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October 2, 2013

Ask Egg – The Lost Year Edition

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One thing about taking off for a year – the allergies cycle around. With that, and the usual dose of Claritin-D (or at least the generic version thereof), it’s time for yet another round of Ask Egg, where I provide answers to questions the famous and powerful would ask if they were dumb enough to ask me:

Dear Egg,

I’ve got this little problem of not being able to spend a third of the money I usually spend because I can’t get my class enemies to bend completely to my will anymore. I heard a group of really old geerzers want to visit an open-air memorial down the road from me that is officially closed, even though it’s open 24 hours a day and one of my predecessors kept another memorial that is mostly enclosed open during his shutdown war. I’m torn between voting “present” as I usually do, and going against my nature, declaring that “rules are rules”, and bringing the pain. Quick, be the coin for me.

-Shutdown Corner of a Malignant Tyrant


Those “really old geezers” are World War II vets. Some of them breached the Atlantic Wall, others broke the back of an enemy that refused to surrender to outsiders for a millenium. You don’t want to piss them off on their visit to their memorial, even (especially, really) during their sunset years.

Oh, and don’t double down on stupid, or at least try to not follow your base instincts, or do. I know you won’t take good advice anyway.


Dear Egg,

I’m caught between a rock and a hard place. There’s these rabble-rousers in the other chamber who have called my bluff of throwing away a pair of deuces when my opponent has a 10-high hand showing. I tried to put them in their place, but they gained enough allies to force me to play my pair rather than throwing it away at the turn. I know you suck at poker, but so do I. How should we play this out?

-Flooding the Capitol


First things first, stop crying! Salt water is very bad for the marble.

Second, grow a spine. I know you said that you wanted to surrender now so you could fight for less next time around. Guess what? This isn’t “Pawn Stars” where you announce what you’ll settle for before you start negotiating.

Yes, I know your counterpart in the other chamber, The Only Member of Congress Who Matters™, doesn’t know how to lose. There’s a first time for everything, so teach him, and not by example either.

Here’s a prescription for iron pills; you look like you need it.


Dear Egg,

I’ve lost my writing mojo. It’s been over a year since I’ve written anything at the place I called home for 7 years. All these people are nagging me to start writing again, but I can’t even write enough for a Tweet (not that there’s a home for cultural conservatives there). What do I do?

-The Shell


Just start writing shit. It will come back to you sooner or later, but it won’t come back to you at all if you don’t write.

Oh wait, stop talking to yourself.


March 23, 2012

Ask Egg – The SCOAMFs edition

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It’s Allergy Season here in the land of cheese and beer, and all the Presidential candidates that have won at least one state have stepped in it the past 7 days. Guess that means it’s time to take some Claritin D, go to the mailbag, and belatedly offer some snarktastic advice to them (and the perpetual loser):

Dear Egg,

The Ides of March weren’t too kind to me. Despite my campaign promise to halve the deficit in my first term, I added more debt than my predecesor did, and he had almost 5 more years than me. Gas prices are going up too fast for my re-election chances. I know you don’t support me, but my staff said you’re a straight shooter. Help!

-The Original SCOAMF

Dear OS,

Your staff is right; I am a straight shooter. I also don’t mince words, so you probably won’t like them. Step one is STOP SPENDING LIKE A DRUNKEN LAW SCHOOL STUDENT! Since you missed Economics, allow me to clue you in on a little secret – if you crush those who have the money, they won’t spend any money, which means you don’t get any of your cut of that money even if your cut is a high percentage.

Step two is to drill, baby drill. Let’s put your little pet theory that it won’t help to the ultimate test, and to do that, you really ought to fire that Energy Secretary who thinks high gas prices are hunky-dory. That also means the oil has to get from where it is in the ground to the refineries, and then the products have to get to market, not just from a temporary storage facility.

Step three is to plan for early retirement. I mean, your predecessor really helped you out by pre-socializing the economy. The least you could do is pre-capitialize it for your successor.

Oh yeah, don’t celebrate the news by setting a personal record for fundraisers attended. Oops, you already did.


