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November 30, 2011

Must See Wednesday – Bill Whittle explains the fundamental difference between the Tea Party Movement and the Occupy Movement

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Bill Whittle just destroys the myth that there is anything in common between the Tea Party Movement and the Occupy Movement in 5:50…

I could try to summarize it, but all I would be doing is messing with near-perfection.

February 27, 2011

Happy 2nd birthday, Tea Party

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Two years ago today, the first widespread Tea Parties happened. In case you missed what led up to them, Michelle Malkin wrote a short primer of the beginnings of what came to be known as the Tea Party. I had the fortune of being in DC for the first one there, and got a few pics of my own.

We may have a long way yet to go, but we have come a long way.

December 16, 2010

Thursday Historical Read – Michelle Malkin’s “Boston Tea Party: 237th anniversary”

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237 years ago today, a bunch of soon-to-be-ex-colonists protested the Tea Act by dumping a bunch of tea into Boston Harbor. Michelle Malkin takes a look back, and brings it into the present…

On December 16, 1773, the taxpayers of Boston had had enough.

The Boston Tea Party Ship & Museum website recounts the story:

On the cold evening of December 16, 1773, a large band of patriots, disguised as Mohawk Indians, burst from the South Meeting House with the spirit of freedom burning in their eyes. The patriots headed towards Griffin’s Wharf and the three ships. Quickly, quietly, and in an orderly manner, the Sons of Liberty boarded each of the tea ships. Once on board, the patriots went to work striking the chests with axes and hatchets. Thousands of spectators watched in silence. Only the sounds of ax blades splitting wood rang out from Boston Harbor. Once the crates were open, the patriots dumped the tea into the sea.

The bipartisan Party-In-Government, complete with Scott Brown (who wouldn’t be in the Senate if it weren’t for the Tea Party Movement), is doubling tripling down on stupid. Guess it’s time to increase the skeer on Congress, even as the foes of liberty increase their violence against us…

Make sure to commemorate the anniversary by picking up the phone and making yourselves heard in Washington as the tax-and-looters carry on.

Capitol switchboard: 202-224-3121. If you don’t, no one will.

February 3, 2010

Wednesday Hot Read – Warner Todd Huston’s “Illinois Shows Limitations of Tea Party Movement”

Warner Todd Huston has some lessons for the Tea Party movements in the wake of yesterday’s elections in Illinois:

Let’s take the race for Senate in Illinois as exhibit “A.” Of course the good old boys in the state party went with Mark Kirk, the center left candidate from a northern suburb of Chicago. He was the he-can-win candidate and the establishment choice. Not one Tea Party group, though, wants Kirk and for good reason — and I heartily concur with them, as it happens. So who was the “Tea Party candidate,” the one meant to beat out Kirk, the one backed by the newly found power of the Tea Party movement? There wasn’t one. There was three.

Sadly, the Tea Partiers in Illinois split their vote all up. Some Tea Party Groups went with Don Lowery and some went with Patrick Hughes. A few even went with John Arrington. Hughes, of course, was the only one that had even a remote chance as far as voter polls were concerned. Hughes at least registered in the polls, Lowery and Arrington barely showed up at all….

The sad fact is that the Illinois Tea Party groups didn’t spend any time organizing, polling each other, coordinating with each other. There was no effort from one Tea Party group to reach out to another one and work together. They all stayed in their own little area, met in their own little meetings, had their own little candidates forum, and made their own little decisions….

One thing is sure, if Tea Party groups want to become a political force for good, they have to coordinate farther out than their own towns and county. If they don’t they will risk making themselves irrelevant just as they did in the Senate race and Governor race in Illinois. That means organizing, whether they like it or not because organization wins elections. It’s just that simple.

The Tea Party folks certainly do not have to take on all the characteristics of the failed Party organizations they oppose. But they must get over this fear of organizing. If they don’t they will not be able to wield the power they might actually have behind them. Worse the parties that are a bit scared of them right now will surely find themselves able to ignore the Tea Parties if they ultimately find no threat from them.

January 15, 2010

Are you ready for some fire?

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The Racine Tea Party and Americans for Prosperity – Wisconsin are teaming up for an afternoon bonfire tomorrow between 3:00 and 4:30 at 4505 Highway H in Franksville. Since there is expected to be more people than parking, they’re going to run a shuttle from the Racine Area Soccer Association field at 9509 Dunkelow Road (also in Franksville) starting at 1:30.

The full list of speakers is quite long, so I’ll send you over to the Racine Tea Party’s site for them. The weather is even supposed to cooperate, with sun and 30s expected.

