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August 29, 2011

The Morning Scramble – Getting back into the groove

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It’s been far too long since I last posted. We’ve been downgraded, the East Coast has had 2 of the 10 plagues hit it, and judging from the Dane County Sheriff’s office records, Ann Walsh Bradley should have came far closer to having criminal charges levied against her than against David Prosser. Maestro, music while I bring forth the linkage and a one-time return of The Morning Scramble…


  • William Jacobson explains just how much more toxic Bradley has made the Wisconsin Supreme Court.
  • Duane Lester says that after a disappointing 4th-place finish in a straw poll conducted by the Georgia Republican Party despite being the only candidate to show up, Newt Gingrich needs to drop out.
  • Steve Burri explains why the rent-a-mob unionistas from Chicago is so pissed off at Scott Walker. By the way, the magic number is now 18.
  • Skip exposes how the minority half of the bipartisan Party-In-Government is trying to blackmail the Tea Party Movement in New Hampshire so they can return the GOP to minority status.
  • Kevin Binversie explains why “green jobs” is a joke. Remember, you can’t spell PIIGS without Spain, the financially-troubled European nation that bet and lost big on “green jobs”.
  • Jim Geraghty expects the “unexpected” economic news.

February 18, 2011

The Morning Scramble – The People versus The Public Unions edition

I’ve been a bit under the weather the last couple days, so I’ve decided to dust off The Morning Scramble. Before we get to the fun stuff (i.e., what everybody else is saying), I do have a bit of recent-historical perspective to offer. Immediately after the implosion of the Democrat Party of Wisconsin in the November 2010 elections, then-governor Jim “Craps” Doyle (WEAC/HoChunk-For Sale) rushed negotiations on contracts with the vast majority of the state unions for the July 2009-June 2011 (do note the dates) to completion. As part of that, the work rules were changed to give the employees almost total control over the workplace. Meanwhile, tne “trend-setter” contract for SEIU-represented home health-care workers for July 2011-June 2013 actually raised their compensation by $622,000 per year.

The state Legislature, then controlled by Doyle’s fellow Democrats, then proceeded to head into a special December session for just the second time in the previous 40 years to ratify those 17 contracts. Other than a vacationing Republican Senator, which reduced their minority numbers to 14, and a missing Democrat Assemblyman, which reduced their majority number, everybody showed up on short notice, even though it was widely anticipated that the contracts would be approved. The Democrats even sprung a convict from Huber jail to provide the margin-of-victory in the Assembly on 16 of the contracts. Fortunately, because the ex-Senate Democrat leader had a moment of clarity, all of the ratification votes failed in the Senate.

Contrast the behavior of the Republicans two months ago to that of the Democrats now. All of the Senate Democrats ran out of state so the “Never Again!” vote coudln’t happen as scheduled yesterday. Let’s roll video of the Rockford Tea Party hounding absent Dems Jim Holperin and Bob Jauch out of Rockford (video courtesy Jim Hoft, identities courtesy Kevin Binversie) to start the Scramble portion of the post:


  • In Wisconsin Reporter’s coverage, Rick Esenberg has a gem of an idea; split the reductions of the union bargaining rights out of budget repair bill so only a simple majority is requried for action instead of 3/5ths.
  • Michelle Malkin has a lengthy series of posts from the last 2 days, including a counter-rally at the Capitol on Sautrday at noon.
  • Ace notes the #NewTone is the same as the #OldTone for the Übermenschen. I doubt they’re using the Nietzsche definition.
  • Back to Kevin’s previoiusly-linked post for a minite – he asks a few questions, such as who paid for the Dem run, and what happens to the high school sporting events.
  • Speaking of high-school sporting events, Charlie Sykes noticed the Edgerton High School students taunted Madison East (the first school to shut down on Tuesday afternoon) fans with a “”We got teachers. How about you?” chant at a high school hockey game between the two schools.
  • In case you missed how unspontaneous the Madison East “walkout” was on Tuesday, The MacIver Institute has a video reminder. Guess it’s time for a video break…


  • Da Tech Guy penned a not-so-short poem to the travels of the Senate Dems.
  • Stephen Hayes points out what it’s really about – the loss of money and power for the unions. To which, I say, “Break them!”
  • To close, I’ll remind everybody we’re not alone in Wisconsin. Maggie Thurber passed along this video of the unions trying to deny a similar effort in Ohio.


January 20, 2011

The Morning (give or take a couple hours) Scramble – Flowing back into it edition

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Sorry about not being around all week. I miss my 24″ 1920×1200 monitor, which is in the shop getting a new power supply. Yes, the computer room TV at the bunker is 2 inches wider diagonally, but it’s missing 180 pixels on the bottom (far better than the 1366×768 one it replaced though), and I can’t quite get it to look as nice as the other one. I guess it’s time to bring back a special edition of The Morning Scramble, but instead of a song, I’ll start you off with my Congresscritter, Paul Ryan, unloading on the sham that is PlaceboCare. I highly recommend paying attention starting at the 1:42 mark, where he mentions that the Congressional Budget Office said that PlaceboCare will add to the debt.


  • Bruce noticed a liberal Madison talk-radio show host didn’t exactly get the memo about the “New Tone” we’re all supposed to have, as he went way over the top on Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch. Related – Charlie Sykes posted said liberal talk-radio host’s “apology” letter, issued only after almost two full days of firestorm, including a condemnation from the American Cancer Society (Kleefisch is a recent-cancer survivor).
  • Speaking of “New Tone”, Lieberal Edition, Ed Morrissey caught Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) channeling his inner Godwin mere months after being a target of chronic case of cerebral-rectalitis. Hey, I thought we weren’t supposed to say “blood libel” anymore (or does that only apply to those to the right of Che?).
  • It is Beat Duh Bears week part 3, so Dan Collins put up a trash-talk thread. Meat cleavers go through Bear hide just as easily as they did Falcon and Eagle feathers. GO PACK GO!
  • Philip Klein has a couple of rather interesting tidbits from the House vote to repeal PlaceboCare. If I have any steam after this, I need to explore the second item a bit further, but Klein pointed out (without naming, unfortunately) that 10 Democrats who voted against PlaceboCare last year now voted to keep it in place. I’ll name the 10:
    • Jason Altmire (PA 4th)
    • John Barrow (GA 12th)
    • Ben Chandler (KY 6th)
    • Tim Holden (PA 17th)
    • Larry Kissell (NC 8th)
    • Daniel Lipinski (IL 3rd, who also voted for Wreckonciliation)
    • Stephen Lynch (MA 9th)
    • Jim Matheson (UT 2nd)
    • Colin Peterson (MN 7th)
    • Heath Shuler (NC 11th)
  • Back to the “New Tone”, Lieberal Edition – PJ Gladnick caught a Palm Beach presstitute not only ignoring the New Tone, but repeating the early candidate for Lie of the Year in smearing the parents of one of the neurosurgeons who treated Rep. Gabrelle Giffords, as well as a shot at the neurosurgeon himself. Why, if I didn’t know better, I’d say that the lieberals see themselves as the Übermensch (and not in the Nietzsche mode).
  • Back to the Packers/Bears – Wendy and Chris have an interesting bet; donate a food item to a local pantry for each point their favored team (Wendy has the Pack, Chris has those Flatlanders) scores. Since I don’t think it’s going to be a high-scoring game, I’m thinking about donating one for every time the Packers stop Duh Bears. GO PACK GO!
  • Paul has an interesting idea for the debt limit – tie its rasing to PlaceboCare repeal.
  • You know all those polls (mostly stacked rather heavily in favor of Democrats) that claim Teh Won is getting his mojo back? Flap found an interesting sidebar in one of them – a majority of Americans want Obama to pursue more-conservative policies in the last 2 years of his term than he has in his first 2 years.
  • Jim Hoft found a Republican Congresscritter or two willing to cut non-defense discretionary spending to FY2006 levels for the next decade as part of a plan to reduce spending by $2.5 trillion over said decade. The bad news – the adopted FY2010 budget (the last one adopted, and the one the feds are working with still) anticipates a $3.2 trillion deficit between FY2011 (which started back on October 1, 2010) and FY2014. The ugly news – the CBO anticipates $10 trillion in new debt over the next decade, so that $2.5 trillion cut is only 25% of what is needed.
  • Kevin Binversie explains why Manitowoc is the Obama post-STF…er, SOTU speech stop. It’s not the bratwurst.

It’s noon, so it’s time to wrap this up.

December 2, 2010

The Morning Scramble – tagline edition

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I need content, but I’m not feeling very inspired (well, beyond a quick tagline or two). Guess it’s time to bring back old faithful…

  • Rick Moran found that TARP didn’t stop at America’s borders. This news is brought to you by TARP – Smothering economies worldwide since 2008
  • Related – Stephan Tawney has the comment of the day regarding the upcoming US taxpayer bailout of the European Union:

    Because we can afford to bailout a collective of welfare states that generally despise us and everything for which we stand. A collective of welfare states which was told for quite some time that it couldn’t afford to support everyone from cradle to grave. Because we can afford that. Or something.

    This link is brought to you by the EU – Ours is not to reason why; ours is to borrow and die.

