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Archive for December 30th, 2008

Antivirus 360 trojan – VERY bad news

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I spent all day trying to eradicate a rather new trojan from the Soviet Union that drops a piece-of-shit malware program called Antivirus 360 off the younger sister’s and her husband’s computer, without complete success. Without going into the long, sordid details, I tried both manual removal suggested by various websites I semi-trust and a McAfee scan with the current definition, one that supposedly eradicates the fucking problem, both with very-limited success.

The “good” news – I did get rid of the end result (the Antivirus 360 install), and McAfee did (allegedly, at least) get rid of the initial downloader. Also, as long as IE isn’t opened, the computer is more-or-less stable.

The bad news – The intermediate program is still hooked into IE like a black lab pup on her favorite chew toy.

Round 2 is scheduled for tomorrow, and I’m bringing in some bigger artillery if the overnight “safe mode” scan doesn’t do the job. That may well mean no Scramble or any other posts (I sure as hell don’t want to log into anything on an infected system).

The Morning Scramble – 12/30/2008

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News that the British pound has slipped below the euro (H/T – Oil Patch Plug) inspired me today…


  • Crystal Clear Conservative is shocked, SHOCKED that the Federal Reserve is tripling its space. Well, when it is the primary instrument in the accelerated socialization of the economy, it’s no surprise that it will demand more space.
  • Dean has one more (un)intended consequence of the coming transition to digital TV; a forced change in the wireless microphone frequencies.
  • Glenn Reynolds wonders how a Texas legislator who never made more than $7,200 annually as part of the part-time Texas Legislator is walking out the dorr with a $92,704 annual pension. Can you say, “Party of Government?”
  • Jon Henke explores the power of decentralized campaigns.
  • Bill Smith has the bad news for the presstitutes; more people are getting their news from the web than from print, and even the all-powerful TV is slipping.
  • P.J. Gladnick offers Exhibit #2,897,416 why print media is dying – they’re starting to admit they are Big-S Socialists.
  • Darleen Click “applies” for a job as a graphic designer at your average teen “news” magazine. Actually, she didn’t apply, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see that on the cover of Time next week.
  • Mid-Scramble Palete Cleanser (necessary after that last item) – Sharon Kass explains the mutual benefits of Conservatism and good mental health.
  • Uncle Jimbo tells Barack Obama and Reuters to grow up.
  • Lance Burri proves that The Race Card is not about actual diversity but about raw, naked power.
  • RightwingSparkle wonders whether Hollywood will become pro-war because Obama wants to fight in Afghanistan. I wouldn’t hold my breath.
  • MataHarley has some bad news on the Pakistani front.
  • Jim Hoft found a brave, smart Palestinian girl who didn’t listen to the brainwashing. Hamas will almost certainly be sending her to join the rest of her family inside of 4 weeks for the “unforgivable crime” of blaming them for starting what Israel is desperately trying to finish before they lose the one friend they have on the UNSecurity Council (and yes, the lack of a space is intentional).
  • Jib offers some money-saving ways to welcome in 2009. Of course, the #1 advice won’t work in Milwaukee (audio courtesy Patrick) – “Fire a gun in the air at midnight. At least in prison, you’ll get three squares a day.”

A 2009 (Almost) Top Ten List

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With just a few days left in the year, this is the time when numerous publications put out “Top 10” lists of events and other notoriety from the year that is about to finish.   In this article from the UK Telegraph, Oxford University puts out its top 10  most irritating  phrases for the year.   “At the end of the day,” “24/7” and “it’s not rocket science” are three of their most offensive phrases.

I’m not very good at year end top 10 lists. I find that my memory doesn’t retain enough items to make a successful list. In fact, most times when I see a top 10 list I’ll read it and go “oh yeah, I’d forgotten about those 3 or 4 items.” Yet, I still feel the need to participate in these year end remembrances so I’ve found a way to use my limited memory to best use; I’ll create a list for the year that is coming up.

So, without further ado, my sole entry for most hated phrase of 2009 is:

Shovel Ready

“Shovel Ready” is not a new term, it’s been around for a while.   It has typically been used in property development and meant a piece of real estate that had been through all of the proper approvals, planning  and zoning and was ready to begin construction immediately.   In 2009 “Shovel Ready” will be certainly used to describe a project for which a quick start could be had but it will also be used in other ways.

President elect Obama continues to ponder the mother of all stimulus bills.   He’s asked Governors, Congress persons and others to submit lists of “Shovel Ready” projects that are being held up due to a lack of funding.   The theory is that by having the Federal government spend money on projects it will stimulate employment and get infrastructure built that would otherwise sit on the drawing board.  

Unfortunately, with the only criteria for submission being “shovel ready,” we’re already seeing that “shovel ready” does not equate “needed,” “cost effective,” or “smart.”   According to the Star and Tribune, included in “shovel ready” projects are:

$4.8 million for a polar bear exhibit in Rhode Island and $1.5 million for a water slide in Florida.

And, in the district of King porker himself, Minnesota Democrat Jim Oberstar, chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, we see the requests for the following:

$2 million for a lake-walk extension at Beacon Point and $6 million for snowmaking and maintenance facilities at Spirit Mountain.

Can anyone explain to me how leaving these four projects, and I’m sure many more like them, on the drawing board would hurt our chances of economic recovery?

Each of Oxford list of irritating phrases was originally used   within their true purpose.   However, in time and through over use, the phrases became perverted to mean something other than their original intent.   The same will happen to “Shovel Ready.”   By the end of 2009, “Shovel Ready,” rather than a project that can quickly be initiated, will come to mean anything that couldn’t pass economic muster by well thinking people but got shoved down the public’s throat for the benefit of some minority constituency, anyway.

Come to think of it, “shovel ready” will likely have one other meaning in 2009.   Anytime you hear that something is “shovel ready” you can easily assume that what will be shoveled near term isn’t any dirt, but a lot of manure as the person selling their project tries to get common sense pushed aside and political graft inserted.

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