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My anti-ethanol rant

by @ 23:26 on February 4, 2006.

This restatement of “Those who don’t remember history” (and Part 2) will be at the top of a special page on the blog until AB15, the bad-ethanol-gas bill SB380, the really-bad corn-a-hole gas bill, is defeated.

Two years ago, we the people were instrumental in stopping a mandate to force 10% of all gasoline to be made from corn-a-hole and other forms of ethanol. Well, the bipartisan Party-In-Government is back with even a worse mandate. It is worse in two very-odious ways:

– First, it now includes diesel. I guess we now know why Brett Davis pushed for and got his $4 million soybean crusher; soybeans are a major source of biodiesel.
– Second, it ups the requirement for “renewable” fuel (i.e. food that would otherwise be eaten) from 10% to 25%. In terms of ethanol, that will force the vast majority of automobiles and motorcycles, whether they be on the road, in the showroom, or still on the assembly line, off the road. Morever, every single boat, lawn mower, snowblower, chainsaw, leaf blower, generator, and other small-engine item that relies on gasoline will need to be replaced.

That is in addition to the insanity that is burning our food as fuel. In case you haven’t stopped in a grocery store the last year, food prices have gone up. Why? Because the acerage that previously went to corn used as both human and animal food is now going to corn-a-hole production. With the addition of biodiesel, and the increase in the food-for-fuel mandate percentage, it’s only going to get worse.

Call, write, or e-mail your legislators now. Stop this madness before it’s too late.

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