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220, 221. Whatever It Takes

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Obama Expands Recovery Plan, Aims for 3 Million Jobs

 As this story lays out, President elect Obama believes that the economic down draft is more serious than he first thought.   As a result, his original goal of creating 2.5 million jobs appears inadequate.   He now wants to target creating 3 million jobs.

Lest you think Obama’s is the “Gang who can’t shoot straight” and will charge in without a plan, put your worries to rest:

Obama representatives met this week with congressional staffers to discuss a plan estimated between $675 billion to $775 billion, the aide said, though earlier this week another aide said Obama may ask Congress to approve as much as $850 billion. Obama hasn’t specified a figure.

Those figures are all before Hank Paulson, or his successor, go to Congress to get the remainder of their $750 billion “mad money” pool.

Further, wanting to appear the adult in this new regime, Barack has told “the kids” not to have any parties with the tuition money:

Obama during the meeting told his advisers that spending proposals can’t include lawmakers’ pet spending projects; that funds should be directed toward already approved projects so jobs can be created quickly; and that government should help facilitate private ventures by removing bureaucratic red tape.   (emphasis mine)

Does anyone really believe that the government can spend $850 billion without funding “pet projects?”   Is anyone so naive to believe that, unless you’re one of those favored vassals like Hank Paulson, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac or ACORN, for whom accountability is not a prerequisite, that the government could infuse $850 billion into projects with out increasing red tape, let alone, decrease red tape?

In the movie “Mr. Mom,” Jack (Michael Keaton) takes the role of “domestic engineer” after he is laid off and his wife, played by Teri Garr, lands a role as an advertising executive.   Jack’s role as domestic engineer is not his dream role and part of the plot focuses on the challenges he has  reconciling his new responsibilities with his personal definition of masculinity.   At one point in the movie, Garr’s new boss picks her up at the family home.   While waiting for Garr to get ready for a business trip they are taking, her boss makes small talk with Jack.   As the boss is unable to relate to Jack as the domestic engineer, he asks about Jack’s home remodeling project that he has undertaken.   He asks Jack whether he’ll be wiring 220 electrical service with the remodeling.   Not knowing anything about wiring, but wanting to ensure that he portrays that he hasn’t lost an ounce of masculinity, Jack answers “220, 221.   Whatever it takes!”  

When it comes to job creation and printing of inflationary dollars to cause it, Barack Obama is using the same false Machismo that we saw from Jack in “Mr. Mom,”   2.5, 3 million, whatever you need.   $675, $850 billion, $1 trillion, whatever it takes.

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