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November 30, 2007

Daily Dollop exclusive – 1/3 of Republicans Work for Democratic Candidates

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Pleiban ran with the multitude of Democratic plants in the Republican CNN/YouTube debate, and delivered a stunning story. It’s just too good to swipe, and I can’t add anything, so head there to read (sorry; Pleiban has comments turned off they’re now on as of 6:16 pm, and since I don’t feel like handling overflow, I’ve done the same shut them off here.

Inline revisions/extensions as of 6:17 pm 11/30/2007

Sorry about the CPU Load Exceeded errors (again)

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I’ve got a ticket into BlueHost to help me figure out how to get that fixed.

Hostage situation at Clinton New Hampshire headquarters

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I was away from the computers much of the afternoon, so I’m behind the curve. I’m following this on Fox News. Those of you who have a visceral hate for that network can follow along on CNN or MSNBC.

Prayers that all the campaign workers, other innocents, and police come out of this safe and unharmed post haste, and that the perp with what has now been described as road flares strapped to him doesn’t do anything stupid that would cause him harm.

Can I get unanimous consent on this?

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Borrowed from Tom McMahon’s 4-Block World


Blegging R&E (6:21 pm 11/30/2007) – While I did ask for unanimous consent, it’s Tom’s work. Give him some comment love, please.

I have very little patience for asshats

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If you want to see the special page I set up for you, just be a Class A asshat like the dearly-departed eastriver. Just don’t go home and whine to mama when I send you there.

Bumped to the top (3:16 pm 11/30/2007) – Please refer to the General Policies page. The bottom line is this is my yard, and while I will take a fair fight, even if vulgar, between you and me, I will not take either asshattery or personal attacks on other commenters.

Head rests for urinals?

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(H/T – Allahpundit/HotAir Headlines)

If anybody thinks that putting a headrest above a urinal is going to keep one from doing a messy and embarrassing faceplant into the business end of said urinal, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

Didn’t last December start like this?

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The current (as of 11:38 am) forecast from the NWS (which includes a winter storm watch Saturday afternoon through early Sunday morning):

Saturday: Occasional snow, mainly after noon. The snow could be heavy at times. High near 30. East wind 6 to 9 mph increasing to between 20 and 23 mph. Winds could gust as high as 33 mph. Chance of precipitation is 100%. New snow accumulation of 3 to 7 inches possible.

Saturday Night: Periods of rain, freezing rain and sleet before midnight, then periods of drizzle. Low around 29. Southeast wind between 20 and 24 mph, with gusts as high as 38 mph. Chance of precipitation is 90%. New sleet accumulation of less than a half inch possible.

If it’s December, and it’s Wisconsin,…. Of course, given this time of year, a very minor shift in the track of the incoming low can throw this way out of whack, leaving either mostly rain or even more snow.

At times like these, I’m thankful for my snowblower and all wheel drive.

Revisions/extensions (6:09 pm 11/30/2007) – Change the winter storm watch to a winter storm warning effective noon tomorrow through 6 am Sunday (expected), change the snow accumulations to 3-5 inches (good), and add in 0.1-0.3 inches of ice accumulation (ouch). Throw in the possibility of thundersnow, and if things don’t shift, it’s going to get ugly. Where’s Mike Seidel so we can give him a warm welcome like last year?

Roll bloat – PROST!

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Sometimes, it’s a good post that gets you noticed by a good blogger; sometimes, it’s the inane. In this case, it’s the beer that got me a trackback from Blue Crab Boulevard. Read, drink, and be happy.

HGTV to host the next debate*

Jim Lynch at bRight & Early reports on the coup of the campaign season. I’m not going to steal his material, so get over there to read it.

*For those of you that are humor-challenged, that is humor. Also, don’t bother trying to comment on that here; I can’t claim that as my own.

A-planting we will go (Day 2)

Word of warning revision (2:50 pm 11/30/2007) – The free-fire portion of the discussion is to be between each individual commenter and me, not between commenters. Just in case you forgot, this is my place; I pay the hosting bill.

A pair of updates that I waited until midnight to fly with (well, actually, I prepped this before midnight, but thanks to the magic of WordPress, they’re going out at the gong):

– When I last left this, we were at 8 plants. Well, Michelle’s upped the count to 9, though I don’t know whether to classify CAIR’s Yasmin as simply a fresh species or start a whole separate genus for groups merely aligned with the ‘Rats. Ah, tahellwitchit, since I call them DhimmiRATs, it counts. Since I remember 30 questions, we’re now at a full 30% of the questions being plants.

