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August 30, 2008

And Your Point is Exactly?

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In an article early last evening, the Politico reports:

Palin’s hubby and son not Republicans

(play dramatic conclusion music Duh, duh Daaaaaaaaaah!)

Are they suggesting that “hubby and son” wouldn’t or haven’t, voted for Palin? (by the way, would they use a term like “wifey” if Palin was male?   Or, as Heather points out, is “hubby” the male version of “Trophy Wife” which was the meme anytime the left talked about Jeri Thompson.) Are they suggesting that Palin’s husband and son would support Obama?

For those who may have a tough time keeping up, let me give you a likely and plausible explanation. While I struggle to remember the last, or for that matter if I have ever, voted for a Democrat, I’m not a Registered Republican. Why? Well, part of it is I don’t like being labeled part of any large group. It’s also because, especially over the past few years, I’ve been very dissatisfied with what the Republicans have been doing. Remaining unaffiliated gives me a clear conscience of supporting people like John Kline (my congresscritter) while still sending weekly emails and calls to Norm Coleman’s office as he hides behind the “R” label and does dumb things like joining the Gang of 16.

A big part of Sarah Palin’s story is that she has taken on corruption in Alaska. As I understand the information, a fair amount of that corruption was within the Republican party up there. If your spouse is coming home every day telling you about all the crap that the party they are a part of is doing, do you suppose you might be just a bit less enthusiastic about putting your name on the rolls of the assumed lock step agreement folks? I know I would.

Once again, Politico, what exactly is your point? It doesn’t appear you have one.

A Bad Day Gets Even Worse

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The day after the scene at Barackopolis was  a day when Barack expected to awake and bask in the glowing adoration of a fawing nation and media.   A day when he expected to reaquire is Chi and  his Mo.   Unfortunately for Barack,  McCain drew Obama into a trap of his own ego.   He  not only took the Chi and the Mo but made sure Barack will not see them again in this election, when  he announced Sarah Palin as his VP choice.   (As a complete aside, I’ll admit I was wrong on Pawlenty but I was right about Mitt)

Hard to imagine much worse could happen to “The One” but in fact, the day ended worse than it began.

PR newswire  released a poll this evening that showed:

A majority of likely voters and Catholics are at odds with Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama on the critical issue of abortion and “when life begins,”

When asked:

Recently, Barack Obama was asked when he thought life begins, in reference to the issue of abortion. Obama responded by saying that decision was above his pay grade. Knowing that the next president may be able to appoint two or three U.S. Supreme Court Justices, who may be called to make rulings on the issue of abortion, do you support or oppose a president who does not know when life begins?

The response was:

Fifty-five percent of likely voters said they would oppose a president who does not know when life begins, while only 28 percent said they would support such a president. Among likely voters who are Catholic, 67 percent would oppose a president who doesn’t know when life begins, and only 19 percent would support him.

Uh oh!

But it gets worse. Do you remember Barack’s closing attempts to show his views were just like us regular folks? Do you remember where he suggested that opposition to gay marriage showed small mindedness?

I know there are differences on same-sex marriage, but surely we can agree that our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters deserve to visit the person they love in the hospital and to live lives free of discrimination.

Well, this same survey shows that a majority of Americans still have “small minds.” When asked:

Would you support or oppose a ballot measure in your state that stipulates only marriage between a man and a woman will be legally recognized?”

The answer came back:

Fifty-eight percent of likely voters said they would support such a measure, while only 36 percent would oppose it. Among likely voters who are Catholic, 60 percent would support the ballot measure, and 36 percent would oppose it.

Barack appears to be on a roll. I’ll bet he didn’t expect to be rolling downhill at this point!

August 29, 2008

The Hope and Change Team

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In case you missed it, as a counter to the Palin announcement, the Joebama team released a new theme song that highlights their team’s unique qualities. Joebama Theme Song

Roll bloat – Everybody likes Kung Fu fighting – and Sarah Palin Facts

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Or at least everybody should like Kung Fu Quip. Michael Turk, the proprietor, is busy creating a bunch of Little Known Facts About Sarah Palin on his Twitter feed, and that’s just a taste of what he does.