Dear Egg,

My book tou…er, campaign has been burning through cash at an incredible rate. In fact, at the end of last month, I’ve run up more debt than I have cash on hand. I can’t seem to get past second place in the South, and I’m struggling to get third place elsewhere in the country. What can I do to stop that front-runner?

-Georgian SCOAMF

Dear GS,

It sure looks like you’re up the creek without a paddle. Like it or not, the people just don’t like you, and they’re voting with both their pocketbooks and with their votes. I just don’t see you pulling off a Louisiana Surprise, and the lengthy pause between them and the next set of contests (which includes my humble state) would be the opportune time to drop out. However, do not, repeat, DO NOT release your delegates.

Oh yeah, you never really recovered from attacking Paul Ryan’s budget from the left last year, or from your couch session with Pelosi. Bad decisions do have consequences.


Dear Egg,

I keep on winning, mostly in states I don’t have a prayer of carrying in November, and not by nearly enough to knock out my competition. In fact, in states where actual Republicans make up the larger part of the electorate, I tend to get my clock cleaned. Worse, every time I get a “big win”, something seems to come out of my campaign the next day that sets me back. How can I connect with the base?

-Massachusetts SCOAMF

Dear MS,

You could start by actually wholeheartedly adopting conservative positions. Don’t say on one breath you’ll wipe out PlaceboCare National and then in the next defend to the death PlaceboCare Mass, especially since that program is an unmitigated disaster.

The next thing you should do is not let your campaign advisers speak, especially when they serve to confirm every conservative’s fear on your apparent lack of a conservative core. Oops, that happened, but it’s something to keep in mind for the future.

You could at least dump the economic adviser of yours who wants $6/gallon gas with an additoinal $2/gallon going into the federal coffers when you call for Obama to dump his high-gas-price-loving advisers.

One more thing; just because you barely avoided having the tortoise Huckabee pass your maximum number of delegates in 2008 after you dropped out following SuperDuper Tuesday and thus kept your position as Next-In-Line™, don’t tell your competition to clear the decks for you because the situation for them is much the same as it was for you the last time around.


Dear Egg,

Even though I just started winning states, I’m not getting a lot of delegates out of them. I’m the last NotRomney standing; I should be getting more delegates. WTF?

-Pennsylvania SCOAMF

Dear PS,

Patience, padawan. Next-In-Line­™ is very hard to overcome, but the scores will start changing real quick with Double Jeopard…er, winner-take-all states. If your Southern competition is smart, he will clear the deck after Louisiana to effectively make it a two-man race.

Just don’t say that it would be better for Teh Original SCOAMF to win if it’s between him and your Northeatern competition. Otherwise, the Next-In-Line™ Streak will be broken four years after you intended, and you’ll be the victim.

Dammit, I’m too late with that advice again. My bad. You need to walk it back pronto to salvage what you can.


Dear Egg,

Even though I’ve got a bunch of whiny, noisy anarchists crashing caucuses, I don’t have anything else going for me. I can’t climb above 3rd place in any primary state, but I really want a say. Help!


Dear TS,

I’m afraid I have nothing but bad news reality checks for you. Reality check number one – the American people realize that isolationism doesn’t work. I know it’s a bit before your lifetime, and thus ancient history, but our neutrality in WWI didn’t stop Germany from trying to induce Mexico to take your state back.

Reality check number two – That front-runner won’t take your son as his VP nominee. Much of his camp blames McCain’s loss on his “pander” to the conservatives in his VP nomination choice.

I’m afraid you chose poorly on which office to run for this time around.