April 15, 2009

Very-quick Appleton Tea Party thoughts (and the rest of the state)

I took a look at the map and the clock and decided not to go to Fort Atkinson’s tea party, opting instead to make Appleton’s. I’m too tired to offload the pics off my camera and make sure they’re halfway-decent, but I’ll crib off my Tweets:

– There ended up being somewhere around 3,000 people, as the Fox Banquets parking lot ended up being jammed up.
– No current politicians were up at the microphone, but we did get a brief appearance from former state treasurer Jack Voight.
– After the opening invocation, we got a history lesson – Since the Brits spent themselves out of money, they looked at the American colonies as a piggy bank. The colonists responded with the original tea party and ultimately the Revolution.
– Speaking of history, one of the speakers (didn’t have a working recorder, so I don’t remember his name) pointed out that at one time, each party had a low-tax champion, and that both parties are currently ignoring their legacies.

I do have numbers from a couple of other Wisconsin Tea Parties:

Superior – 100
Eau Claire – 300
Wausau – “hundreds”

I was hardly alone covering the Madison Tea Party:
Lance Burri with the pic dump.
Randy Hollenbeck (do not miss the two-page photo gallery)
Denise of Finding a Balance
Fred Dooley (first is his personal blog, Real Debate Wisconsin, second is the MacIver Institute)
Christian Schneider

Revisions/extensions (11:13 pm 4/15/2009) – Paul Socha has a good write-up and a heap of pics. Somehow I missed him.

Very-quick Madison Tea Party thoughts

I’ve got a couple minutes between Madison’s Tea Party and Fort Atkinson’s, so I’ll put a couple thoughts up on what 5,000-6,000 of my closest friends and I saw and heard.

– The theme of the day is that elections matter. It isn’t enough to be involved today; we need to be involved tomorrow, next week, next month, and next election.

– I should’ve brought the Big Black Camera. It was far too bright to get good pics off the Blackjack.

– It was refreshing to hear both Reince Priebus (RPW chair) and Rep. Paul Ryan note that both parties are at fault for this. Ryan did, however, forget that his votes of last year, and his vote for the 90% TARP tax, are also parts of this.

– Superior mayor Dave Ross wondered where the higher-taxes rally was. I submit it was inside that building we were in front of.

– Speaking of that building, and the party that controls it, they pulled a rather dirty trick by scheduling a whole host of committee hearings for during that rally. Leah Vukmir didn’t get out of her committee hearing until at the end.

– Personal lesson of the day; check the batteries in the voice recorder before bringing it. DVR #1 died about 30 minutes in, and DVR #2 died just as Vicki McKenna came out.

On to a quick look-in at Fort Atkinson, then a mad dash to Appleton.

Revisions/extensions (10:52 pm 4/15/2009) – Roland Melnick of Badger Blogger got a pic of THE SIGN OF THE DAY (that’s right; all credit goes to him, not me)

Click for the full-sized pic, and don’t forget to credit Roland

Tea Party primer over at Malkin’s place

Michelle Malkin has the “short” history of the Tea Parties over at her place. It’s just short enough to read before heading out to your local Tax Day Tea Party.

I was fortunate enough to be in DC for the February 27 series of Tea Parties. I’ll be making the rounds around eastern Wisconsin today, so if you can’t make it to one of any number of Tax Day Tea Parties, stay tuned to your local blog.

April 13, 2009

Eggs on the road – Tax Week

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Besides being Tax season (and indeed, partly because of it), it’s road-trip season. My trips for the week:

– This one isn’t actually a trip, but I’ll be running the weekly “24” liveblog over at Blogs.4Bauer tonight. The fun will start a bit before 8.

– If it’s the second Tuesday of the month, it’s time for Drinking Right. I need to drink heavily after last week’s disaster, and Dickie over at Papa’s Social Club (7718 W. Burleigh in Milwaukee) is kind enough to serve us starting at 7 pm. He even throws in pizza from Mama’s next door.

– Wednesday is the Tax Day Tea Party. Blogging will likely be non-existant that day because I will be on the road all day: Madison at the Capitol (King Street entrance) at 11, Appleton at Fox Banquets (111 E. Kimball) at 5:30, and possibly a quick stop in Fort Atkinson (Municipal Building on Main) at 4.

– Saturday is potentially another full day. The only thing confirmed is a Tea’d Off party at Racine City Hall (where 6th, 7th, and Washington meet) at noon, though it is likely I’ll add the Sammies down in Chicago to the list.

April 2, 2009

Tax Day Tea Party – multiplier effect

I previously mentioned the Tax Day Tea Parties scheduled for Madison (Capitol Steps, King St entrance, 11 am-1 pm) and Appleton (Fox Banquets, 111 E Kimball, 5:30 pm-7 pm). There’s a few more items for Wisconsin, courtesy Brad V, the gang at Tax Day Tea Party, and the Google map put together by FreedomWorks (H/T – Michelle Malkin):

(Do click both maps; there’s too many to be contained in one Google Maps page)

The additions to the above:

– Milwaukee – Federal Building, 517 E Wisconsin Ave, noon
– Superior – David Obey’s office, 14th St and Tower Ave, noon-1 pm
– Fort Atkinson – Municipal Building, 101 N Main St, 4 pm-5:30 pm

Also, the fine folks in Racine will be taking care of those that thanks to work and stress from paying Uncles Sam and Craps, cannot make a mid-week tea time. They’re holding a Tea’d Off Party at Racine’s City Hall (where 6th St, 7th St, and Washington Ave all meet) Saturday, April 18, at noon.