Revisions/extensions (1:45 pm 8/29/2008) – The same needs to be said for Sarah Palin Facts. My favorite so far – “Sarah Palin fishes salmon by convincing them it’s in their interest to jump into the boat.”

New NRE Poll – McCain/Palin

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I’m making this one short-and-sweet, and it will last 1 week…

Do you like the choice of Sarah Palin as John McCain's running mate?

Up to 1 answer(s) was/were allowed

  • Yes (82%, 63 Vote(s))
  • No (18%, 14 Vote(s))
  • I don't follow politics, so give me the football picks (0%, 0 Vote(s))

Total Voters: 77

Loading ... Loading ...

A housekeeping item; I’m semi-retiring the longest-running poll here – “Who will be the Republican Presidential nominee in 2012”. Depending on future circumstances, I may resurrect it.

McCain takes Palin – Live Thread

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This one’s definitely out of right (or at least right-center) field. The first joint appearance of the Republican ticket will be in about 10 minutes, and my first thought is, YES!!!!. Time to party….

The Morning Scramble – 8/29/2008

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I’m not going to try to keep up with all the rumors and counter-rumors on John McCain’s VP announcement, due at 11 am today. It is, however, the final countdown for all but one…


I had to mark a whole lot of items in the overbloated Feed Reader of Doom read so I could fire this one off, recharge the wireless mouse, and set up a live-blog (anticipating kicking that off about 10:45 am), so if this is a bit short, so be it. You’ve been spoiled with the multiparters.

  • Plebian went behind the scenes to get the rejected ideas for the Obamination Coronation.
  • S. Weasel has the lightning that threatened Stix near the end of last night’s drunkblog.
  • Trail-Mix proves we were mishearing Obama’s slogan all along; it’s deceive, not believe
  • Jon Ham summarized the speech the way I would have had I not actually been drinking extra-strength beer during that drunkblog.
  • Tom McMahon goes back into history to do a comparo between Obama’s campaign and the last one to feature faux Greco-Roman architecture.
  • Michelle Malkin has a new nickname for Obama – The Silencer. It’s fitting that Obama’s from the city that gave us Al Capone.
  • Sister Toldjah found that Barack Obama is still Barack Obama’s worst enemy.
  • Jim Geraghty goes into the recent-memory hole to prove Obama is not ready to have a debate.
  • Ed Morrissey says the coronation was for the ‘Rat base. Guess it is a 2-song day after all…


  • Speaking of Stix, he found the place for the Sunday bash, as well as his home base for his election coverage – Centerfield at 119 N 4th St in Minneapolis. I will have to cut out early because I’m pretty much persona non grata in the eyes of the “R”NC, and I have to be back in Milwaukee on Monday, but I’m more than game.
  • Emperor Misha I found some real police suppression of the press in Denver; they had to protect the identities of the lobbyists paying for the ‘Rat convention and buying a ‘Rat Senate.
  • Jim Hoft found that it isn’t just Detroit where Detroit Councilwoman Monica Conyers fights.
  • Jon Sanders proves it’s all about the pursuit and maintenance of power for the ‘Rats. Say, there’s a certain warrior “religion” that also sanctions lies in the pursuit and maintenance of power; Islam.
  • Chief has time-lapse video of the build-out of the no-Greek-columns RNC convention hall.
  • Anwyn is shocked, SHOCKED that the more-overt knitting references are starting to make their way into the descriptions of TV shows. That reference violates Egg’s Rule #352 – Don’t use a thesaurus for the sake of using it.
  • Ace notes that if the presstitutes can’t say anything bad about the economy, they won’t say anything at all. After all, a 3.3% annualized GDP growth rate in the second quarter is 230% higher than the official economist of the Obamination Express wants.
  • More presstitute follies from Ace – he found that The News Organization That Cannot Be Quoted™ isn’t immune from backlash over their theft of stories and price hikes for republication.
  • Fred caught Mad Vlad Putin projecting his naked aggression in Georgia onto the man who thought he saw something good in his eyes. Who knew that the old hand from the KGB was a Leftist? </sarcasm>
  • Fred Keller brings back the drive-in. I fondly remember the days of riding into (and later driving into) the 41 Twin (later 41 Twins) before Northwestern Mutual bought the land and started moving their operations out of Milwaukee and into Franklin.
  • Larry Sandler found a new destination for Eggs On The Road – Marquette University for a debate on transit between Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barret scheduled for 9/9.
  • I’ll close out with a story of what a real leader does – Matt Burden relays the previously-untold story of what happened at Eielson Air Force Base when Air Force One made a refueling stop. It’s times like that where I am proud to call George W. Bush my President.