July 7, 2011

Ask Egg – Twitter edition

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If President Obama can crank out the Twitter version of “Ask Me”, I can lampoon it. Let’s roll in 140 characters or less, with the note that other than my account, these aren’t real Twitter accounts (though it should be easy to tell who I’m lampooning):

TehWon2012: How can I rescue the economy? #AskEgg
steveegg: @TehWon2012 Resign? Make the Bush-era tax rates permanent. Start drilling. Kill the EPA. Of course, you won’t listen. #AskEgg

Fleebag14: When we can’t honestly change our name to @Fleebag17 after spending millions, what next? #AskEgg
steveegg: @Fleebag14 3 words – Suck. It. Up. (or 2 for the DX fans among you) #AskEgg

BigBenFed: I’ve seen QE1 and QE2 slip beneath the waves. Should I launch QE3? #AskEgg
steveegg: @BigBenFed: Don’t be insane. The only things it did were sink the dollar and the economy. #AskEgg

MarkyDMN: I’ve inflicted as much pain as I could, but I still can’t get the eeeevil Pubbies to keep people from being as rich as me. What now? #AskEgg
steveegg: @MarkyDMN If U listened 2 Target CFO, you would have figured out MN is at the far end of the Laffer Curve. See reply to @Fleebag14. #AskEgg

NREFan: Are you going to post more? #AskEgg
steveegg: @NREFan Depends on how I feel.

Thus ends this episode of Ask Egg.

September 8, 2010

Ask Egg – Duelling Ads edition

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It’s time to break out another edition of Ask Egg and offer some free advice to both halves of the Republican gubernatorial campaign that they really should have taken.

Dear Egg,

My opponent, who has been seeking office longer than I’ve been in politics, has been getting a lot of traction by pointing out I’ve been in politics 16 years. Our oppo research found a couple of votes that, if made public, could blow holes in both his “outsider” claim and his “tax-cutter” image. We’re thinking about amping it up to the max. What say you?

-Wobbling in Wauwatosa

Dear Wobbling,

Voting records are always fair game, especially since this is his 6th bite at elective office in 18 years. Pointing out he voted for $9 billion in pork in a bill that was, at the time, roundly criticized for containing the pork, and voted against ending the marriage penalty, are winners, especially since your ultimate opponent voted against the pork, and support for the pork in the opposition party was greater than the support in your party.

Taking it to the next level by invoking the name of the current leader of the opposition party in that body, especially since she has nothing to do with Wisconsin, would be a mistake.


Dear Egg,

I finally took your advice, focused on what I would do as governor, and started to make the opinion shift in my favor. The bad news is, I went back to the negativity well by emphasizing how long my opponent has been in politics every chance I can get, and my latter-period voting record came back to bite me. That’s not fair because it’s supposed to be the second person to open fire that gets it. I know you’re for him, but you’ve been fairer to me than some others. How can I reverse the reversal?

-Wiggling in Nashota

Dear Wiggling,

I did warn you that those walls weren’t exactly made of brick I do, however, sympathize with your anger over the comparison to San Fran Nan; that was a cheap shot. Going back to the more-distant past isn’t an option; too many people still know 1995 came before 1998. I would point out how you’re not like her in the here and now and go back to what brought your campaign out of the July blahs.

One more bit of free advice – remember what happened to John McCain the moment he locked up the nomination in 2008.


September 1, 2010

Ask Egg – Need more pseudophedrine edition

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If it’s allergy season, it’s time for another round of Ask Egg, where I answer letters that should have been written before the subjects acted.

Dear Egg,

A year into our stimulus, the only things that have been stimulated are government employees and opposition to our policies. We need a new slogan to get us through November, but Works Progress Administration was already taken by our hero. HELP!

-Gone Golfing

Dear Gone,

Socialism has failed every place it’s been tried. If you had studied history, you would know that. Slapping a shiny label on a piece of dung doesn’t change the fact that it’s dung, nor does it cover up the smell. Cut the spending, cut the taxes, and you’ll find the economy responds nicely.


P.S. Take your entire “leadership” team golfing with you, and see you in January.

Dear Egg,

My daddy handed me this great job that is half a world away from my frigid “home” where all I had to do was follow the crowd. Up until this month, it looked like I was a lock to stay here in the hot swamp another 6 years, but something funny (like a deranged clown) happened on the way to an easy victory. I really don’t want to freeze again. What can you do?

-Frigid in the Frozen North

Dear Frigid,

Perhaps they tossed you out because you followed the wrong crowd. Take your lumps and learn from them. Do recall what happened to the last person in your line of work who decided to fully-adopt the crowd he was following.


Do remember that this advice, like everything else on the blog, is free.