Revisions/extensions (9:22 pm 4/2/2009) – There’s a couple more parties sprouting:

– La Crosse – Post office, 425 State St, noon
– Eau Claire (still a bit tentative; thanks Jo) – City Hall, 203 S Farwell St, noon

March 15, 2009

Tax Day Tea Party times two

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I believe I already told you about the Madison Tax Day Tea Party that Vicki McKenna and Americans for Prosperity are throwing on the steps of the Capitol in Madison starting at 11 am. I do have an operational update on that – AFP will be running buses from across the state, including Green Bay, Appleton, Oshkosh, Manitowoc, Sheboygan, Milwaukee, Racine, Waukesha, Minocqua, Wausau, Stevens Point, Eau Claire, LaCrosse, Platteville, Johnson Creek, and Beloit. Do sign up if you’re going to be taking the bus.

For those that can’t get out of work (and especially for those in northeast Wisconsin), I have good news. There is also an afternoon Tea Party in Appleton, over at Fox Banquets, 111 E. Kimball in Appleton. That kicks off at 5:30.

Looks like I’ll be one busy road-tripper.

Signs of the times

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Courtesy Justin Higgins at the Columbus, Ohio Tea Party yesterday

March 7, 2009

The Green Bay Tea Party – FAR more successful than the unions

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Not only did Americans for Prosperity have a successful Defending the American Dream-Wisconsin summit, but somewhere around 500 (if you believe the Green Bay Press-Gazette-1,200 (if you believe the Green Bay Police Department; thanks Brad) people showed up in Green Bay for a little Chicago Tea Party. By my math, that’s somewhere north of 13 times as successful as the AFL-CIO/SEIU protest.

Revisions/extensions (7:48 am 3/8/2009) – David Troup wanted the link to go to the main Pork Revolution site.

R&E part 2 (6:57 pm 3/8/2009) – FReeper Monitor was also there, and fired off some photos.

R&E part 3 (10:27 am 3/9/2009) – I should have known better than to trust presstitutes to count. Thanks for the update on the crowd size from the Green Bay Police Department, Brad.

Busy Saturday

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Whether you’re in southeast or northeast Wisconsin, there is something going on today:

Green Bay Tea Party (which got a mention on the Green Bay Press-Gazette website – H/T Berry Laker) – 11 am-noon, Titletown Brewing Company, 200 Dousman St., Green Bay

Defending the American Dream-Wisconsin Summit – 8:30 am-6:30 pm, Midwest Airlines Center, 400 W. Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee (just noticed they “borrowed” my summary of the mid-week announcements)

I wish I could be in both places at once, but there isn’t time travel or cloning yet. I’ll be in Milwaukee because it’s closer, but I’m sure that the gang around Titletown will have plenty of coverage.

March 5, 2009

Way-late mention – One-man Chicago Tea Party – Waukesha edition

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Alexander just could not let Wisconsin not be represented in last Friday’s Chicago Tea Party. Wherever there is out-of-control government growth/spending/taxation, there will be resistance.

March 3, 2009

Tea Party – Tax Day Edition

Because the Tax-And-Spendocrats didn’t get the message the first time, we’re going to deliver it a second time. This time, we’ll deliver it along with our taxes on April 15.

Wisconsin won’t be left out this time. Vicki McKenna and Americans For Prosperity-Wisconsin decided to put together a little shinding at the State Capitol starting at 11 am. They already have the permits, and they’re working on getting buses like they did for the October 2007 rally. Details will be at the AFP-WI site and here as they become available.

February 28, 2009

Day-late Chicago Tea Party, DC edition mini-wrap

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Doug Welch, Skye, a couple others and I decided to blow off Newt Gingrich at CPAC and head to Lafayette Park for the Chicago Tea Party. Yes, we arrived a little late, but we still had a couple hundred people at a good, if ill-timed tea party. In addition to the DC protest trifecta of Uncle Jimbo, concretebob and Michelle Malkin, I also ran into Krystle, and Skye was interviewed by Joe the Plumber.

I’ll try something new; a WordPress photo album.

February 27, 2009

Brief CPAC Friday AM/Chicago Tea Party, DC edition update

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– Listened to a number of Congresscritters in the early morning session before catching up with Kevin Binversie. He may have less blogs in his reader than I do, but he makes the most of them.

– Bailed out for the DC Tea Party at Lafayette Park with Doug Welch, Skye, and a few others, and because I’m the guy with the most Metro experience, I got to be tour guide. We had a few hundred people in, Skye got interviewed by Joe the Plumber, and I hit a trifecta in run-ins: Uncle Jimbo, concretebob (both sporting Don’t Be A Dou’Che shirts) and Michelle Malkin. When I get back to the room and if I am not too hammered, I will have cell-“quality” pics up. The good news is I likely won’t have to do another 26-minute walk; the Metro runs later Fridays and Saturdays.

Back to the fun.

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