Time to recharge the mouse. I hope it gets some good juice in the next hour and a half.

August 28, 2008

Drunkblogging the Obamination Coronation

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It’s been too long since I fired up Cover It Live, so I may as well fire it up for the acceptance speech coronation of Barack Hussein Obama II as the Democratic Presidential nominee. The fun will kick off at about 7:45 pm. Since this will almost certainly contain a lot of expletives, it will not be simulcast over at my corner hole in TownHall’s wall.

Programming note; if either Shoebox or I find items to blog about before the start, I will move this to the top of the heap.

Joining in the mayhem:
The FReepers have been doing ‘Rat Patrol all afternoon
The Morons are on the case
The Lizards will start here (don’t ask me where they’ll end)
RightwingSparkle is running a chat (I’m having a bit of a problem getting in there)
Sister Toldjah has the updates that matter

Team McCain shows class, Team Obama doesn’t know it

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(H/T – Allahpundit)

The McCain campaign will be airing the following ad tonight…


The Obama campaign response from campaign manager David Plouffe:

“(It is) a very nice gesture. We appreciate that. I wish more of his ads had that tone. But for tonight we appreciate it and will congratulate him next week on his nomination.”

My money says they’ll deliver the snarkasm.
I saw this commercial and the first thing I thought of was the refrain of this song…My Mom always told me it was best to “kill” people with kindness! Shoebox

MKH hammers the commercial wars

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Mary Katharine Ham may be too busy to blog, but she still churns out high-quality columns, this one on the Commerical Gap between Team McCain and Team Obama. There’s so much material covered, if I tried to excerpt a small part, I’ll miss the rest, so I’ll simply give my usual “Go. Read. Now!”


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A couple of items:

– First, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve changed the embed code for Day by Day. For some odd and untraceable reason, a few people have been having problems with the mouseover JavaScript, so I switched to the standard iframe embed. As a bonus, it now displays the most-current strip instead of attempting to display the current day’s strip (which doesn’t exactly work when there is no “current day” strip).
– Those of you who put Akismet 2.1.7 on your blogs have probably noticed that you can’t delete spam. The folks at Automattic have released 2.1.8 to fix that, but for some reason that release isn’t triggering the “auto-discovery” feature in the newer WordPress builds. Until that happens, you can head to the WordPress Akismet plugin page to grab the ZIP file, unzip it, and upload the contents to the appropriate folder (…/wp-content/plugins/akismet).

The Morni…er, Afternoon Scramble/Open Thread Thursday – 8/28/2008

The Beatles described The Blunder Twins ticket perfectly back in the day…


Yes, I’m late, but because it’s Open Thread Thursday, I won’t deliver a lot of links.

  • Jett Atwood provides the ‘Toon of the Week™…

    Do click for the full-sized version.

  • Dad29 wonders about the down-ticket impact of the Obamination Express, and suggests to keep an eye on Wisconsin’s 8th Congressional race.
  • Jim Lynch captures another sneak peek at the Obamessiah Greek Temple.
  • Jim Geraghty took one for the team last night. He and Mark Hemingway even did a few videos for us.
  • Fred invites us to read the real record on Obama. Yes, Geraldine Ferraro was correct.
  • More Fred – he exposes what the liberals call “charity” – funneling your money through government so their consciences can be placated.
  • Katie Favazza summarizes the case against CubaCare.
  • Matt Burden put up some extended thoughts on the Blackfive tour of Blackwater.
  • One last Geraghty nugget; he proves that good is bad in the eyes of the ‘Rats. After all, they are the party of “1% GDP growth is good enough”.