– Duncan Hunter, bless his soul, has a heart of a lion (and the money and support of a flea). My mailbox has a copy of a letter he sent head gardener Hillary Clinton:

November 29, 2007

Dear Senator Clinton,

Regarding the “plant”, retired Brig. Gen. Keith H. Kerr, that you sent to ask me the question at the CNN-YouTube debate last night in Florida "¦

Send more!!!

Merry Christmas,
Duncan Hunter


Revisions/extensions (11:20 am 11/30/2007) – Seems this place piqued the interest of a bunch of Salon types. If this place loads a bit slow; sorry about that, I don’t think I’ve had a serious crush of traffic before, so I don’t know exactly how my host handles a crush. Disagree with me all day long, but do try to find another line besides Jeff Gannon. Also, don’t piss me off. While I do enjoy the back-and-forth, I do have a hair-trigger.

November 29, 2007

David Clarke not running for Milwaukee mayor

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I had advance warning of Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke’s announcement that he would not run for mayor of the city of Milwaukee, but due to the circumstances under which I heard it, I kept it under my hat. With what little has been published (the regional news brief is identical to the DayWatch dispatch), I don’t know if I’m at liberty to expand too much on his phrase that the timing isn’t right. I will say that what isn’t right is the makeup of the Common Council.

I am saddened that Sheriff Clarke reached the decision he did, and I had hoped that he would reconsider between the time I found out about it and now, but I understand why he made it.

Nobody’s going to be home here

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If you’re unlucky enough to not be able to grab WISN’s, WFRV’s, or WJMN’s signal with rabbit ears, to not be in eastern Wisconsin (specifically, the designated Milwaukee and Green Bay TV markets), to not be in the coverage area of the Packers Radio Network, or to not have a satellite dish, we, the bartenders of TheWisconsinSportsBar, have you covered. I’ll specifically be there, on the Free Republic Week 13 live thread roasting some Cowpokes, and if Bryan wants to suffer heart-ache, the upcoming Hot Air open thread (link will be added when and if Bryan puts it up). I’ll also pop in and out of Sister Toldjah’s open thread (there’s a good mix of Packer and Cowboy fans there) (added 6:41 pm).


They can pry my beer fridge from my cold, dead hands

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Fox News is reporting that a Canadian-government-commissioned study found that beer fridges are a threat to the planet.

British environmental consultant (damn, it IS a cottage industry) Joanna Yarrow said, “”People need to understand the impact of their lifestyles. Clearly the environmental implications of having a frivolous luxury like a beer fridge are not hitting home. This research helps inform people "” let’s hope it has an effect.”

The kicker comes from U-of-Alberta (and head of this study) Denise Young, who suggest a gun-buyback program for beer fridges.

My response, “Get me another beer, wenches! I need that beer fridge to have any chance of getting beer goggles thick enough to make you look appealing.”

Revisions/extensions (8:34 am 11/30/2007) – Thanks to Gaius at Blue Crab Boulevard for pulling up a semi-roundup of this. Meanwhile, Fausta, who also found the story, has a money quote – “For those of you in a hurry for their beer to cool, Adam and Jamie proved that the fastest way to cool a six-pack is to spray it with a CO2 fire extinguisher. Beer + carbon emmissions = cool!”

R/E II (8:46 am 11:30/2007) – Mark Steyn also has a money quote – “I’ve never felt prouder.” (do I have to mention he’s Canadian?)

Bin Laden’s disembodied voice pleading with the Europeans

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The Jawas have the details. To wit:

– The voice on the audio-only tape (guess the M-m-m-m-max bin Laden video machine’s out of commission) is whining that the Europeans aren’t stringing up Bush and Rumsfeld.
– Said voice once again claims responsibility for 9/11 (as if the video authenticated to have been shot October 2001 wasn’t enough proof).
– The Arabic version of the al Jazeera story exhorts the Islamokazis. Can we vaporize al Jazeera’s HQ now?