  • Tom McMahon distilled the dichotomy of the messages of TV Christmas specials and the commercials that run during them. This 4-Block is brought to you by Ironies-R-Us – When you absolutely, positively need a message muddled in 30 seconds or less.
  • Tom Blumer blasts the Romneybots who would rather see another 4 years of Obama than anybody but the guy who wrote the playbook for PlaceboCare. This backstab is brought to you by Next-In-Line Waffles – We’ve replaced Arizona Guacamole with Massachusetts Maple, and you will lik…cough…choke on it.
  • CDR Salamander asks the salient question after hearing the news that there is no way to get a replacement engine for the F-35C (that would be the US Navy version of the Lightning II) out to a current-class carrier further out than about 250 miles from the nearest friendly port. This Charlie-Foxtrot is brought to you by the Robert McNamara Memorial NAVAIR – Using your tax dollars to make everything commonly bad.
  • Jim Geraghty has the following tagline covered after Teh Won ordered one of his overweight minions to eat a salad – This PSA is brought to you by Chris Christie for President: Because the commander-in-chief and leader of the free world should never be telling you to eat a @#$%^ salad.
  • Jeremy Shown schools a UW PoliSci prof on what the federal government is supposed to do when the voters say, “Stop spending!”. This lesson is brought to you by PoliSci Crackers – It goes with Government Cheese.
  • Bonus Jeremy – He notes the Red Chinese are looking at giving up on high-speed rail. This newscast is brought to you by D-Railing – A dime is better than $810 million.
  • Dad29 is buying oil futures in countries other than the US after Interior Secretary Ken “Lock ’em up” Salazar locked up all offshore drilling for the next 2 years, and everything except the western Gulf of Mexico the next 7. This gallon of gas is brought to you by Lincoln and the Two Washingtons – You’ll need both of us, and not in metallic form either.
  • No Sheeples breaks out the awesomeness that is XM25 Counter Defilade Target Engagement System, now being used to send Al-Qaeda to their 72 virgin demons. This shot is brought to you by the Military-Industrial Complex – Providing the means to deal with America’s enemies with extreme prejudice.

There’s a whole out more out there, but if I continued, it would be The Afternoon Scramble.

June 11, 2010

The Morning Scramble – Rocking GOP Women edition (guest-host Jo Egelhoff)

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If you are not reading Jo Egelhoff’s FoxPolitics, you really should. As part of the site, she puts together a rather lenghty (week)daily e-mail summary of links that rivals the larger Scrambles.

In any case, she put together a GOP Women Rock Scramble for both me and you, the loyal reader (as with Dean’s Guest-Scramble earlier in the week, comments from me will be in italics)…


  • The week started with Sarah Palin’s ‘mama grizzlies’ moniker. Great piece from The Daily Caller. One thing you never do is get between a mother grizzly and her cubs.
  • Regardless the party, should women court women? (Yes, sure, says Suzi Parker at the Christian Science Monitor. But you won’t get them just because you’re the same gender they are.) It’s all about the issues, and the middle of the road is a great place to get run over by both sides.
  • Post-Tuesday from Politico: Palin backing pays off for her pals. Love it. Interesting to see that Palin often uses the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List as a barometer…. I believe the gender-neutral term is roalty-maker.
  • Pre-Tuesday, the Christian Science Monitor asked – Is the Year of the Republican woman dawning? (Nod with me – YES.) I believe it was Jay Weber that said yesterday that they’re simply coming out from behind the scenes, mainly because of the Palin Factor.
  • No, according to Kudlow, this isn’t the Year of the Woman – but rather the year of the women from the past vs. the women for the future. Mostly he’s talking about Carly Fiorina, but lots of these new feminine faces qualify. Those who remember history….
  • Mama grizzlies or not, it’s cool that at least somebody noticed (WaPo) that these women for the future didn’t make their gender an issue. Rock on. I’m lovin’ it. Again, it’s all about the issues.
  • Ohmigosh – Fiorina’s the first one to screw up – into an open mike – messing with Barbara Boxer’s hair of all things.

    “…it is not a good way to start a woman-on-woman race by playing into negative stereotypes about female culture.”

    …. “If a man had made the comment, it would have been viewed as sexist. When a woman says it, it would be viewed as catty.”

    Senator Boxer saw an opening, and took it. “Let her talk about hair; we’re talking about jobs,” said Rose Kapolczynski, her campaign manager..

    When will politicians learn to not speak into a microphone that might be open? As someone who makes hay out of that situation, I hope never.

  • Will media call this the year of the woman? Ed Morrissey says well, probably not.

    Assuming these Republican women triumph in November, don’t expect the media to fawn over them the way they did in 1992 with the Democrats. Besides overcoming the natural liberal bias we see throughout much of the national press, it would also require the media to give Palin and Bachmann some credit, which will happen when global cooling hits Hell.

    Yeah, well… Because they don’t have the “correct” views, Ed is, as usual, right. I do, however, have a frozen sign of Hell, Michigan in the archives on the off-chance they do so.

Now go and thank Jo for putting together this morning’s Scramble.

June 8, 2010

The Morning Scramble – Guest-host edition (6/8/2010)

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I had not intended to restart The Scramble this early because that poll is open until next Monday, but Dean from Musings of a Thoughtful Conservative decided to try to force my hand. I’m not saying that this will come back even after that, but since he put a heap of effort into what he sent me, I do have to run with it. I don’t believe I’ve played Kansas yet, so let’s roll on the Dean edition of The Morning Scramble (any comments of mine will be in italics):


  • From the Wisconsin State Journal, Wisconsin tea parties face a difficult choice as their convention approaches. “About 140 activists will gather this weekend in Marshfield to decide the role of tea parties in Wisconsin’s political future.” Will they endorse any candidate? I definitely have to do some commentary on this; probably later today.
  • Liberty Pundits have The hottest conservative men 2010. Not for me but the ladies might like this list. Hey, I know a few of the judges (one of them even has guest-blogging keys), and a few of the 20. I missed it by “that much” (and by “that much”, I mean the width of the Milky Way).
  • TaxProf Blog quotes from Laffer about the coming expiration of the Bush tax cuts: “The result will be a crash in tax receipts once the surge is past. If you thought deficits and unemployment have been bad lately, you ain’t seen nothing yet.” I hope he’s wrong but I fear he’s right. I had intended to run with that Wall Street Journal piece today, but I haven’t gotten fully back into the swing of things after the fishing trip. I still might when the May Monthly Treasury Report comes out later this week because Tom Blumer has noticed a serious drop in tax revenues over the last 1 1/2 years.
  • If you’re a friend of James T. Harris on Facebook, he has some great pictures of Jerusalem. Hopefully I’ll make it there, and James will make it out of there, before that place blows up.
  • OK, he’s liberal but this Caffeinated Politics has a pretty evenly balanced look at nine “Super Tuesday” races to watch. Mostly because he pretty much cribbed from a Time piece, but hey, it counts under the Hat Tip Rule.
  • James Wigderson is impressed with Homeland Security again…well, for awhile. No comment really necessary, considering Shoebox’s war with the TSA.
  • Meghan McCain’s upset with Obama. Really? “I do believe Obama is working as hard as possible, but his problem is that he is not conveying this to the American public.” Well, I guess Teh Won took MeggieMac’s advice because he’s now looking for ass to kick.

If you want to guest-host a Scramble, go ahead and send me some links. I will, of course, vet the list (as much for blogs to add as anything else), and toss some of my own commentary in. I won’t promise music though (I don’t know if I’ll do music if I bring back my own edition).

Now, go thank Dean for the (temporary for at least now) return of The Scramble.

June 7, 2010

New NRE poll – Should I bring back The Morning Scramble?

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I’m not at all promising to abide by the results of this poll, but it’s been a while since I discontinued the daily linkfest known as The Morning Scramble. With something north of 400 blogs I at least try to read, I just couldn’t keep up with it. Another reason of the dropping was it has become harder to find embeddable songs from YouTube (oh well; the free music party couldn’t last forever).

Oh well, since I’m starting to run out of steam to do my own posts, I might try to bring it back. That’s where this little poll comes in.

Should I bring back The Morning Scramble?

Up to 1 answer(s) was/were allowed

  • Yes - I'm too lazy/time-constrained to do the reading myself. (75%, 6 Vote(s))
  • Yes - and I'll send you links to help out. (13%, 1 Vote(s))
  • No - I never really paid attention. (13%, 1 Vote(s))
  • No - I already read a lot of the blogs you link to. (0%, 0 Vote(s))
  • What's The Morning Scramble? (0%, 0 Vote(s))

Total Voters: 8

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November 26, 2009

More blessing counting

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Shoebox already listed what he is thankful for, but I do need to add my own list since the cook in my family (my older sister) is spending the day with her husband’s family (don’t worry; my overstuffing commences Sunday):

  • The Triune God – God the Father who created everything and who is the source of all blessings; God the Son, Jesus Christ, who did what I could not, atone for my sins so I could have a relationship with God; and God the Holy Spirit, who created faith in me.
  • My family, who I wouldn’t trade for any other family.
  • My friends (yes, I do have some), there through thick and thin.
  • Shoebox and the guest-bloggers, who have carried this place
  • Our readers, without whom this would be an echo chamber (chamber, chamber, chamber, just kidding).