I will be live- drunk-blogging the Obamination Coronation tonight, so tune in later.

Joe Biden’s Calling You Ms. Pelosi!

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I haven’t found much, if anything, to cheer in the Democrat primaries or convention. In fact, I can’t remember agreeing with one of their candidates on a single issue until Joe Biden called out Nancy Pelosi in his speech last night:

I’ve never seen a time when Washington has watched so many people get knocked down without doing anything to help them get back up. Almost every night, I take the train home to Wilmington, sometimes very late. As I look out the window at the homes we pass, I can almost hear what they’re talking about at the kitchen table after they put the kids to bed.

That’s right! Even Joe Biden sees that Nancy Pelosi has “led” the least effective House chamber in history!

Joe goes on to list a series of woes:

Should Mom move in with us now that Dad is gone?

Fifty, 60, 70 dollars to fill up the car?

Winter’s coming. How we gonna pay the heating bills?

Another year and no raise?

Did you hear the company may be cutting our health care?

Now, we owe more on the house than it’s worth. How are we going to send the kids to college?

How are we gonna be able to retire?

Joe just continues to slap Pelosi down. Joe has evidently gotten religion on the fact that people’s financial situations are related to the growth of the US economy. He further understands that our economy is based on inexpensive transportation which is dependent on inexpensive oil.

The one thing Joe could have done to “seal the deal” last night would have been to put Nancy’s gas price chart on the big screen’s behind him:

What? Joe wasn’t calling out Nancy? Well, just another Biden gaffe then.

A Message for A Three Year Old

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Sometimes, when working with small children, it’s possible to assume too much about the child’s intellectual capabilities  and their ability to  grasp a topic.   Apparently, that was my mistake when I tried to explain to Nancy Pelosi her error on abortion theology.

After getting not only my advice, but that of several prominent Catholic Archbishops, Nancy remains steadfast in her belief that Catholicism allows for abortion. Nancy is standing on the following statement by Saint Augustine:

the law does not provide that the act (abortion) pertains to homicide, for there cannot yet be said to be a live soul in a body that lacks sensation …

OK Nancy, we tried the 4 year old level and that didn’t take. Let’s try the 3 year old level.

Nancy, it’s well documented that fetuses (read that babies) at 8 weeks can feel pain. Even using Saint Augustine’s definition, all second and third trimester abortions and the last month of the first trimester would be considered homicide. I wonder if Nancy will sign up for that? Along those lines, If Nancy believes that St. Augustine is the final arbiter of knowledge for medical science, perhaps she would be OK if the next time she went in for her “nip and tuck” the surgeon refused to use anesthesia because of course, it didn’t exist at St. Augustine’s time!

There is only one thing worse than someone with an ego that knows no bounds. That is someone with an overinflated ego who, when presented with irrefutable proof of their error and ignorance, clings to their ego as the arbiter of all knowledge.

August 27, 2008

Sensenbrenner-Burkee debate – audio

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Nick Schweitzer has a good summary up of the debate in Germantown tonight between Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner and Dr. Jim Burkee for the Republican nomination (and, because there are no other candidates in any other parties, the actual seat) in the 5th Congressional District. Yes, he was there with his laptop, and he was typing furiously throughout the debate. Wisconsin Eye was also there, so they should have video up in the near-future and they have video and audio.

My contribution, at least at this point, is an audio recording of the debate. I’m too tired to give a detailed analysis right now, but I do want to say a couple things:

– I would much rather see a challenge to Tom Petri than either Sensenbrenner or Paul Ryan, especially since much of Burkee’s platform is fiscal responsibility.
– Jim Burkee would be a good person to either do that challenge or compete for an open seat. No, he wouldn’t be perfect, and depending on the other persons, I may not support him.