NFL Week 13

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My dreams of getting another winning streak collapsed with the injury to McNabb and the monsoon in Pittsburgh. The good news is only the vig crushed me, and the over/unders returned to 2-0 form (I toyed with doing 3 last week; I pulled back from the over-41 in the Packer game). Here’s hoping lucky 13 steamrolls through, even though some of the lines won’t be coming from the usual Bodog…

Green Bay (+7) @ Dallas – The difference between the Packers and the Cowboys; a secondary. Since I’ve previously called for a 28-27 Packers’ win, take the over-52.
Detroit @ Minnesota (-4) – The rook is back and rested. The division will be the Packers’ outright about 3:06 pm Sunday.
NY Giants @ Chicago (+2) – The G-men are 7-4 on their way to 8-8. That 8th win won’t come until it’s too late.
Atlanta @ St Louis (-3.5; line from the Las Vegas Sports Consultants opening line) – The knockout defense knocked out the line at both Bodog and MGM Grand. No matter; Atlanta’s toast.
Buffalo (+6) @ Washington – I do not want to bet on this game. However, there’s a line on it.
Houston @ Tennessee (-4) – Haynesworth looks to be back. That spells doom.
Jacksonville (+7) @ Indianapolis – Don’t these betters know that this series is always, but ALWAYS close and low-scoring, at least when both teams are healthy? Oh wait, the Colts aren’t healthy. Take the under-45 and smash your Man with it.
New York Jets (+1.5; line from MGM Grand) @ Miami – Bodog has this game off the board due to the lack of Fin backs. Because of that, Miami will continue the free-fall.
San Diego (-6) @ Kansas City – Lose to the Raiders, lose all respect.
Seattle (+3; line from MGM Grand) @ Philadelphia – Again, this game is off the Bodog board due to injuries, this time to both teams. Seattle’s done better this year dealing with their injuries.
San Francisco (+3) @ Carolina – Sooner or later, you have to cut bait. In betting, you have to do it sooner.
Cleveland (-1) @ Arizona – The arm’s fallen off Warner and the ribs are crushed; the wheels aren’t far behind for the transplanted Redbirds.
Denver (-3.5) @ Oakland – It’s not shaping up to be a good weekend for the out-of-staters on the NRE roll.
Tampa Bay (+3) @ New Orleans – You may like the points, you may want the points, by law, you get the points, but you’re not gonna need them! Take the defense.
Cincinnati (+7; line from MGM Grand) @ Pittsburgh – Dunno why this game’s off the Bodog board, but the forecast is for fugly conditions. Olbermann is bemoaning the fact ESPN has the Pats for the Monday Night game.
New England (-21) @ Baltimore – Odds of the Pats not running up the score – 1,000-1. Don’t be fooled into giving away your money.

Henry Hyde, RIP

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Former Representive Henry Hyde (R-IL) died early this morning of a fatal arrhythmia. My condolances and prayers for his family.

So much promise, so much quagmire

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Let’s review the split-even .500 Week 12, which started out with 3-0 promise, jumped to 8-3 after the noon games, and sunk like a Deadfin punt after that:

Green Bay 37 (-4) @ Detroit 26 – And thus falls yet another historical slump (paying attention Owen and Wigs?).
NY Jets 3 @ Dallas 34 (-14.5) – NBC and the 9/10ths of the country that aren’t in Green Bay, Dallas and Milwaukee are regretting missing out on Game of the Century II.
Indianapolis 31 (-13) @ Atlanta 13 – That ain’t cowbell coming from Hotlanta.
Minnesota 41 (+7) @ NY Giants 17 – The only bad thing was I had the Vikes D sitting on the bench in one of my leagues.
Denver 34 (+1.5) @ Chicago 37 – Lesson #1 – Do not kick to Devin Hester. Lesson #2 – Do not kick into the oncoming rusher in an attempt to kick away from Devin Hester. Lesson #3 – Listen to the Egg on the over/unders.
Tennessee 6 (-1.5) @ Cincinnati 35 – I call this a dead-cat bounce.
Buffalo 14 @ Jacksonville 36 (-8.5) – This game is further away than it appears.
Oakland 20 @ Kansas City 17 (-6) – Cooked Chef is now on the menu.
Houston 17 @ Cleveland 27 (-3.5) – Once again, Neo wins at home.
Seattle 24 (-3) @ St. Louis 19 – FUMBLE!!!!
New Orleans 35 @ Carolina 6 (+3) – The rest of the year is free. Sorry, ST.
Washington 13 @ Tampa Bay 19 (-3) – (Turnover, turnover, turnover) x 2
San Francisco 37 @ Arizona 31 (-10.5) – The bionics shorted out.
Baltimore 14 (+10) @ San Diego 32 – Where, oh where did the OldBrowns D go?
Philadelphia 28 @ New England 31 (-23-LOSS) – Odds that McNabb is the starting QB next year, 5-2 (nobody accused the Eagles of being smart).
Miami 0 @ Pittsburgh 3 (-16.5-LOSS) – Everybody must get stoned and soaked. Meanwhile, Ricky’s done for the year.