It won’t be morning by the time I’m done rolling through the more-stuffed-than-a-turduckhen feed reader, but it’s time for a return of the Scramble so I can thank those friends.  No, I don’t have a song for today; instead, I bring you Tom McMahon’s bracket to introduce a reverse-order Scramble Special:

August 27, 2009

The Morning Scramble – Special Swimming Away Edition

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Yes, it’s back for one morning only. Before I get to the meat of the matter, I must point you to some heartfelt words from Emperor Misha I to the remainder of the Kennedy family. For them, the late Senator was not Senator, but family.

Now that the 24-hour period of “mandatory niceness” is officially over (hell, it barely begun before Nancy Pelosi declared a unilateral end by demanding that ObamaCare the Chappaquiddick Memorial Death Panels Bill be passed in his name), we need music. Maestro…

Since I’m going to be lumped in by the “arbiters of ‘absolute moral authority'” with those who I quite franky agree even if I remain silent, I have got to salute those who remember Kennedy for the hyper-partisan, (wo)manslaughtering drunk, Communist sypathizer he was:

  • We start with today’s Day by Day cartoon –
  • Eric unloads the woodshed, the brickbats, and everything but the kitchen sink on Kennedy after somehow managing to observe the full 24 hours. Remember Robert Bork!
  • The Angry Webmaster includes the kitchen sink.
  • Tom McMahon multi-blocked the ten hours that cemented Kennedy’s reputatoin.
  • Rick Moran notes that a sitting Senator leaving a young woman to die in the back of one’s submerged vehicle isn’t as big a news as it used to be. Of course, back then, it wasn’t exactly pursued either; otherwise, he wouldn’t have been in the Senate the last 30-some years.
  • The Winning McCain Part 1 – Robert Stacy McCain broke out the “Mary Jo Kopechne could not be reached for comment” line one more time. Point of order – she is now able to unleash 40 years’ worth of comments on the guy who left her to die in the back of his sunken Olds.
  • The Winning McCain Part 2 – he declared yesterday to be Mary Jo Kopechne Day, and, as the Godfather of Rule 5 blogging, included heaps of links to others who celebrated it as such.
  • Paula provided the inspiration.
  • Kate, who was inexplicably missed in McCain’s roundup, mourns the fact that Mary Jo’s dad didn’t outlast her daughter’s killer.
  • Trail-Mix, who was also inexplicably missed, breaks out the Wikipedia entry. I would have recommended, but it seems the website went into the graveyard in the ether and only the Internet Archive has it.
  • Emperor Misha I predicts Hell will run out of liquor inside a week.
  • Confederate Yankee remembers Comrade Swimmer’s collusion with the Soviets to try to oust President Reagan.
  • The DPUD Chad lists more of The Swimmer’s “accomplishments”, including repeated abandonments of countries to Communists, and influence-pushing to help one of his nephews in a rape case.
  • Dr. Dave lists all of the “compassion” Kennedy had while living.
  • James Wigderson remembers Kennedy’s life as “one of unlimited potential, much of it wasted.”
  • Peter notes Dean Wormer was wrong – fat, drunk and stupid is a way to go through life.
  • Fidothedog breaks out some classic Kennedy posters.
  • Obi’s Sister just couldn’t work up any sympathy for Kennedy.
  • Phineas notes that Kennedy’s treasonous relations with the Soviet Union was the blueprint for the Left’s actions during the Iraq War.
  • Van Helsing breathes a sigh of relief.
  • Basil opens up The Swimmer Joke line.
  • Frank J. has a few random thoughts, including wishing Mary Jo Kopechne would have been alive to see that she was a trending topic on Twitter. She and the place she died were also top Google searches.
  • Doctor Zero found a bill that is worthy of the Kennedy name – a term-limit bill.

The outro music comes courtesy Headless Blogger, who should enter his Dead Kennedy joke in Basil’s post.


Once again, there is a reason why I don’t do Scrambles anymore – this took longer than it took Pelosi to bust up the 24-hour rule.

March 9, 2009

The Morning Scramble (Part 2) – 3/9/2009

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I wonder if the ObamiNation Economic Team has this as their theme song…


  • Paul Socha has some more pics from the Green Bay Tea Party. I wish I could have violated the time-space continuum to be there and at the Defending the American Dream-Wisconsin summit at the same time.
  • Speaking of pictures, Tsiya made videos of a few of his wildlife collection photos. If that doesn’t make you think of spring (along with spring training baseball), I don’t know what will.
  • Obi’s Sister wonders where her Conga line is after finding out that Freedom Watch wants to know how much in taxpayer dollars went to feed Obama’s party-animal side.
  • James Lewis has today’s history lesson. It sure looks like we’re repeating the early 1930s.
  • Brian uses the Useful Idiots of the Left to prove that assumptions cause asses to be outed.
  • MataHarley wonders if the presstitutes will be covering the 2009 International Conference on Climate Change because its theme is “Global Warming: Was it ever really a crisis?”
  • Gaius bestows cult status on the Gorebal “Warming” acolytes. I think that calls for another song…


  • Stephen Kruiser asks, “WHERE THE HELL ARE MY DROWNING POLAR BEARS?!?” The last time I saw them, they were asking Jon Carry for halp…

  • McQ explodes the myth that cap-and-trade -tax wouldn’t hurt the little guy. I hope you didn’t have that $13/week that you’re supposed to get later this year spent.
  • Jim Hoft caught Rahm Emanuel admitting that the plan is to get rid of cheap energy.
  • Curt points out that majority of ‘Rats wanted Bush to fail back in the day. Well, I want Obama to have an Epic FAIL when it comes to creating a big-S Socialist state and surrendering to whatever entity demands it, so I guess we’re even.
  • Lex lists the tests that former Obama foe and current Vice President Joe Biden predicted would happen – North Korea preparing for another ballistic missile launch, Iran threatening to spread radioactivity across the Middle East, and the Red Chinese harassing the Navy.
  • Kevin Binversie found no sympathetic ear for Bernie Madoff’s victims among the revenuers. He may be correct about about the unofficial motto of the IRS for now, but it soon will be “We will take it all, and you will be happy.”
  • James Lileks proves what’s old is new again. Bonus item – today is National Panic Day, and the markets are responding accordingly.
  • Liberals Gone Wild (thanks to Sister Toldjah for naming this segment), Part I – Michelle Malkin posts video of Charlie Rangel, the tax cheat in charge of writing all tax bills, swearing at Jason Mattera. With all due respect (only because Rangel is a Congresscritter), Chuck, you and your kind taxing the hell out of me while you and your kind live high on the hog IS my business, you dumbass.
  • Liberals Gone Wild, Part II – JammieWearingFool caught the most-radical of the homosex/child-molester crowd putting a bounty on the head of New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo (D) for daring to keep the streets of New York safe from proven sex predators. I do believe that qualifies as demanding 110% fealty.
  • Brent Baker found an ex-CNN en Espanol correspondent running for President of El Salvador as a Communist. Bonus item – the Communists are tying themselves to Obama, despite pro-forma objections from the State Department; I guess Hillary Clinton is still miffed that she’s 4 heartbeats away from her lifelong goal.
  • Mary Lazich has a better idea for Porkulus that would actually be good for the environment – separate the sewers in Milwaukee and Shorewood.
  • Eric has some sage words of wisdom from the late Charles Schultz.

I almost forgot how long these things take.

The Morning Scramble (Part 1) – 3/9/2009

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I figure today needs an epic…


What’s better than an epic multi-part Scramble?

  • Ace is tired of playing the ObamiNation Blame Each Other game.
  • Patrick Ruffini is as well.
  • The Lady Logician issued a challenge to the troika atop the GOP – listen.
  • Lex isn’t exactly optimistic about the near-future. He does a better job of putting those thoughts onto the keyboard than I can.
  • Steve Burri proves that the only change in Leftist orthodoxy is a letter.
  • Buyers’ Remorse Watch, Part I – Zip inducts Jeremiah Wright into the Wall of Shame for decrying President Obama as just another politician.
  • Buyers’ Remorse Watch, Part II – Mary Katharine Ham inducts the Washington Post for their three-part lament. I believe her assessment of “(o)uch, ouch and ouch” sums it up quite nicely.
  • Buyers’ Remorse Watch, Part III – Slublog inducts Christopher Buckley in for his late recognition that Obama is a Stalinist.
  • Jim Hoft wants Obama to wear that label proudly rather than snarl at those that see Che Obama for who he is.
  • John Ray explains why Obama is a Stalinist.
  • Randy Fardal links the recent bouts of buyers’ remorse to Yul Brynner’s “don’t smoke like I did, dummy” message from the grave. I like the warning Randy came up with – “Experts have determined that supporting Obama may be hazardous to your financial health and individual freedom. (also may cause fetal injury)
  • Expiration Dates, Part I – Jim Geraghty caught Obama planning to loan $1 trillion (that’s “T” for “terrible”) to hedge funds a week after saying that not one thin red dime would go to them.
  • Expiration Dates, Part II – Jim also spotted optimism in the wheel wells of the ObamiNation Express.
  • Expiration Dates, Part III – ColoradoPatriot gives two cheers for Obama’s change of heart on court-ordered disclosure of surveilance programs. The Kossacks are deeply saddened (or is it soddened?).
  • John Hawkins updated some Obama posters. Yes, we are back in the late ’70s…


  • Liz Mair explains why the Obama snubs of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown (that’s right; the Gift Gaffe wasn’t the only, or even most-serious one) matter.
  • Dan Riehl explores the onset of Sudden Tiredness Syndrome, which is the official excuse of the aforementioned snubs.
  • Chris from Racine found a more-likely reason – narcissism. While I have your attention, she is taking over An Ol’ Broad’s Ramblings from the semi-retiring Kate.
  • B.C. has the Photoshop of the Day™…

  • Flip is shocked, SHOCKED that Obama doesn’t read blogs. And here I was hoping that he’d be visitor number 100,000 </sarcasm>
  • Jim Hoft found that while Obama doesn’t troll blogs, his minions are busy scrubbing Wikipedia of any criticism. Just file that as Exhibit #342,234 in the Obama = Stalinist case.
  • Speaking of Dear Leaders, Doug Mataconis is somewhat relieved that the original Dear Leader “won re-election” with “100%” of the vote. I will force you over there to find out why.