May 5, 2010

Ask Egg – the glorious return

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It’s been far too long since I dipped into the proverbial mailbag, but the allregies are in full bloom, and the snark is screaming to be unleashed. Let’s roll.

Dear Egg,

I just can’t help but unleash my inner Alinsky. Whether it’s those redressing their grievances with government, those in the opposition party, allies of this country, or corporations who gave me more money than they gave anybody else, I keep insulting them. HELP!

-Steamrolling in DC

Dear Steamroller,

Allow me to quote your favorite WWF ex-rassler for the advice, “Know your role and shut your mouth.” Otherwise, I’ll be forced to make this little diddy into a full song:

Boots on the throat,
Boots on the throat,
Looking like Stalin with the jackboots on the throat.
With the arm sticking out, nose in the air, boots hit the throat.


Dear Egg,

Until recently, I served as a mostly-ineffectual cabinet member of the governor of one party. Since he’s on his way out (let’s not get into why; I truly love the guy even if the people don’t), I’m looking for a new challenge, and I think I found a doozy – run for the Senate nomination of the other party. How can I fool the people into voting for me, at least in the primary?

-Brewing something in Chippewa Falls

Dear Brewing,

Normally, I’d say you’re screwed, blued, and tattooed, but seeing your (former) party is busy clearing its primaries of any and all challengers, run as yourself. By all means defend a tax hike that is responsible for nearly half one of the few remaining Wisconsin gems’ losses. By all means tie yourself to that unpopular governor – after all, their supporters will be free to support you in the primary, and then go home to the most-liberal Senator in the nation.

Oh wait a minute – that plan is falling apart as 1/8th of the state won’t be able to play that crossover game. I should’ve stuck with the default.


Dear Egg,

Up until the brain trust in DC convinced me to give up a cushy governor’s job to run for Senate, my subjects loved me. Since then, things have gone downhill, as first my subjects, then the guy who I hugged abandoned me. That tanning cream is telling me, “If you just go rogue,…”

– Tanned in Tallahassee

Dear Tanned,

A prerequisite for going Rogue is not growing government. What, you say? You want to run as an independent? That’s not going to end well. Just ask Ross Perot.

Did you expect any help from The Steamroller? Dude, haven’t you noticed all the bloodstains on the underside of that bus he’s driving? Did you notice his footwear? If he stomps on the throats of a group of people that gave him more money than they gave anybody else, he’s not going to help somebody who hugged him.

One more thing – orange is a fruit, not a skin color.


August 19, 2009

Ask Egg – the dog days edition

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It’s been far too long since I’ve gone to the mailbag. In fact, it’s been so long, the advice being sought would have been ignored. Oh well; I may as well run with it anyway.

Letter #1:

Dear Egg,

I’m having a lot of fun rehabbing my shoulder with a bunch of high-schoolers, and I made my first goal of avoiding all the two-a-days of the NFL training camp. I still have the urge to stick it in the eye of Wile E. Thompson (mud-spelled-backwards), and I think I found the perfect situation. There’s a certain team that wears purple whose best quarterback isn’t half as good as I was with the bum shoulder, and they’re still waving $10 million in front of my face after I told them I didn’t want any two-a-days. Should I jump?

-Hoppin’ in Hattiesburg

Dear Hoppin’,

Get your ass back on the tractor and enjoy the fact that you’re still able to break the fingers of those high-schoolers. The half of those up here that really didn’t mind your stay in New York will get entirely pissed off if you go to the hated dome on the far side of the Mississippi, and somehow I doubt that too many of that team’s fans will be all that thrilled that you got out of the two-a-days.

Seriously; you’re almost 40, and the fact that you had to have the surgery on that shoulder proves you don’t heal as quickly as you used to. I don’t care that the Vikings play half their games indoors; you’ve been fading badly at the end of each of the last couple seasons.

I would just hate to see things end for you the way they ended for Joe Theismann.


Letter #2:

Dear Egg,

I’m scared shitless becuase the sheepl…er, people are turning against ObamaCare, and there’s still a couple weeks before I can return to the safety of the Beltway. Worse, I waited too long to ask the SEIU to provide “hands-on security” at my townhalls. What do I do?