Revisons/extensions (4:15 pm 8/28/2008) – First off; sorry about the incomplete post. I suffered the typical user error on that.

Next, Wisconsin Eye did get the video up (thanks for that and the link, P-Mac).

Also, Dean Mundy, Jack Lohman, and West Bend Citizen Advocate were in the audience and have thoughts up on their respective blogs.

Wisconsin to go for Obama in November

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(All links from JSOnline’s DayWatch)

Just after finding out that 22% of voter registrations/address changes since August 6 do not match up to drivers’ license records, the Government “Accountability” Board ruled that not only will those registrants be allowed to vote with no correction of the voter registration and no check of any ID, but that future mismatches will be ignored. A vote on a motion to require an at-poll ID check for those that don’t correct inconsistencies in voter registration failed on a 3-3 vote, while a vote on a motion to ignore future mismatches passed 5-1.

Everything has gone according to ‘Rat Governor Jim “Craps” Doyle’s (WEAC/Potawatomi-For Sale) plan, as he is the one who put all 6 members that board after the two bipartisan boards that preceded it, the State Elections Board and State Ethics Board, failed in his favor on various matters before them so egregiously that “something had to be done”.

Revisions/extensions (6:11 pm 8/27/2008) – My semi-sarcastic advice to Team McCain; abandon Wisconsin (except for La Crosse, which serves northeast Iowa) as this state is now as lost a cause as Illinois.

PUMAs crash and burn

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The roll-call vote is up now, and Arkansas threw all of their votes to Barack Obama after Hillary Clinton released them at the last minute. So much for favorite daughter status.

No state thus far (through Delaware) has cast all the pledged delegates that Clinton had going into today for her, though DC did throw more votes her way than pledged delegates (it still was under the combined pledged/superdelegates total). Guess that pre-vote in the hotels worked wonders.

I hope the McCain campaign was paying attention to what Shoebox said this morning.

Revisions/extensions (5:43 pm 8/27/2008) – I honestly don’t know why California passed on its turn. The last Green Papers estimate of delegates, back in June, gave Clinton a 29-delegate lead (with 6 uncommitted) there, and Obama had a significant lead before California’s turn came up.

Now the yield game is going on. New Mexico to Illinois to New York.

R&E part 2 (5:49 pm 8/27/2008) – One last knife-twist into the heart of the PUMAs delivered by the cackling Clinton, as she calls for “One Vision, One Purpose” and Obama by acclimation as only Anton Slavik can. No dissent allowed.

Eggs on the road – the next couple weeks

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Part of this is tentative, but hopefully I’ll get it firmed up in the next day or so:

– Tonight, 7 pm – Sensenbrenner/Burkee debate, Germantown Village Hall, N112W17001 Mequon Rd., Germantown
– Sunday, August 30 – Possible road trip to the Twin Cities for a mini-Drinking Right/Twin Cities edition
– Tuesday, September 9, 7 pm – Drinking Right, Papa’s Social Club, 7718 W. Burleigh St., Milwaukee
– Wednesday, September 10-Saturday, September 13 – Road trip to Phoenix (I really have to thank Fred and Sam Adams Alliance for the opportunity; guess Fred will be drinking for free at DR)

Popular Mechanics – Drill now to bridge the gap

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(H/T – Glenn Reynolds via Sean Hackbarth)

James B. Meigs takes a critical look at energy policy in the October 2008 issue of Popular Mechanics (don’t ask me why magazines pre-date their issues that far in advance). While I want you to read the entire thing, I will give you the Cliff’s Notes version:

  • Do we really need an Apollo-style high-tax-subsidy energy plan? Meigs points out that the Apollo mission was a single, well-defined engineering challenge, while replacing oil (and potentially coal) in the energy infrastructure is multitude of changes affecting every aspect of modern life.

    Further, Meigs points out that the singular achievement of Apollo was followed up by the current state of NASA. Specifically, it spectacularily-failed in providing an affordable and reliable space vehicle.