Part two will be up shortly. I hope you left room for dessert.

March 1, 2009

The Morning Scramble of things I missed – 3/1/2009

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Every time I think I can get out, the Scramble pulls me back in…


I’ve been busy meeting people well beyond my pay grade/getting the pulse of conservatism/drinking my way through DC the last couple days (sometimes more than one thing at once), so I owe you something. A Scramble through the best of the last couple days in the overbloated (and soon to be growing again) feed reader seemed appropriate.

  • Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker explains the folly of borrow-and-tax-and-spend.

    I should explain a bit more about Milwaukee County. The finances had been a mess for years, but there was a tipping point. At the end of 2000, the county board (most of whom are, sadly, still there) passed a mind-blowing expansion of the pension system that gave unbelievable backdrops and pension increases to, mostly, themselves and the senior members of the kleptocracy. This massive unfunded and essentially-irrevocable liability sat unnoticed for a year until Bruce Murphy, then working for Milwaukee magazine, exploded it. That lead to a tea party based mostly in the southern part of Milwaukee County (that’s where I live), that ultimately saw then-county executive Tom Ament and 6 of the 25 supervisors either recalled outright or resign in the face of recalls.

    Walker became county executive in the wake of that, and has been proposing zero-tax-increase budgets since, even as the unionized employees and those that couldn’t be shamed into giving up the enhancements to the pension fund took their money and ran. While he hasn’t always been successful in getting those zero-tax-increase budgets past the board, the rate of tax increases in Milwaukee County has been radically reduced.

  • Speaking of the Milwaukee County Board, Patrick Dorwin caught their spokesflack firing flack at the media watchdogs trying to get answers on a couple of board members who used county funds to attend the ObamiNation coronation. While one of them has paid the county back, the other hasn’t.
  • Jib discovered the secret of beating back Jim “Craps” Doyle’s (WEAC/HoChunk-For Sale) Necro-Budget – focus on just a couple items. It sounds unsatisfying because that means most of the living dead will be shambling out of the Capitol, but like a military under seige, we can’t be strong everywhere.
  • Kate swiped a Barack Urkel Photoshop. Yes, that is who 53% of the country elected President.
  • Crunchie proves double standards are not twice as good as standards.
  • Second dose of Patrick – he exposes yet another liberal candidate using state resources for campaign work, state superintendent candidate Tony Evers (WEAC-MEA). Odds that the only “Republican” allowed to take a statewide/Congressional seat from the ‘Rats in 2006, Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen, will even attempt to pursue this – zero. No, that is not a typo – while the incumbent Peg “Keg Goldschlager” Lautenschlager, who was cooperating in a joint state-federal probe (since shut down) of Doyle and got ousted in the primary for it (and a drunk driving conviction in a state car), Van Hollen was busy turning a blind eye to Doyle’s corruption as US Attorney for Western Wisconsin (which includes Madison).
  • Owen finds the GPS priorities of Wisconsin all screwed up. We can’t track sex offenders, but we can track birds.
  • Caledonia Unplugged exposes another “taxes for thee but not for me” Goron. That Goron probably would support the Uncle Fred vision for the KRM.
  • Dad29 is shocked, SHOCKED that WEAC doesn’t think 12 years of education indoctrination is enough. What’s next, mandatory K-4?
  • SteveF wonders how long it will be before nationalization crosses the Rio Grande from Venezuela, where it’s being enforced by the army.
  • Moron Pundit found a local weatherman stupid enough to wear a green tie on a green screen testing out visual stealth.
  • Demian Brady puts the budget into a timeline. If graphed, it would look like a logarithmic curve.
  • JammieWearingFool proves once again that failure to pay taxes is a requirement for consideration as an aid to President Obama.
  • Josh Schroeder asks whether the Dow going below 7,000 will just be a number or be a significant psychological barrier breached. Let me put my answer in musical form…


  • Kevin Binversie proves the Wisconsin Covenant is an empty promise. Bonus item – if a private company tried that, it would find itself in court.
  • Liz Mair calls out the big speners. Note to self; make sure to add her to the bloated roll when and if you get home.
  • Brian proves that the Looney Left is far more dangerous, at least from a physical perspective, than the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy.
  • Just A Grunt outlines all the ways the Obama administration is trying to force a rapid return to $4/gallon gas, including talking about prohibiting some Candian oil. Of course, there isn’t any talk about banning very-heavy and very-expensive-to-refine (and if memory serves, very enviromentally-unfriendly) Venezuelan oil; after all, there’s fellow Communists-by-another-name to prop up.
  • Little Miss Sunshine didn’t want to give Doyle any ideas for new “green” taxes, but the envirowhackos in Maine are.
  • Mike is asking who said the following:

    e could almost wonder whether the Government do not reconcile themselves to the economic misfortunes of our country, to which their mismanagement has so notably contributed, because these misfortunes give the pretext of establishing even more controls and an even larger bureaucracy. They make mistakes which make things worse. As things get worse they claim more power to set them right. Thus they move ever nearer to the scheme of the All-powerful State, in which the individual is a helpless serf or pawn.

  • Christian Schneider welcomes us to the Federal Department of Wisconsin. He who has the gold makes the rules, and the federal funding of Wisconsin’s budget will, if the Necro-Budget is adopted as-is, increase from 25% to 30%. That is despite $3.5 billion in new taxes.
  • The Underground Conservative documents the latest battle in the war against American bathrooms – mandatory sit-downs for every male trip to the bathroom.
  • Adam documents how the CTU All-Stars helped Big Bad Bill Buchanan’s aunt survive the DTV conversion.
  • Jim Geraghty declares that a stopped clock is right; meanwhile, Obama admits the critics of the UN Racism Conference were right and won’t be sending a representative to the latest Death To Israel conference. There’s an expiration date I’m glad to see.
  • Thus ends your positive Obama news of the day. Time to balance it out – Kevin Jackson outlines Obama’s war on achievement.
  • In case you were like me and skipped the ObamiNation SOTU speech, Mary Eileen has a handy decoder guide.
  • Tracy Coenen sticks a fork in General Motors. See the second song of the day for my reaction.
  • Pam summarizes the federal Necro-Budget (©Kevin Binersie)
  • Jon Ham found one benefit of corn-a-hole fuel – it violates Sharia law.
  • Kyle Maichle launches a new award, and the first wein…er, winn…er, weiners (I was right the first time) are Mark Pocan and One Wisconsin Now for their drive for #1 in taxes for Wisconsin.

I hope that I can get out of DC today. I don’t feel like sleeping at the airport.

February 10, 2009

The Morni…er, Afternoon Scramble (part 2) – 2/10/2009

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Sorry about being so late with Part 2…


  • Dan Riehl find the formerly-Great Britain planning to ration air travel in the name of Gorebal “Warming”.
  • Shoebox asks, “How green is your ethanol?” If it’s corn-a-hole, it’s not exactly green.
  • Nick Schweitzer wonders just how sustainable is “sustainable” energy. It’s not exactly everything it’s cracked up to be.
  • Rep. John Shadegg raises the alarm on a $6.7 trillion tax increase in the name of Gorebal “Warming”. That would be roughly half last year’s GDP.
  • Jon Ham found an acolyte that wants to kill off over 2/3rds of the planet’s population. I wonder why the acolytes don’t have the strength of their convictions…oh wait, they want to be around to rule.
  • Christian Schneider and Dan Bice offer a few rules for those bloggers who want to cover government. I think I’ve broken them all.
  • Second dose of Christian – he outlines the latest attempt by the Government “Accountability” Board to ensure a silent election season followed by a re-ratification of ‘Rat control – the elimination of anonymous speech.
  • Trail-Mix debuts his Contract with America II.
  • Byron Audler lays out the case for using the O.H. Perrys in the role envisioned for the woefully-underequipped and -overpriced LCS.
  • Uncle Jimbo lays some serious lumber into Barack Obama’s CinC side. I don’t think “present” will work when the binary solution is “victory or defeat”.
  • Kevin Jackson explains as only he can why Obama is always late.
  • GayPatriotWest points out that Ronald Reagan never blamed Jimmy Carter for leaving stagflation behind. Unlike the current occupant of the Oval Office; despite being handed an economic mess so bad that a brand new term had to be coined to describe it, Reagan simply went to work to break the malaise.
  • Ed Morrissey wonders if Obama actually pays attention. When the essential characteristic of making a lie the “truth” is blind repetition,….
  • Stephan Tawney wonders what the presstitutes would say if Sean Hannity had received a front-row seat to George W. Bush’s first press conference as President. We know what they did to a blogger who got into the press conferences, and it’s not exactly what they did for semi-successful liberal talk-show-host Ed Schultz.
  • V the K is running a caption contest of Obama’s head/helo collision.
  • Bill Quick calls Bravo Sierra on the latest CNN 76% approval rating for Obama. Bonus item – they crow about getting the undecideds down to 1%. Let me put it this way – if a pollster asks what color a quarter is, there will be at least 4% in the “undecided” category.
  • Emperor Misha I decries the latest example of the death of the southern border – a rancher who had enough of his property being used as a border-jumping point is being sued for defending his property and country.
  • Sean M. proves BDS is alive and well in the Senate. They’re NEVER going to let it go.
  • Thomas Sowell outlines how to deprogram the young skulls full of mush after the screwels (™, Rush Limbaugh) get through with them. One slight problem; relying on simply asking whether one has been exposed to the other side isn’t going to work because critical thinking is not a natural trait.
  • Lawhawk bemoans the creeping auto-gratuity sneaking into restaurants. It is a sign of the socialist times we’re all living in now.
  • Adam hosts “24: Poker Night!” Watch Tony get drunk and Janis flub a field operation.