-Running for the Hill (Captiol, that is)

Dear Runing:

Grow a pair and get out there like Paul Ryan and Ron Kind.. If you actually head out into the district, you’d find that, while many of us vehemently disagree with ObamaCare, we’re quite civil about it. Just ask Kind.

Oh, and leave the union thugs at home; they only cause trouble.


Letter #3

Dear Egg,

A person whose job I want is about to announce he won’t be seeking another term. I desperately want to lose the first word of my title, but I’m afraid he won’t actually leave early enough to give me a leg up in the competition to replace him on a full-term basis.

Did I mention that I despise him because he has done absolutely nothing for me?

-Madtown Junior Partner

Dear Junior Partner,

Patience is a valued commodity. At the very least, let the fireball contract before you go sniffing around the carcass.

If, like a moth, you just can’t ignore the flames, don’t compound the damage by wasting taxpayer dollars on your obsession.


That’s all the time we have for this installment of Ask Egg. If you need off-the-wall advice that will save your hide, just let me know before you do something stupid.

August 22, 2008

Ask Egg – Volume 5

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Revisions/extensions (10:47 pm 8/22/2008) – For the record, I had the answer to the first letter ready to go about 4:30 pm this afternoon, but before I could finalize the answer to letter #2, I had a Brewer game to go to. With the news from ABC that Joe Biden is now receiving Secret Service protection (H/T – Chris Cillizza), it looks like my Jedi Mind Trick worked.

My head’s almost cleared up from a nice late-summer allergy episode, so let’s go back to the mailbag for some timely advice.

Letter #1 –

Dear Egg,

I’m starting to slide in the polls, and I need a pre-coronation boost for my VP pick. I know you hate me, but I have nowhere else to turn. Come on, do me this one favor, please.

-Hyde Park Bus Driver

Bus Driver,

Since I’m being charitable, I’ll give you the one piece of advice that may save you; don’t take your last challenger. Beyond that, don’t overlook the follically-challenged.

Beware the PUMAs!

Letter #2 –

My friend, I know we haven’t seen eye to eye over the last dozen years, but I hope we can put that aside. I’m taking one step forward by waiting to see what that guy across the aisle is doing before making my final decision, but it’s in my nature to take one step back. How far back can I go?

-Arizona Mav Man

Dear Mav Man,

It is good that you’re going to be using the clock to your advantage. Don’t waste it by going anywhere near backwards by taking a pro-abortion candidate like Ridge or Giuliani.

Do have a backup plan to a backup plan just in case the PUMAs overthrow the Obamination Express.

June 13, 2008

Ask Egg – Volume 4

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I’m almost out of pseudophedrine, and some political types seem to have ignored my advice, so let’s go into the mailbag once again to out them…

Letter #1 –

Dear Egg,

My state endured historic flooding over the weekend. Fortunately, the country club where I hold my annual golf fundraiser for my campaign didn’t suffer any real damage. Should I cancel it?

-Waterlogged in Madison


Of course not! However, you should turn over the proceeds of that to flood relief efforts. I’m sure you could find another day to shake down your donors for your own benefit.

One more thing; don’t spend most of the day there.

Letter #2 –

Dear Egg,

Some terrori…er, freedom-fighters seeking to destroy this coun…er, liberate Gaia from the ravages of Americanism are being warehoused in Guantamino Bay. My fellow Justices and I currently have a lawsuit before us seeking to overturn action by Congress that we previously ordered them to take. How should we dispose of this case?

-Witless in Washington


Get your behinds out of the business of conducting war. A previous iteration of the Court you’re on unanimously allowed the summary execution of Nazi saboteurs during World War II. Besides, Congress acted undier its Constitutional authority to cut you Lawgivers-In-Black out of the process.

Don’t commit treason.

Letter #3 –

Dear Egg,

My opponent opposes drilling in ANWR and doing anything substantial to reverse the flow of illegal immigrants. He also supports making the tax code even more top-heavy, and closing Club Gitmo. How can I differentiate myself from my opponent while being true to myself?

