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May 13, 2014

Hiding liveblog behind the more tag

by @ 10:58. Filed under Miscellaneous.

Click the more to see the liveblog


And another test

by @ 10:24. Filed under Miscellaneous.

The last didn’t quite work.

10:27 from steveegg

Stick this in the fusebox.

10:29 from Emergency Blogging System

Test contributor input.

10:55 from steveegg

One more time.

10:56 from steveegg

Two more times.

10:57 from steveegg

Something’s up.

11:00 from steveegg

Trying to post to a closed liveblog.

11:00 from steveegg

That was disappointing.

Editing works, deletion doesn’t until the page is refreshed.

11:02 from Emergency Blogging System

Not quite what I was hoping for.

11:03 from steveegg

But it works.

Edit works, deletion doesn’t.

Another test

by @ 7:31. Filed under Miscellaneous.

This is the Emergency Blogging System. It has been activated to test something else.

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