I need a drink. Unfortunately, it’s still over 2 hours until Drinking Right.

The Morning Scramble (Part 1) – 2/10/2009

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Yes, we’re back to the multi-parters – somewhere north of 350 feeds to choose from will do that…


  • The Death of Newsweek, Part I – Ken found them cheering the fulfillment of Karl Marx’s prediction. As the song says, “Mamama, we’re all crazee now.”
  • The Death of Newsweek, Part II – Jim Geraghty wonders why they’re cheering a 52% drop in single-copy circulation over 2 years.
  • The Death of Newsweek, Part III – Tom Blumer answers that they’re just being honest about being liberal partisans.
  • Lemur King compares and contrasts the presstitute coverage of the “talk-down” of 2000 to the “fear ‘n hope” of 2009.
  • Dad29 on Gubmint Spending, Part I – he points out that federal government spending, without TARP, without the bailouts, and without the Generational Theft Act, increased by roughly 7.2% per year under President George W. Bush. Only in gubmint is a rate of growth double inflation considered “starving”.
  • Dad29 on Gubmint Spending, Part II – he ran the numbers on Sen. Arlen “Scottish Law” Specter’s claim that it would cost “only” $195,000 per job saved and found that it’s 3.6 times the worth of the average job. Even if they were all UAW jobs, it would still be somewhere north of twice the worth of that job.
  • How much are all those bailouts, Part I – Doug Mataconis found that the amount committed to the various bailouts would be almost enough to pay off every last home mortgage.
  • How much are all those bailouts, Part II – John Walker found that liquidating all of the gold in the world at today’s prices wouldn’t even cover half the bill.
  • How much are all those bailouts, Part III – Ace found that the bailouts are worth 2/3rds of everything the economy produced last year. Ahem – it’s closer to 3/4ths.
  • Purple Avenger notes the beginning of health-care rationing in the Generational Theft Act. It’s no longer just the children they’re stealing from; it’s Grandma and Grandpa.
  • Ed Morrissey can’t believe that The News Organization That Cannot Be Quoted™ isn’t buying the “no pork in this Generational Theft Act” line of Bravo Sierra.
  • John Hawkins lists a few good reasons to kill the GTA (and no, I’m not talking about Grand Theft Auto).
  • Is all this pork getting you hungry? Michelle Malkin found your dish – the Turbaconduckhen. I think it’s missing some pork sausage stuffing.
  • Back to Michelle – she lists some of the things it’s not missing, like pork for golf carts, hybrids for federal employees, and Amtrak.
  • Asian Badger hosts an economics mini-lecture. Today’s topic – hyperinflation.
  • Dominic Rupprecht states that those who intentionally misrepresent history are doomed to repeat it. Can you say, “Lost Decade”?
  • Bruce proves that the road to serfdom is paved with “good intentions” married to incompetent actions.

Part 2 will be up after I’m done with some tech support.

February 5, 2009

The Morning Scramble/Open Thread Thursday – 2/5/2009

I’m still down with a cold, but I need to throw something up here…


  • Tom McMahon explains why Wisconsin governor Jim “Craps” Doyle (WEAC/HoChunk-For Sale) hasn’t been offered a Cabinet post.
  • Elizabeth Crum wonders whether there are 10 good people to fill 15 Cabinet positions. Maybe a dose of fire and brimstone will warm DC up.
  • Nate Beeler channels Lt. Frank Drebin, Police Squad. “There is (BOOM!) nothing to see here. (BAM!) Please (WHOOSH!) disperse (KABLAM!).”
  • Elliot found the presstitutes are still doing their halo thing.
  • Bill Quick caught one of their number taking it a leap too far (literally).
  • Confederate Yankee reports The News Organization That Cannot Be Quoted (Or Photographed)™ wants its pound of flesh from the guy who Che-ified Barack Hussein Obama. I’ll bet they’re just mad that they didn’t think to do that themselves.
  • Dicentra caught High Priest Algore Goracle trying to recreate the Octoberists and Young Pioneers. I wonder how long before stukach becomes part of the American lexicon.
  • Jim Hoft caught the Obama administration kowtowing to OPEC by shutting down the spigots in Utah. Don’t forget, Obama was only dismayed that $4.50/gallon gas came so suddenly.
  • Ed Morrissey caught probably the last Kennedy to hold office threatening the future of edible pork. He can have my honey-baked ham sandwich if he can pry it from my cold, dead fingers (first, he’d have to figure out a way to make those fingers cold and dead).
  • On to the inedible pork – Michelle Malkin reports the next in line for the teat are auto parts suppliers to the tune of $20.5 billion.
  • Kristina Rasmussen runs the numbers on the pork-filled Generational Theft Act of 2009, and proves that we’re well above the 1% pork level. What’s left unsaid is it’s somewhere north of 50% liberal wish list.
  • Kevin Binversie finds some “blue-dog-on-red-diaper” violence going on in the House. That’s right; the Blue Dogs want the “regular” process of moving legislation restored. Maybe if they hadn’t caucused with SanFranNan,….
  • Yankee Sailor asks whether the economy is our #1 security problem.
  • Charles Johnson found former Vice President Dick Cheney worried that we will suffer a WMD terrorist attack in the next 4-8 years. Put money on it.
  • Lawhawk finds the UN shocked, SHOCKED that Hamas would be stealing its humanitarian supplies.
  • JihadGene penned a love song from SanFranNan to Krazy Kim.
  • Is NOTHING sacred in Hollywood?, Part I – Ace bleeds over the pending reboot of “Predator”. I believe Blain Cooper has the perfect description of the rewriters.
  • Is NOTHING sacred in Hollywood?, Part II – Ace reports the Three Stooges are going to be remade. Hey Moe, hey Larry. There’s going to be phoneys at the mike.

Yes, it is Open Thread Thursday, so in the spirit of all the bailouts, how about bailing a sick blogger out.

January 27, 2009

The Morning Scramble – 1/27/2009

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It’s been a while, so let’s rock on…


John Hawkins asked on Twitter this morning how he can “better find outstanding posts from small, lightly read, conservative/libertarian bloggers to link”. I can’t say I’m a very good source, but I do what I can.

  • Gary Larson explains how we have Sen. Stuart Smalley.
  • Dan Kenitz is shocked, SHOCKED that the race-card players would throw down against Michelle Obama.
  • John McKittrick takes Barack Obama’s freshly-minted ban on weapons in space to its ultimate conclusion. That’s right; no more Space Shuttle, no more satellites, no more astronauts.
  • Stephen Kruiser asks, “Were these people elected to run the United States federal government or the World Wildlife Federation?” It’s more like the World Wrestling Federation, complete with blind refs.
  • Kathy Carpenter offers Exhibits 123,942-123-948 for the thesis that Obama represents the fifth FDR term.
  • Patrick proves that the relationship between Old and New Media need not be 110% advesarial – between him, his co-bloggers and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel‘s Dan Bice (and a few mad taxpayers), a couple of Milwaukee County supervisors will be reimbursing the county for their Immaculation junket.
  • Kate wants a ride on Citigroup’s new plane as it soon will be the taxpayers’ plane. Did anybody mention that Citi’s fleet is French?
  • Trail-Mix asks the question that is on the few free-market types left , “When did Capitalism become the enemy?”, and then proceeds to answer it.
  • Dave Casper outlines the utter stupidity of “sustainability” using his employer.
  • Jib revises his economic outlook, and offers this bit of sage advice, (I)f you haven’t already, starting showing your superiors at work how important you are and how much more important you can be in a downsized company.”
  • Shoebox blasts the facade from the Generational Theft Act of 2009.
  • James Wigderson proves that Dr. Van Mobley, the Republican-establishment candidate for Wisconsin State Superintendent, has learned nothing from the experience of the Tommy Thompson 2/3rds-state-funding-of-schools-for-reduced-property-taxes failure.