-On The Road

Since you used an anonymizer, I can’t tell which candidate you are. You need to do what is right with the country and start differentiating yourself from him.

And no, I don’t mean a left turn either.

April 23, 2008

Ask Egg, Vol. 3

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It’s been far too long since I opened up the question lines. Since the brain is sufficiently-fried from the springtime allergies, I guess it’s time to break out the can of whoop-advice (you thought I was going to say something else, didn’t you?) and lay the snarkastic smackdown on some candy-asses (you knew it would come sooner or later).

Letter #1 –

Dear Egg,

After successfully destroying my party, I’m starting to look for a second. Any suggestions?

-Southwest Mav

Dear Southwest,

I don’t believe for a second you’re going to listen to this, but since you asked (mostly for money that isn’t leaving my bank account), I’ll answer. I have but three words – conservative, conservative, conservative. You may not salvage your burnt and collapsed bridges with a bunch of conservatives, but if you’re serious about killing earmarks, if you’re serious about securing the tax cuts, you’re going to need conservatives in Congress. Going further left for the VP choice is just a recipe for disaster on so many levels.

You may be tempted to go with the minority block that gets shunned by the far side of the aisle. I’ll shock you and most of my readers with this bit of advice, but as long as it doesn’t violate the three-word credo I outlined, do it. Do remember, however, that we don’t know which block will get shunned.

One more thing; dump Juan.

Letter #2 –

Dear Egg,

Despite spending more than $2,200 for every man, woman and child in my city, and despite a budget of over $1.2 billion, I just can’t seem to scrape up enough cash to run my emergency services. I’m thinking about converting a soon-to-expire tax for my own purposes, and radically increasing both the amount and scope. Should I?

– Missing in Milwaukee

Dear Missing,

Allow me to quote Michelle Malkin here: “Suck.It.Up.” You mean to tell me there isn’t even 0.65% fat in that bloated government you run? Give me that budget and a red pen, and I’ll find you millions. I might not make the unions happy, but as you lefties are fond of saying, the needs of the many and all.

Start cutting.

Letter #3 –

Dear Egg,

Oh man, I’m in so much trouble. Two months ago, I was the anointed one, able to do no wrong. Since then, I’ve stepped in a punji pit, shoved one foot in my mouth, and the other in my wife’s because her feet aren’t big enough to keep her quiet. The ghosts of my recent past are crashing in around me, and my Jedi mind tricks are starting to fail. It’s gotten so bad, the class enemy of my enemy endorsed my enemy.

-Critical in Chi-town

Dear Critical,

I’ll have to ignore the fact that, before the Maha-Rushie endorsed her, I did. It’s always darkest before the dawn (or is that before it goes pitch-black?). You two are generating record profits for the popcorn concessions, and the only way she’ll get what you want before the middle of summer is if you quit, so keep on keeping on.

Fight on!

Letter #4 –

Dear Egg,

Talk about your law of unintended consequences. I’ve managed to finally put my stamp on this team by getting the old man to retire, and I suddenly realized I don’t have a quarterback that will last more than 3 games. I can’t swallow my pride and ask him back. What do I do?

-Super-Genius in Green Bay

Dear Super-Genius,

If you had planned and prepared properly instead of scheming to get rid of the old man, you would have prevented the likelyhood of piss-poor performance. You’re pretty much screwed because the proper planning and preparation would have included getting a top-flight QB draftee last year instead of a broken-down bust of a defensive tackle, and the team did too well this year to get a top-flight draftee. Worse, because you were too slow in the free-agent market, the slim pickings in the free-agent market are down to almost none.

Start praying.

September 7, 2006

Ask Egg, Vol. 2

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Lieberal politicians are not the only people who could have benefited from asking me what to do before doing something. As long as the histamines are kicking in (I’m down to my last dose of pseudophedrine, and I’m saving that for bedtime), let’s dive into the business world with a more-sarcastic tone than usual…

Letter #1 –

Dear Egg,

A bunch of illegal-immigration advocates started boycotting us after our PAC made a token donation to Jim Sensenbrenner. We realize that they’re the largest-growing demographic in America, and our operations on this side of the pond already have some experience marketing to Spanish-speaking individuals. We want to turn political, burn our bridges to Sensenbrenner and our traditional drinkers, and go after this emerging market, but we wanted your input first.