Oh well, we’ll try to bust .500 again this week, as the ATS record goes to 81-84-11. The good news is I finally got a 2-0 week against the over/under to push that to 15-8-1.

Freedom From Religion Foundation – Christmas is verboten

(H/T – Bryan/HotAir Headlines, though since I’m only half-listening to Charlie today, I may have missed his take)

A year after the city of Milwaukee finally acquiesced and restarted calling the joint city/county Christmas Tree a Christmas Tree, Marlin Schneider (D-Wisconsin Rapids) introduced a joint resolution to call the tree in the Capitol routunda the “Wisconsin State Christmas Tree”. That tree had been known as just that between 1916 until 1985, when the early hatchlings of political correctness renamed it a “holiday tree” (my memory’s hazy, as I was in high school then, but if it serves, ‘Rats ran all the branches of state government that year). In the interim, the Capitol has become a December playground as every religion, including the Madison-based Freedom From Religion Foundation, has displays there. The joint resolution is expected to fly through the Republican-controlled Assembly, but since the Democrats control the Senate, I doubt it will go anywhere. The takehome lines from the public hearing on the resolution yesterday direct from the linked AP article:

Snarlin’ Marlin Schneider (if you want an explanation for the “Snarlin'” tag, I’ll give it in the comments as it’s not exactly germaine in the post) – “I am here today to voice the ire and frustration of the majority of people of the state of Wisconsin who want their Christmas tree back in the state Capitol, not a politically correct holiday tree.”

Annie Laurie Gaylor from FFRF – “The state of Wisconsin cannot have a Christmas anything.”

Rep. Joel Kleefisch (R-Oconomowoc) – “(Holiday) means holy day, representative of Christmas, the holiest day in the Christian calendar.” (note to Joel, Christmas is #2 on the holy list behind Easter)

Schneider – “If it looks like a Christmas tree, and it smells like a Christmas tree and it’s decorated like a Christmas tree and it has presents under it like a Christmas tree, it’s a Christmas tree!” (emphasis in the original)

Geraghty – So, Can Republicans Ask Questions at the Next Democratic Debate?

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I promise, this will be the last national politics thing today (though I do reserve the right to update those posts I already have up if the weed patch known as the CNN/YouTube debates sprouts anything else; for anything else, hit the roll). I’ve got a set of spreads to crush and some Cowpokes fans to poke. I also think there’s a few things brewing in the land of cheese and beer.

Jim Geraghty asks whether Pubbies get to get in on the planting at the next ‘Rat debate. Given the ‘Rats are so afraid of conservatives they refused en masse to appear on Fox News, I can answer that in two words, with the second being “no”.

Grading the Pubbie CommieNewsNetwork/BoobTube debate

I was going to go through the notes, but given the fact the DhimmiRATs had full planting rights in the organic fertilizer that is CNN, I only have one grade to give to all involved –


That was a waste of 2:15 of my life, made worse by the fact I split time between that “debate”, some serious drinking, and Hot Air Live, and I didn’t get anything of note accomplished. The only positives were the Michelle appearance on Hot Air Live (which, sadly, was plauged with technical problems, and which I didn’t spend nearly enough of my limited attention span on) and some nice scenery pics from MKH.

Plant ’em! (and we’re up to 8 of 30 as of 4 pm 11/29/2007)

If anyone is wondering why one of the popular nicknames for CNN is Communist News Network, allow Michelle Malkin to explain (I’ll skip the horticulture pics):

Concerned Young Undecided Person "Journey" = John Edwards supporter "Journey"
Concerned Undecided Log Cabin Republican supporter David Cercone = Obama supporter David Cercone
Concerned Undecided Mom LeeAnn Anderson = Activist for the John Edwards-endorsing United Steelworkers union LeeAnn Anderson
Concerned Undecided Gay Military Retiree Brig. Gen. Keith H. Kerr = Hillary/Kerry supporter and anti-"Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell" activist Keith H. Kerr

Unlike Michelle, I am not giving CNN the benefit of the doubt, especially with Kerr. A self-respecting propoganda organization wouldn’t bring somebody in to be part of the live audience unless they knew every last detail.

Revisions/extensions (7:58 am 11/29/2007) – I swear I didn’t break Michelle’s site (seriously, it’s a combination of an Instalanche and a Drudge Crush). In the interim, the overflow at Hot Air is open.

R&E part 2 (8:24 am 11/29/2007) – An eagle-eyed commenter at the Hot Air overflow thread is claiming CNN is trying to erase history vis-a-vis the Hillary plant. When are they going to learn that scrubbing after the fact doesn’t work. Side note; those of you with video of this, find somewhere other than YouTube/Google to put that video up; I expect that they’ll be scrubbing as well. Hell, send it to me, and I’ll host it.