As long as I’m in the promotion business, I humbly suggest reading the blogs that are linked on John Hawkins’ Conservative Grapevine. He may not have the music, but he has an even larger list of blogs he reads than I do, and unlike this place, he has readers who visit by the megabyte.

January 22, 2009

The Morning Scramble/Open Thread Thursday – 1/22/2009

Every day is a blue day nowadays. Some are just more blue than others…


This is a Faux News Alert. Barack Obama woke up. This has been a Faux News Alert.

  • Jon Sanders punches out an epic poem (no, not a DrewM. “epic”, so it’s safe for work, unless you’re a Moonbat without a sense of humor). (Revisions/extensions, 9:00 am 1/22/2009 – I’m missing my morning Dew ever since the parent company went all DopeyChangey on me; corrected Jon’s name)
  • The Wolf reports that, for the first time in the history of the Salute to Heroes Inaugural Ball, which features Medal of Honor winners, the incoming President skipped that ball. I’m shocked, SHOCKED that Barack Hussein Obama would blow off just about every living Medal of Honor winner able to make it out to an event.

This just in…Barack Obama took a dump. Film at 11.

  • Allahpundit caught the elder presstitute admitting the painfully obvious. Even though there’s film, I wouldn’t recommend looking directly at it.
  • James T. Harris reveals the first glimpse at the Book of Obama. The scary thing is, I can see reality following parody.
  • Hope, Change, and Indoctrination, Part I – Skip found a school district that wants to blacklist teachers who didn’t broadcast the Immaculation (© Rush Limbaugh).
  • Hope, Change, and Indoctrination, Part II – Speaking of Rush, he reports a teacher got her panties in a wad because the school she teaches indoctrinates at ran his feed of the Immaculation speech. NRE has issued a Crying River Flood Warning for Green Bay. Seriously, I expect that episode to be Exhibit #34 in the calls for the return of the (Un)Fairness Doctrine.
  • Paul Socha would like to see that episode turned into a proper Dan’s Bake Sale teaching moment. I won’t hold my breath.

Breaking hard, Bar…ENOUGH of the Obamination broken news; you can get that on ABCCNNNBCCBSPMSNBCNYTWaPoYourLocalPaintCatcher (which must be bucking hard for an ObamiNation BailOut). Back to your regularily-scheduled Scramble, already in progress.

  • Stephen Green (at his new Pajamas Media address; please make a note of it) finds our “friends” the Saudis looking into getting Pakistani nukes. Bold prediction – the Middle East will be a radioactive wasteland by the end of 2012.
  • Larrey Anderson asks the unthinkable question – should conservatives continue to be part of the GOP? To be honest, I’ve been tossing that around my head since the passage of the expansion of Medicare.
  • YoSAMite has also been tossing that around. Complicating that for the RPW is the fact that the party leadership has no control over the politicians.
  • AWR Hawkins provides another piece of evidence that a divorce is necessary – the slightly-less-liberal half of the bipartisan Party-In-Government is flocking toward the Obamination.
  • BrianR is shocked, SHOCKED that California is taking the inch they got on limiting cell phone use while driving and taking the mile to ban it entirely.
  • Dave explains as only a person who flies an Airbus A320 can what it was probably like in the cockpit of US Airways Flight 1549.

It IS Open Thread Thursday, so pipe up.

January 20, 2009

The Morning Scramble – 1/20/2009

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Somewhere, it’s 5 o’clock. As Bluto says, “My advice to you is to start drinking heavily.”…


  • Follow-Up To Yesterday, Part I – Tom McMahon has a drinking game for designated drivers. I think we can still get 3 drinks out of that card.
  • Follow-Up To Yesterday, Part II –Dan Riehl speculates that it was Al Qaeda trying to bring back the 12th Century that brought The Black Plague upon them.
  • Bill Quick has today’s dose of Islamokazi-induced Doom and Gloom from north of the border that looks suspiciously familiar. First Europe, then Canada, and we’re next.
  • Last direct Obamination Coronation mention – the Pheisty Joey has a very brave son, who is wearing a “HYPE” t-shirt to school today.
  • Tim Graham plays an advanced version of “Name That Party”. Not only did the presstitutes fail to mention the perp was a ‘Rat, they tried to tarnish the other half of the bipartisan Party-In-Government.
  • Brian reports that libraries across the country are about to be closed to children because of the past lead-based actions of the Red Chinese. The law of (un)intended consequences strikes again.
  • Gravelle is disturbed that we won’t get the Wii Gun, while Europe and Australia will.
  • Gabriel Malor finds that we’re winning the public opinion battle on Gorebal “Warming” to go along with the scientific victory. Again, I mourn the fact that we’ve already lost the political war.
  • Silent E found Gorebal “Warming” High Priest Algore Goracle carved in effigy in Alaska. Alaskans are already tempting frozen fate by having just the effigy; they’re really asking for it by inviting Algore up there.
  • Dad29 reports there will not be any more accountability to the second half of the TARP as there was for the first half. I’m shocked, SHOCKED!
  • Patrick McIlheran is shocked, SHOCKED that the d-word is no longer mentionable.
  • Kevin Jackson illustrates what is in our economic future – it starts with a “Z” and ends with “imbabwe”.
  • SER illustratres the economic bailout with farm animals (mildly NSFW).
  • Back to WMDs, Lex found the Persians were the first users of chemical weapons. Why do I get the sinking feeling they’ll also be the next users of WMDs?
  • Zip reports that Iran is going back to the drawing board with Hamas. Something tells me we won’t have to wait very long for the next phase in the World vs. Israel war.
  • Charles Johnson throws some cold scalding-hot water kim-chee on the noted sinking feeling; North Korea is now on a war footing. I guess Krazy Kim wants to beat the Mad Mullahs to the next mushroom cloud.

There’s more out there, but I need to be blotto by 11.

January 19, 2009

The Morning Scramble – 1/19/2009

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Time to put you in the Iron Maiden…


  • NiceDeb proves again, and again, and again, and again, and again that Shoebox was right when he said there was no difference between 57 ‘Rats and 60 ‘Rats.
  • Skip is shocked, SHOCKED that the ‘Rat half of the bipartisan Party-In-Government is seizing another opportunity to expand the pork. News flash – both halves of the bipartisan P-I-G will seize every opportunity (see the above item).
  • Owen found the shine already coming off the HopenChange Express. No matter; the presstitutes will just continue to cover for the next 4-8 years.
  • Charles Johnson presents them with the 2008 Idiotarian Award for just that behavior.
  • Matt Spivey reports the teachers’ unions are also more than willing to participate in the propaganda.
  • SteveT adds the Leftosphere to the propaganda – they’re throwing the race card out at those of us who won’t partake of the Obamination Inauguration.
  • Tom McMahon has the only way to watch that. The staff of NRE is not responsible for alcohol poisoning if one chooses to use it for a drinking game instead of bingo (though I note alcohol poisoning is better than cyanide-laced Kool-Aid).
  • Fausta found that it’s “cool” to fly the flag again. Of course, the flag in question is either the old Soviet Union hammer-and-sickle or this one…
  • Michelle Malkin is shocked, SHOCKED that the official flag of the Obama States of America (or is it Amerika) has been defaced (literally).
  • Jim Hoft declares the War On Terror the most-successful ever, at least in terms of casualties.
  • Dad29 lists some of those Islamokazis who have assumed room cave Hell temperature.
  • DrewM. found a side benefit of going back to the 12th Century – The Plague returns, Islamokazis hardest hit.
  • Thomas Lifson has Exhibit #513,213,592 of UN complicity in the war on Israel. Somehow, I doubt that Israel ending the offensive against Hamas a couple days before their shield in the UNSecurity Council evaporates will save them from having the UN compllicity become official UN policy.
  • John McAdams runs the numbers on the soon-to-be-reality-living-nightmare KRM. Of course, since there’s an additional 9 days of sick leave vacation, it’s “only” a subsidy of $12,000 per year for those who live in Kenosha.
  • Random10 proves Gorebal “Warming”, or at least mandates to combat it, have lethal consequences.
  • Martinra measures how many “a”s it takes to scream.
  • Adam cashes in on the collectible craze with Jack Bauer Commemorative Coins. I guess being out of work has caused Mike Novick to put on a few pounds.

If it’s Monday, and it’s between the Divisional Round and Memorial Day, it must be a “24” Monday. Unfortunately, I won’t be part of the Blogs.4Bauer liveblog tonight (prior committments, dammit), but don’t let that stop you from being part of it.