  • We’ve had massive energy plans since the Nixon administration, most of which have been as spectacular a failure as the Shuttle. I must refute parts of the anti-coal argument; coal is a lot cleaner than it’s ever been, and I seem to have missed the mention of the lock-up of the clean coal in Utah done by Bill Clinton.
  • We need decades to get solar and wind on-line in any meaningful manner, and until then, we need the offshore oil and gas.

The folks at PM included a nice little graphic at the end of the online piece highlighting a few significant newer oil/natural gas finds, including a pair of finds in the Continental US.

And another Obamination Coronation cartoon

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Another hit on the Greco-Roman ceremony planned for Barack Hussein Obama’s coronation courtesy Jett Atwood (aka Sarjex) of T.G. Studios

Picturing the Obamination Coronation

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(H/T – Sean Hackbarth – tipping a Twitter feed is a first)

Mike O at the Political Inquirer enlisted the mad Photoshop skills of Tennyson Hayes to picture the Greek Temple (replica) coronation of Barack Hussein Obama…

Click to get to the Political Inquirer and the full-sized pic.

The Morning Scramble, Part 2 – 8/27/2008

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After all that focus on the Obamination Coronation Dance, you definitely need a break. Before we get to Van Halen, however, there is a must-read from Michael Totten on the Soviet Russian attempt to reabsorb Georgia


  • Ed Driscoll saw something very familiar about the McCain 3AM ad. Yep; he cut it back in March.
  • John Hawkins polled 67 of us right-of-center bloggers, including Shoebox and me, on our thoughts about potential VP picks for John McCain. I do recommend you read the other 64 blogs that had at least one contributor participate (there’s another blog who had multiple contributors respond).
  • RNC Platform, One Step Forward… – Stephen Spuriell (the source for this series unless otherwise noted) reports Drill Here, Drill Now is part of the platform.
  • …RNC Platform, One Step Back… – reopening previously-closed resources is off the table because calling for the reopening of the Utah coal reserves would have also reopened ANWR.
  • …RNC Platform, One Step Forward… – The “Environmental Protection” portion lost the Gorebal “Warming” portion of its title.
  • …RNC Platform, One Step Back… – Sean M. found a portion blaming us eeeeeeevil conservatives for Gorebal “Warming” still in there.
  • …RNC Platform, One Step Forward… – Stephen Spuriell found a lack of corn-a-hole mandates.
  • …RNC Platform, One Step Back… – the support on the ban of Internet gambling was put back in. As an inveterate gambler, it stinks that I have to go to Vegas to cure my NFL itch (reminder, I’ll be picking every NFL game against the spread again this year and defending my over-.500 record).
  • LBG calls for equal treatment of Elizabeth Edwards vis-a-vis Hillary Clinton.
  • The Conspiratorial Chris has a contrarian view on presstitute bias; it helps Republicans. Can’t say I agree; they’ll do their best to keep Barack Obama’s flaws buried until after November.
  • Teresa notes that even a moderate like Joe Scarborough is unacceptable at the Official Network of the Obamination, MSNBC.
  • Bill Quick likes the tune of the death-spiraling finances of New York Times.
  • Lawhawk focuses on the politics of the 3 Dems who joined the Gang of 10 16 on “drilling”. The ‘Rats need the issue to go away; it won’t until energy supplies increase dramatically.
  • Mark Heuring wonders why Norm Coleman signed on, espeically since one of the aforementioned ‘Rats (Ken Salazar-CO) infamously declared he wouldn’t drill even if gas hit $10/gallon.
  • Lady Logician found that denial is a drill in the hands of Nancy Pelosi.
  • Dad29 notes a potential problem in Iraq – a return to tribalism.
  • Lemur King has the good medical news of the day – a former Israeli paratrooper who has been paralyzed for the last 20 years is walking again thanks to a powered exoskeleton.
  • Kate reports the LPGA remembered which country they’re in and will require its members to speak English.