Bumper-crop R&E (8:50 am 11/29/2007) – Make that 6 plants (H/T – Doc). From Jason Coleman, plant #5 is Ted Faturos, former intern for Rep. Jane Harman (D-California), whose question was on farm subsidies. Plant #6 is David McMillan, Breck Girl supporter and Uncle-Tom hunter (appropriate, because his question was why Pubbies weren’t attracting the black vote). He also found a couple of Paul-Nuts sprinkled in for “levity”.

Overflowing-bushel R&E (4:02 pm 11/29/2007) – And we’re up to 8 out of 30 (not 40) questions. With a tip of the cap to Flip, PowerLine has plant #7 as Adam Florzak, who worked with Dick Durbin on Social Security reform and asked a question on Social Security, and plant #8 as Mark Strauss, an admitted Bill Richardson supporter who played a PaulNut on BoobTube (what, they couldn’t find an actual PaulNut, or are all the PauNuts actually DhimmiRATs?). Un-fucking-real.

November 28, 2007

I’m shocked, SHOCKED

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(Long H/T trail – Kathryn Jean Lopez/The Corner via DaveM/AoSHQ)

Adam Yoshida (who was obviously more sober than I), dug out the fact that the gay general is on the LGBT Americans for Hillary Steering Committee. And you wonder why a whole lot of conservatives had a very bad feeling about the ClintonNewsNetwork/BoobTube debate. Lopez adds that this wasn’t the first time that Kerr was mixing it up with ‘Rats, as he was on Ketchup Boy’s Steering Committee.

And some people wonder why a whole lot of conservatives are very distrustful of the Clinton News Network.

(Editor’s note; dunno how I didn’t unleash a few f-bombs on this one; those Blues are really hitting me. I bow to the master.)

Damn, but drunkenblogging is hard

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I don’t know how the VodkaPundit does it. I’m a well-toasted Egg after 5 Labatt Blues (and yes, unlike previous live-blogging efforts, I have both the bottles and the slide in language to prove it). Of course, I handicapped myself with trying to keep up with the Hot Air Live! feed as well as the CNN feed.

I’ll have to depend on some sober notes tomorrow.

Pubbies versus snowmen, CNN and various YouTubers – live thread

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Once again, I’ll be rolling with the CoverItLive software. Before I lose the audience to the full bumper crop of those live-blogging listed immediately below (I’ll update and correct as I find them), I’ll quickly refresh you on how I live-blog: Because I am not the fastest typist in the world, I paraphrase a lot. I’ll probably also swear a lot (I’ll be downing Labatt Blue like there’s no tomorrow), and I’ll almost certainly be taking shots at everybody involved before the night is through. The questions will be in italics, the candidates’ comments, paraphrased as they’ll be, will be in normal type, and any smackdowns I need to deliver will be in parentheses.

Now, here’s a very partial list of who else is going to be live-blogging this thing:
Michelle and Bryan live-vlogging at Hot Air (That should be the live link. You do have a monitor big enough to put their vlog and my meager efforts up, don’t you? This IS 2007, and a 19″ monitor at 1280×1054 is the bare-bones minimum nowadays.)
Allahpundit has what may be the smallest open thread in Hot Air history (sorry AP; timing is everything)
Things are sure busy in the Hot Air camp; Michelle has a live thread on her own site.
Jim Lynch at bRight & Early
Jim Geraghty (I think I’ll have to keep the blog home with this one; if memory serves, Geraghty puts up new posts rather than make people refresh one particular post)
Brian at Liberty Pundit (he’ll also be using the CoverItLive software)
Mary Katharine Ham is on the scene
Patrick Ruffini will be joining her (lucky bastich ;-)
Stephen Green will be drunkblogging again, with the comments thread separated as usual (I’ll probably be matching him beer-for-martini; time to start)
Free Republic will certainly be lively (live thread added 6:17 pm)
Ace checked in right after this thing went up (and, yes, I checked all my feeds right at 5:59)
Brennan also checks in
Team Fred has Sean Hackbarth on the case, along with audio.

If you’re wondering why I switched to Labatt, it’s the price and the inavailability of Sam Adams Double Bock.

More questions that won’t be asked

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This time, they’re from Stephen Green. There’s too many to steal and embed here, so head on over to PajamasMedia to watch them. You definitely do not want to miss the question to Ron Paul.

Revisions/extensions (3:25 pm 11/28/2007) – Just because I can…


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