January 15, 2009

The Morning Scramble/Open Thread Thursday – 1/15/2009

It’s too cold to come up with a pithy open, so I’ll let Lynyrd Skynyrd do the talking…


  • John provides an example of the good that Project Valour-IT does. I am proud to support this cause.
  • Amanda Carpenter and Hugh Hewitt face off on the worthiness (or lack thereof) of Treasury Secretary-designate Timothy Geithner. I see Geithner as just another example of Chicago politics (yes, I know he’s actually from the Tammany Hall wing).
  • Josh Schroeder is shocked, SHOCKED that the U.S. Senate Bean Soup (yes, there is such a thing) has a bunch of pork in it.
  • Jim Geraghty reports that the $1 trillion $1.3 trillion “stimulus” has grown 30%.
  • King Banian marvels at the request from Duluth for $6 million for a snow-making machine. While the $83,000 per job is a “bargain” compared to the $230,000 per job in the overall “stimulus”, why would a city that averages over 80 inches of snow per year need a snow-making machine?
  • Shoebox proves his statement that there is no difference between 57, 58, 59 or 60 ‘Rats in the Senate once again – they’re about to roll over on releasing the other $350 billion in the original bailout.
  • Ace found yet another set of words from Barack Obama that have reached their expiration date – his vow to not rest until Osama bin Laden’s head was on a pike in the Oval Office. I wonder if he was worried that Ted “Swimmer” Kennedy and CNN would confuse the two of them again.
  • Charlie Sykes compares and contrasts the last and the next inaugurations. I’m shocked, SHOCKED that the presstitutes, especially The News Organization That Cannot Be Quoted™, are silent about the record cost of this one.
  • Dave in Texas found “Baby Come Back” on Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez’ iPod, as news that he is pulling back from the nationalization of Venezuela’s oil industry comes to light.
  • John Hawkins has reason #243,129 to militarize the southern border – Mexico is one of two countries that are on course for a “rapid and sudden collapse”.
  • Zip found the latest piece of evidence that the UN is at the least complicit in Hamas’ war against Israel.
  • Bill Quick asks the War College, “(I)f we can’t know our enemy, how can we defeat him?” That’s right, the next generation of warriors are not learning about radical Islam.
  • I can’t leave without some warm thoughts – Asian Badger cheers a double dose of goodness coming to southern Wisconsin from the premier aerobatics teams in the world. Mark down 5/30-5/31 and 7/25-7/26 on your calendars NOW!

Well, it is Open Thread Thursday, so take over already.

January 13, 2009

The Morning Scramble – 1/13/2009

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Metallica was in town last night. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go because “24” was on. In an unusual move, I’m offering two versions of “Master of Puppets”. If you need to avoid f-bombs, head on over to the Townhall version of this place for today’s song from the Alternica days; if you need the full-throated version from a time when Metallica kicked ass and kicked ass (and had plenty of kick-ass), here it is in all its glory…


It’s time for the Alan Shepard’s prayer since I’m getting a Campaign Spot spike – “Please, Lord, don’t let me screw up.”

  • Kathy Carpenter compares and contrasts the attitudes toward the government bailout among the various current-governor GOP candidates for the 2012 nomination. There is a shocker there that Michelle Malkin picked up on; that’s all I’m going to say.
  • Now They Tell Us, Part I – Jim Geraghty found CNN admitting that Barack Obama is looking like a different President than the candidate he posed as.
  • Now They Tell Us, Part II – Amanda Carpenter is shocked, SHOCKED The News Organization That Cannot Be Quoted™ waited until just before Sen. Hillary Clinton’s (D-NY) Secretary of State confirmation hearing begins (or began, depending on how fast I can finish this up) to reveal her Chicago Way bona-fides.
  • Speaking of the Chicago Way, doubleplusundead found a couple of potential Mobsters/future Senators (what’s the difference?) practicing the Chicago version of the Good Samaritan (or at least the robbers who preceded the Samaritan).
  • Back to Obama – Jim Lynch “borrowed” an advance copy of his Inauguration speech. Trust me, it’s an instant classic.
  • Steve Hayward outlines my fears that Obama will be the 5th FDR term.
  • Shoebox wonders how the NAA(L)CP could be so economically blind. It’s either the pastels or the decided lack of red amongst the belles.
  • GayPatriotWest identifies a severe case of Jeff Gannon Disease among the Obama press corps organs.
  • Warner Todd Huston brings news that bloggers are now credentialed media in the eyes of the NYPD. I wonder whether it was the suit those bloggers brought against the NYPD or the possibility that the New York Times will fold this year that caused the change of heart.
  • V the K found another brilliant example of spelling and grammar from the anti-Semite crowd. A missing “s” not quite as classic as the “Juice” episode, but it is very illustrative of the current state of education.
  • Jim Hoft has Exhibit Number 1,432,243 in the decline and collapse of “Great” Britian – the police are being chased off by Islamists, who correctly call them “cowards”.
  • Shoebox exposes the reason why the Not-So-Big Three is now pushing for higher gas taxes. I’m reminded of how GM got the catalytic converter mandated while they had a stranglehold on the market.
  • The quote of the day comes from Doug Powers’s take on the call from Obama to delay the final step in the transition to digitial TV – “In this arena, the government has once again made the Three Stooges look like the U.S. Marine Corps Silent Drill Team.” Since I don’t want to disappoint the Marines, here’s the Marine Corps Silent Drill Platoon…


    What, you were expecting the Stooges? Okay.


  • The runner-up comes from doubleplusundead’s news of the latest RINO Senate cave – Orrin Hatch (“R”-UT) acceptance of Eric “Pardons For Sale” Holder as Attorney General – “Who needs enemies when you have friends like this?”
  • If only they would take AWR Hawkins’ advice and ignore the 3 ‘Rat Rules of Politics.
  • Lance Burri wants gridlock instead of bailouts. After the veto-proof approval of a $10 billion land grab that oh-so-“conveniently” restores a major portion of the drill ban and the item 2 spots above, I’m not hopeful.
  • Flip proves that the natural extension of gridlock, Congress not being in town, is far better for the economy. 43 years of history cannot be completely wrong, especially when the difference is better than an order of magnitude.
  • Kevin Jackson proves that being poor pays.
  • Nick Schweitzer found the true lesson of a “Green” stunt pulled by a freshman Congresscritter – alternate fuels are not ready for prime time.
  • JammieWearingFool found an early candidate for Worst Father of the Year. I guess all those involved were just doing business transactions that legal Americans refuse to do when the father sold his daughter off for marriage in exchange for a promise for money, beer and meat. Bonus chutzpah – Papi went to the police to get his daughter back when his son-in-law didn’t cough up all the dough.
  • Your Health Minute, Part I – Christian Schneider links corn subisides, poor health, and calls for socializing health care like we did farming.
  • Your Health Minute, Part II – Lance Burri links socialized health care and government-mandated diets. I guess my mantra of not wanting to live forever, much less living forever on somebody else’s dime is out of vogue.
  • Adam found a show “ripped off” by “24”.

January 12, 2009

The Morni…er, Afternoon Scramble – 1/12/2009

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I’m a bit under the weather, which explains the lateness. How about some Jimmy Buffet to make up for that?


  • John Hawkins presents the 7th Annual Right Wing News Conservative Blogger Awards.
  • Moe Lane wonders what Sen. Bernie Sanders (Socialist-VT) will do to scratch his BDS itch when President Bush is gone.
  • Tom McMahon 4-blocks skills and intentions.
  • Jim Geraghty wonders who is left in the GOP who’s willing to fight. I believe the answer is, “Nobody.”
  • Allahpundit found the expiration dates of Barack Obama’s words have expiration dates – it seems he won’t even wait until the 21st to order Club Gitmo closed even if the order will be slow-played.
  • Ed Driscoll gives the presstitutes’ honeymoon with Obama 4-8 years. The only reason why it won’t be longer is because the “to 10 years” portion of Obama’s Presidency can’t happen.
  • Matthew Continetti finds Newsweek has lached onto Red China as the last, “best” hope of Communism to take over the world.
  • Kevin Fischer gets results – the 2-week “MJS Scorecard” is now all even at 4 pieces apiece. Money says they’ll slip back to their customary 3-1 liberal bias presently.
  • Jon Ham found the next bailout participants – NPR and PBS. Never mind they already get $400 million a year in tax money; they want it more than doubled. I’ll spell out the proper answer – November Oscar.
  • Jim Hoft found anti-Semitism very alive and well among the police in Duisburg, Germany. I’m surprised they, or the Islamokazis they were appeasing, didn’t leave a burning calling card.
  • John points out the fallacy of “cease fires in the name of peace”.
  • Back to bailouts for a second – Stephan Tawney is shocked, SHOCKED that Chrysler wants $3 billion more now (a 75% increase in what it got last month) and an unspecified amount for its finance arm.
  • Nick Schweitzer proves the difference between a private enterprise and a public venture on his and his girlfriend’s way back from Cancun. Those two have lousy timing – they’re back just in time for some serious cold.
  • Mark Tapscott has the latest bit of evidence that closed-door government is unhealthy for the taxpayers.
  • Rob reports the big screen TV ban is about to hit Not-So-Great Britain. For those that don’t think it can’t happen here, I seem to recall an item the other week about California wanting to ban big-screens.
  • Bill Quick offers the perfect solution for safety nannies.
  • Jib dug up the origin of the penalty flag. I can only wonder what would have happened to Orlando Brown if the flags were still weighted with lead.

A couple of housekeeping items that I’m a part of:

– If it’s Monday, the gang at Blogs.4Bauer is live-blogging.
– The January edition of Drinking Right is tomorrow, same place as always (Papa’s Social Club, 7718 W Burleigh in Milwaukee), same time as always (7 pm).

