestation of the natural human condition, and that can’t be fixed by “clean government” reforms. While that is true, it can be mitigated by “open government” ones.
  • John McCormack found the Obamination Express finally throwing Blago under the bus after everybody else stomped a mudhole in him. Way to show courage, Barry – wait until everybody else disowns him and then send out a flack to finish him off.
  • Nick Schweitzer uses Blago as another example for smaller government. Amen.

Since you’re probably done with the first song, it’s time for another from the Blago iPod (uncensored, of course)…


  • Back to Katie – she found a Craigs List listing that “Hot Rod B.” put up. If it disappears, Asian Badger thoughtfully archived the text.
  • Stix1972 found an interesting eBay auction before it disappeared. The bad news – there were at least 17 bids before it was pulled.
  • Sister Toldjah found another yanked eBay auction. She also reports there is (actually, was; this also got yanked) a wish list for Blago on Amazon filled with things a guy in a “don’t drop the soap” federal pen needs.
  • Faux eBay part 3 – Iowahawk found exclusive documents from the Fed’s seizure of Blago’s eBay account </humor> (it saddens me that I have to include that tag for the humor-challenged).
  • Eric explains how Blago can survive. I will add that Blago strikes me as the type of guy who uses what isn’t there.
  • J. Gravelle takes a look at what the LeftStreamMedia, broadcast division, would have done had Blago hadn’t been so stupid as to put the squeeze on the Tribune Company.
  • Warner Todd Huston reports that didn’t stop The News Organization That Cannot Be Quoted™ from providing all sorts of cover for both Blago and Obama (but mostly Obama).
  • Michelle Malkin broke out the Crying River Flood Warning for Reuters.
  • Jim Geraghty tells the LeftStreamMedia, “I told you so.”
  • Teresa bugged the walls in Blago’s office and caught an interesting snippet of conversation of Blago returning to work.
  • Jayme Siemer asks who will take the lead on transparency legislation in Illinois. I’ve got “no current politician” in the pool.
  • Silent E makes it a three-song Scramble…


  • Rick Moran, who knows more than the average bear about Illinois politics, terms Blago’s conduct “beyond business as usual”.
  • Tom McMahon 4-blocks (or should that be “8-blocks” the 3 Illinois governors prior to Blago to get sent up the river. He’s jumping the gun a bit on Blago (unless one counts the several hours cooling his heels in federal custody waiting for his bond hearing) – I’m willing to put cold, hard cash on the line in saying that Blago will walk despite the facts.
  • My blogfather Chris has a fitting punishment for Blago. In case those of you on the Left think he’s bluffing, do note he offers the same punishment for Ted Stevens.
  • Bill Quick found the pic the presstitutes won’t run, and compared it to the one they’re running.

Be Careful the Fights You Pick

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Saw this interesting articleabout the Chicago Tribune’s cooperation with FBI regarding the reporting of the Blagojevich investigation.     According to the Tribune, the FBI requested and on numerous occasions the Tribune complied with not reporting all of the information the Tribune had uncovered.  

To say that this is unusual is a bit of an understatement.   Even the Tribune says:

“It’s very important for news organizations to remain independent from law enforcement. Independence is the key to journalistic integrity. When you enter into agreements or partnerships, you find your independence compromised,” said Kelly McBride, media ethicist at the Poynter Institute in St. Petersburg, Fla. “If we are too cozy with law enforcement, we will have no credibility when we question law enforcement, in the eyes of the public.”

Fiztgerald was equally impressed by the unique support from the Tribune:

We thought we’d never have the opportunity to install the bug or place the telephone tap and we made an urgent request for the Tribune not to publish that story,” Fitzgerald said. “That is a very rare thing for us to do and it’s an even rarer thing for a newspaper to grant.

When you think about Press involvement with government secrets you don’t tend to think of it in a supportive, positive relationship (Think NY Times).   Do you think the Tribune’s unusual support was for a unique sense of morality or patriotism?   Or, perhaps, do you think it could be because of this:


Count Two

Sections 666(a)(1)(B) and 2.