I will not be live-blogging the Brotherhood of NO…er, Democratic National Convention (motto – “One Vision, One Purpose”) again tonight; I will be at a debate between Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Menomonee Falls) and primary challenger Jim Burkee (the surviving half of the “college professor bipartisan tag-team” challenge) moderated by Owen of Boots and Sabers (in my humble opinion, the premier blog of the Cheddarsphere). I should have audio from that sometime tonight.

Re: The Bloggers Have Spoken

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Shoebox outlined his picks in the latest Right Wing News poll, with a further explanation of the answer to his first two questions back here. No, this isn’t part of the Scramble, but only because I barely got Part 1 done (Part 2 will be up as soon as I post this and hard-code it in), but I may as well explain my choices:

First, I must give you the list we got to choose from for each question – FL Gov. Charlie Crist, former HP CEO Carly Fiorina, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson (TX), Rep. Eric Cantor (VA), former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani, Sen. Joe Lieberman (“I”D-CT), AK Gov. Sarah Palin, former Rep. Rob Portman (OH), MN Gov. Tim Pawlenty, former PA Gov. Tom Ridge, former MA Gov. Mitt Romney, Sen. John Thune (SD), and former eBay CEO Meg Whitman.

Out of the following VP candidates rumored to be on McCain’s short list, which one DO YOU THINK HE WILL TAKE? – Kay Bailey Hutchinson. McCain’s squarely focused on the mostly-female PUMAs, and she is most like him on shamnesty.

…which one WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE HIM TAKE? – Eric Cantor. While the Congressional factor does run against him, and outside of conservative circles he’s an unknown, he is a very strong small-government conservative, and matches up well with the one major right-of-center trait of McCain (small-government). If I knew more about Meg Whitman, I might have picked her. If I had to take someone with government executive experience, it would have to be Tim Pawlenty; Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani couldn’t get it done in the primaries, and Tom Ridge and Charlie Crist are too liberal.

…which one WOULD YOU LEAST LIKE TO SEE HIM TAKE? – Joe Lieberman. Since I had to limit myself to one (otherwise, Carly Fiorina, Giuliani, Ridge and Crist would also be on this list), I had to choose the one so liberal, he still caucuses with the ‘Rats. Besides, he was the ‘Rat nominee in 2000.

Just chiming in on Steve’s picks and explaining mine…Pawlenty, you saw my rationale.   Fiorina – every thing she has touched she has turned to mud.   Ego and stupidity are what you get with Obama, we don’t need that on our ticket.

Kay Bailey – again beware of the PUMA….that baby just looks ripe to backfire on McCain.

Cantor – I don’t see McCain taking a white guy from inside the beltway.


The Morning Scramble, Part 1 (Death of the PUMAs Edition) – 8/27/2008

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With the complete rollover of the blaze orange-pantjumpsuit-wearing head PUMA, it’s safe to say that they’re dead (at least until it’s time to push the O’Biden ticket off the ledge so she can run in 2012)…


Once again, this is a two-parter, so if you’re looking for something other than the Obamination Express/Death of the PUMAs, please be patient. That portion will be up shortly. Now, on with the dissection, which is super-sized because I neither put up an open thread nor paid too much attention (I was focused more on the Brewers’ crushing of the Cardinals; sorry about that Jim Hoft and Katie Favazza:

  • Slublog sums up the lack-of-unity watch.
  • Jim Geraghty counts the ways Hillary Clinton’s been snubbed.
  • Lance Burri found more outspoken PUMAs.
  • James T. Harris caught Bill Clinton campaigning for the Anybody-But-O’Biden ticket.
  • Allahpundit found out S(l)ick Willie will be sliding out of town before the Obamination Coronation ceremony. Believe it, AP; he is truly THAT egotistical.
  • Stephen Green answers the question, “What is the difference between a PUMA and a cougar?”
  • Kevin McCullough found that 47% of ‘Rat women are PUMAs.
  • JammieWearingFool reviews the choices of pantsuits Her Royal Cankleness had to choose from. Surprisingly, there was no Old Crusty Black.
  • Sister Toldjah is running a caption contest featuring Barack Obama laughing at the orange pantjumpsuit.
  • Slublog noted the only passion Clinton had was when she talked about herself. I’m shocked, SHOCKED that a Clinton would be narcisstic.
  • John McCormack noticed something missing from that speech; no love between Clinton and Obama.
  • Mike found the signal for the 2012 HRC run. Only if she and her husband can find a way to derail the Obamination Express without getting caught.
  • Jim Geraghty is wondering whether Obama is regretting taking Joe Biden as his second. I don’t think he is regretting not having to avoid national parks.
  • RightwingSparkle is glad Obama choose poorly and avoided Clinton. Honestly, so am I, though I’m still on board the force-her-down-his-throat bandwagon.
  • Taylor Marsh thinks Clinton did too good a job. Not if her goal is to be the 2012 nominee.
  • Ed Morrissey calls Clinton the UPS Woman, even as he predicts a 15%-20% “leakage” from her 18 million supporters (that would be 2.7-3.6 million for those mathematically-challenged).
  • Shoebox brings back his and my analyses of Clinton’s and Obama’s policy stances and warns John McCain to not depend on the PUMAs come November. After all, it’s an eternity away, and emotion doesn’t last forever.
  • Jim Hoft confirms that the emotion is already starting to die.
  • Rick Moran identifies old-style Chicago Machine politics in the Obamination Express’ attempt to derail the following ad linking Obama and domestic terrorist/Obama family friend Bill Ayers…


  • Michelle Malkin has the response from the target of the intimidation.
  • Cuffy Meigs reminds us where the aforementioned domestic terrorist/Obama family friend spent this day 40 years ago; the Chicago Jail.
  • Ace found that aforementioned domestic terrorist/Obama family friend claiming his group’s terrorist attacks were “restrained” the same year Obama used his living room to launch his Senatorial campaign.
  • Van Helsing points out Biden was the 3rd-most-liberal Senator last year. If only Sheldon Whitehouse weren’t a rookie, he’d probably be on the Obamination Express.
  • Amanda Carpenter explores the link between Obama and an Islamist version of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Dr. Khalid al Mansour.
  • JammieWearingFool caught Jimmy “Peanut Farmer” Carter calling Obama a “black boy”. If he weren’t the most-respected ‘Rat not named Obama or Clinton among ‘Rats, he’d be drummed up on racism charges.
  • Speaking of intimidation, Pajamas Media has the footage of the assault on Michelle Malkin and friends. I’m shocked, SHOCKED that the police didn’t step in.
  • Jim Hoft found Michelle Obama quoting from a primer for radicals the other night.
  • Speaking of Chicago Machine politics, Ed Lasky expands on Obama’s extensive use of the Machine.
  • Mary noticed something about Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle’s praise of Obama; the entire Doyle clan didn’t even wait until Obama was a US Senator before endorsing him.
  • John Hawkins is running a poll on a nickname for the O’Biden ticket. I like The Blunder Twins.
  • The folks at IBD have another good one – Left and Lefter.
  • Allahpundit notes Invesco Field is getting a Grecian makeover for the Obamination Express. It fits oh-so-well with the Hydra Slushop.
  • Ace has the pics. I wonder if they hired World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. to build it.

I hope there isn’t a lot of goo oozing out of Denver today; tomorrow is Open Thread Thursday, and I don’t want to have to split that thing up.

The Bloggers Have Spoken!

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Steve will probably have this in the scramble but…

John Hawkins over at polled a number of conservative bloggers.   The questions asked were:

1.   Out of the following VP candidates rumored to be on McCain’s short list, which one DO YOU THINK HE WILL TAKE?

2.   Out of the following VP candidates rumored to be on McCain’s short list, which one WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE HIM TAKE?

3.   Out of the following VP candidates rumored to be on McCain’s short list, which one WOULD YOU LEAST LIKE TO SEE HIM TAKE?
We had our choice of 13 names including all of those having been rumored to be on McCain’s shortlist at almost any time during the campaign.

You can see the results here:

My picks, if you care were:


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