January 11, 2009

The Weekend Scramble Brunch, Part 2 – 1/11/2009

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As I type, the road teams have went 3-0 in the first 3 games of the NFL Divisional Playoff round…


  • Speaking of drilling, Amanda Carpenter reveals the battle cry of Senate Majority Leader Dingy Harry Reid (D-OPEC) – “DRILL NOWHERE! DRILL NEVER!” Bonus item – the Dingy One is using pork to make it veto-proof, and is also extending the record of not allowing a single GOP-authored amendment.
  • One item I forgot to throw in the first part – elliot found another sign of the coming depression – a nearly-empty remodeling show.
  • Peter is shocked, SHOCKED that 2/3rds of the various transportation taxes, totaling $40.3 billion in 2005, go for something other than roads. Bonus item – a staggering 29.3% goes to “administration and overhead”.
  • MuscleDaddy found the Islamokazis being inspired by Barack Hussein Obama.
  • Glenn Reynolds found another statement from Obama reaching its expiration date – the quick closure of Club Gitmo. I wonder who will be more disappointed: the Islamokazis or the domestic Loony Left.
  • Josh Schroeder has the quote of the week on Obama’s request to delay the final implementation of the years-long transition to digital TV because there’s another program that needs a bailout.
  • The Oh-So-Tolerant Left Update, Part I – YoSAMite found an Obama website linked to a childish “Bush Shoe Toss” event.
  • The Oh-So-Tolerant Left Update, Part II – James Wigderson discovered the Unhinged Left making death threats against the majority. I’m not surprised; they’ve been raging since (barely) before I was born.
  • Marcus Aurelius points out an inconvenient fact for the Dingy One – there is NO Senate requirement that a state’s Secretary of State countersign a Certificate of Appointment (or Certificate of Election, for that matter). Of course, since the Illinois Secretary of State caved and did sign, that’s a moot point.
  • Ed Lasky explains why we’re about to have Senator Smalley (Soros-Soros) – it’s all about the personal payback.
  • Aakash put together the comprehensive Senate-Designate Roland Burris (D-IL) file.
  • Stephen Green has the best Illinois governor Hot Rod Bagojevich (D) impeachment headline.
  • John McAdams pictures the coming Illinois license plates.
  • Michael Yon throws the red flag at those questioning British-American relations in the foxhole.
  • SteveF explodes the idea of having somebody like the IAEA handle nuclear fuel production. Why, if the IAEA didn’t exist, North Korea would have nuclear weapons and Iran would about to have nuclear weapon…er, wait a minute, North Korea has nuclear weapons drawn from IAEA-“monitored” stocks and Iran is about to have nuclear weapons drawn from IAEA-“monitored” stocks.
  • Paul Socha proves that the Wisconsin DNR is what Dad29 calls “Damn Near Russia”. They want to be able to grab your guns anytime, anywhere. FUCK THEM!
  • Mrs. M-ITT, Imperial Sniper, will continue to have “sea kittens”. I only wish I could have found the “Walleye Song” on YouTube, but you’re going to have to go over to Indiana Walleye to download it.
  • William Teach has the latest cause of Gorebal “Warming” – the Internet. I’ll continue to do my part to try to prevent subzero temperatures by continuing to put up rambling rant…er, high-quality posts, but they’re due in the land of ice cream and frozen beer by Wednesday anyway.
  • Gregory Young busts the carbon component of Gorebal “Warming”. I’ve always maintained that blaming carbon was nothing more than a (post-)Communist plot to kill the Western economies; too bad this plot succeeded where the Soviets failed.
  • Noel Sheppard asserts we are right back where we were in 1977 in terms of climate – The Next Ice Age is back.
  • John blogs about eggs (that’s small-e). You know that was going to make a Scramble, especially the one from Big Bertha.

Let’s see if some snow can stop the last road team before Jack comes back.

The Weekend Scramble Brunch, Part 1 – 1/11/2009

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Time to go deep into the archives for the weekend…


We’ve got the 7th season of Jack starting tonight at 7 pm (Central; consult your local listings for other time zones) on Fox (Channel 6/6.1 in Milwaukee, 506 on the Milwaukee-area Time Warner Cable HD box, consult your local listings for the channel in your area). I’ll be helping live-blog over at Blogs4Bauer.

  • Stephen Kruiser calls Bravo Sierra on Barack Obama’s “FIRE!”
  • Owen reports Wisconsin governor Jim “Craps” Doyle (WEAC/HoChunk-For Sale, who is lucky that none of his pay-for-play schemes happened in northern Illinois) wants to overrule the wishes of the taxpayers who rejected Taj Mahal schools. I’m trying real hard to not let loose with a “Fuck him and the union that bought him” line (oops, too late).
  • Dave in Texas finds dissention in the ‘Rat camp. I wonder if the Congressional ‘Rats are merely pissed that Obama’s attempt to create a majority with a negative tax liability is being sold as a “tax cut” instead of a raw, naked extension of welfare.
  • Doug Powers is shocked, SHOCKED that the architect of the worst economy in the US, Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm, is part of Obama’s economic team. I’m not; after all, another, more-successful of his team members, Warren Buffet, advocates a 1% GDP growth.
  • Patrick McIlheran proves that the resurrection of the Civilian Conservation Corps and the Works Progress Administration, which is what Milwaukee County Board Chairman Lee Holloway wants, will be even less successful the second time around.
  • James T. Harris explains why it wasn’t successful the first time.
  • Uncle Jimbo finds the looters at the gates. Er, they’re in power.
  • Ace breaks out the dinosaur for the impending death of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. I mourn the fact that so much fisking material will soon be going to waste.
  • HeatherRadish proves that if there is no safeguards against abuse of paid “sick days”, they will be abused. Bold prediction – a lot more businesses in Milwaukee will fold now that they have to give 9 additional days of sick leave vacation.
  • Shoebox auctions off the number of jobs that Obama will “create” out of whole cloth and unicorn horns.
  • Asian Badger sees nothing good about Red China reducing its appetite for US debt. Can you say, “Stagflation”? (and that’s if we’re lucky)
  • Christian Schneider proves the only place the ‘Rats want to drill is into the economy.

The second heaping will be up shortly.

January 8, 2009

The Morning Scramble/Open Thread Thursday – 1/8/2009

It’s time for a deep cut…


  • Matt cheers the first blog-to-film project, “Taking Chance”. Before it airs on HBO February 21, do read the post over at BLACKFIVE In fact, go read it now, then come back for the rest of the Scramble/Open Thread Thursday.
  • What Could Possibly Go Wrong When We Tinker With Nature, Part I – Sean M. reports we’re a step closer to “Jurassic Park” with the decoding of the long-extinct wooly mammoth’s DNA.
  • What Could Possibly Go Wrong When We Tinker With Nature, Part II – McQ reports the
    Gorebal “Warming” acolytes are prepared to go all “Matrix” on the atmosphere to enforce their reality with an “emergency Plan B”. Where, oh where do I begin with this one?
  • Ed Morrissey laughs at the weakness of Not-So-Great Britain, which has started handing out heating subsidies for the first time in 10-year existence of the heating bailout program because they can’t handle 12-degree weather. I could offer the adivce of a former President….
  • Van Helsing found the North Sea freezing up in jolly old England. In light of that, I think will offer the Brits that advice – put some ice on it.
  • Fausta dubs Russian strongman Mad Vladmir Putin “Mr. Freeze” for shutting off the gas spigot to the Ukrane and the Balkans even as Europe freezes.
  • Bill Quick and Glenn Reynolds battle it out over the future of the price of oil. While I usually am a fan of history, I do have to note that in the aftermath of the 1979 OPEC shutdown, the threat of the US actually weaning itself off of OPEC was credible, while it is not credible now.
  • There are many places I could have gone for news of the adult entertainment industry’s bellying up to the bailout teat, but elliot’s headline/lede combo takes the cake.
  • Lance Burri is genuinely shocked that the ‘Rats in Madistan would reintroduce “Healthy” (and Depopulated) Wisconsin with thfe road to the federal version wide open. Of course, the fact that those clamoring for it snookered the populace into “supporting” it without mentioning that it was the $15 billion doubling $30 billion tripling of the total state tax take so vile that it was merely a budget negotiating point last year may have something to do with that.
  • Speaking of taxes, Mary Lazich compares the fastest-growing states to state/local tax rates. Other than California, Georgia and North Carolina (all of which have weather in their favor), the rest of the top ten have low taxes. Funny how that works.
  • Kathy Carpenter looks into the rather-substantial and -smelly relationship between stalled Senate-Designate Roland Burris (D-IL) and ethically-challenged Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich (D). I wonder if Harry Reid and company are going to up their asking price from Burris in response.
  • Flip found the #!@% ¿ Blagojevich Burger. While the guy who’s selling them won’t take less than $10, he’ll gladly take more because it is a “bleeping valuable thing…(only the bleeps aren’t really bleeps).”
  • Ken is struck by the similarities between murals of Barack Obama and murals of various despots (mostly Communists). Birds of a feather….
  • Fred asks, “What if Barack Obama was picking the Packers new Defensive Coordinator?” Don’t be afraid to answer, especially if you can beat my suggestion of Los Angeles Lakers coach Phil Jackson.
  • Jeff Wagner highlights the latest “victim” of the Culture of Badassery (©MKH). If only 70-year-old ladies couldn’t have handguns in the home, robbers could break in without worry of being held at gunpoint until the police arrive to arrest them </sarcasm_lefty>.

I WAS going to try to keep it under a baker’s dozen today, but there’s just too much goodness out there. I know I left more than a few bits out, so feed me.

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