Beginning no later than November 2008 to the present, in Cook County, in the Northern District of Illinois, defendants ROD R. BLAGOJEVICH and JOHN HARRIS, being agents of the State of Illinois, a State government which during a one-year period, beginning January 1, 2008 and continuing to the present, received federal benefits in excess of $10,000, corruptly solicited and demanded a thing of value, namely, the firing of certain Chicago Tribune editorial members responsible for widely-circulated editorials critical of ROD R. BLAGOJEVICH, intending to be influenced and rewarded in connection with business and transactions of the State of Illinois involving a thing of value of $5,000 or more, namely, the provision of millions of dollars in financial assistance by the State of Illinois, including through the Illinois Finance Authority, an agency of the State of Illinois, to the Tribune Company involving the Wrigley Field baseball stadium; in violation of Title 18, United States Code,

I used to manage the media relations area for a company I worked for. It was a constant struggle to keep from storming down to one of the newspapers whenever I saw a negative story about my company or industry. Fortunately, I never did. Early on in my role I was given sage advice,

“Don’t start fights with people who buy ink by the barrel!”

I’m guessing that’s advice that Blagojevich never received!

Call It A Trial Run

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Most news agencies are reporting that an agreement has been reached between the Democrat Congressional leaders and the White House, to provide the $15 billion in Federal funding, bail out, bridge loan….pick your favorite euphemism.   The agreement calls for the creation of a Car Czar who will

have powers to shape a restructuring of the companies, withholding further loans if progress toward a turnaround stalled.

While Nancy Pelosi may want to see House Republicans sign on to the bail out just to provide the appearance of her greater bipartisanship, there’s no doubt that the Democrats will pass the bill now that they don’t have to worry about the implications of impending elections.

On the Senate side, the outcome of a vote on the package is far from certain.   There are reports of dissatisfaction within the Senate Republican ranks.   The question will be whether, while they still have 49 seats, the Republicans can hold together 41 votes and keep the bill from a vote.

In just a few weeks Barack Obama will be sworn in as President.   Despite what some are calling “centrist” cabinet selections, there is no doubt that Obama’s views are far to the left of the American public.   Couple him with Nancy Pelosi and her faux bipartisanship in the House and you are 2/3rds of the way to passing nearly any legislation that Obama or Pelosi may dream up.   The only place where Republicans have a chance to influence policy for the next two years will be in the Senate.

In January the Republicans will be pared down to 42 or possibly 41 Senate seats.   Included in that number will be Senators Snowe, Collins, Specter and of course the ever enigmatic McCain.   It has been much debated whether the Republicans will be able to hold together to create any amount of resistance to the Democrat agenda.

61% of Americans are unwilling to provide a bail out for the auto industry. That coupled with Republicans now lip syncing that they want to be the party of smaller government (again), seems like the perfect opportunity, while we still have the 49 vote training wheels on, to see if we can hold the caucus together and flex some minority muscle. If they can, well, maybe there is some hope. If they can’t, buckle up, it’s going to be a long couple of years.

I think you can consider the Senate vote on the auto bill a trial run for what we will see at least until 2010.


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Alright, I heard when US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald said that the criminal complaint  against Blagojevich didn’t involve President-elect Obama.  

I’ve now read the entire complaint and in 17 separate phone calls or conversations, the complaint documents Blagojevich and others discussing how to extract something for Blagojevich in return for his selection of the President-elect’s preferred person to replace him in the Senate.

That leaves me thinking that either Blagojevich and those around him are the most delusional people on the face on the earth or they were receiving feedback along the way.   At this point I’m not suggesting that Obama was involved but if Blagojevich was getting feedback, someone was giving it to him.   I think this investigation has the potential to make the Scooter LIbby situation look like first year law school stuff.

This could be fun.

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