-Foggy in Londo…er, Milwaukee

Dear Foggy,

Do you really want to drive the Leinenkugel’s brand into oblivion? You might score with the pro-invasion crowd, but Drinking Right (and to a lesser extent, Drinking Liberally) notwithstanding, politics and alcohol don’t mix. Just ask Keg Goldschlager. Morever, if ex-Mexican beer drinkers are anything like American beer drinkers, they’ll drink up here what they drunk down there, and I doubt it was a SABMiller brand.


Letter #2 (unbelievably, this business actually did one thing that I would have recommended) –

Dear Egg,

My family business has been losing market share year after year. We’re also saddled with a bunch of recalcitrant unions who think it’s still 1966, not 2006. Our products, frankly, suck. HELP!

-Lost in Dearborn

Dear Lost,

Get someone in there who knows how to turn around a company, then get out of his (or her, as the case may be) way. I’m not going to recommend anybody specifically, but if you’re smart enough, I’m sure you can find a candidate or two.

Drive on,

Letter #3 –

Dear Egg,

Our network is slated to run a 2-day 9/11 special based on the bipartisan 9/11 Commission report this weekend. In an unusual move for us, we plan on slamming everybody. However, our allies in politics got wind of this, and have threatened us. Considering who those allies are, we’re scared to death. Should we stick to our guns and risk a visit to Ft. Marcy Park, or should we hire Michael Moore to “edit” this special?

-Spineless in NYC

Dear Spineless,

Grow a spine. If I wanted the official DNC take on things, I’d watch “World News Tonight” (or any of your network competition, or CNN, or PMSNBC, or read the New York Slimes, or…you get the idea).

Heck, I think you never intended to have those things S(l)ick Willie and company objected to see the light of day, and that you put them in the “pre-edited” version just to raise the hopes of the majority of Americans who would rather watch The History Channel or Fox News for their 9/11 specials.

Too bad, so sad.

September 2, 2006

Ask Egg, Vol. 1

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With all the bad news the ‘Rats suffered this week, you would have thought they would have asked an advice columnist before doing their business. Oh well, let’s set the DeLorean for before the ‘Rats did their bad news, pretend that I’m in the business of providing free advice to ‘Rats, and roll with it…

Letter #1 –

Dear Egg,

I’m a retiree who, for inexplicable reasons, fled Chicago. Now, I’ve got these moonbats trying to tell me to do a Loserman to a state Senator and use the slogan, “A ‘Rat who votes like a ‘Rat.” There is, however, a slight problem. They don’t know that I really DO vote like a ‘Rat, going so far as to vote twice for Al Gore in November, 2000. I can’t find my lucky coin, so help me decide.

– Conflicted in Cudahy

Dear Conflicted,

Where did you say you double-voted? Looks like you picked the wrong county to do half of your double-voting. Not only is Paul Bucher a charge-’em-all type of DA, he’s in a hotly-contested primary for AG. It’s best to let sleeping dogs lie and let the clock run out on any potential charges. Besides, Plale sacrificed most of his principles from when he was an Assemblyman.


Letter #2 –

Dear Egg,

I only have two qualifications for attorney general: I’m extremely soft on crime, and I didn’t crash a state-owned car while drunk. I tried to keep the campaign clean and run on my soft-on-crime record, but I haven’t picked up any traction. I’ve even started to allude to my primary opponent’s misadventure on Hwy 151, and that hasn’t helped. Should I go completely on the attack?

– Batty in Dane County

Dear Batty,

Keep on doing what you’re doing. The ‘Rat primary is dominated by the soft-on-crime types, and you are undeniably the softest-on-crime candidate ever to run. If you’re not successful, you’ll have let that bucket of slime out in the open. It’s no longer 1988, where the only source of “news” is your party’s official mouthpiece, so you ‘Rats can’t expect to repeat the Horton smear history.

Best of luck, at least in September.

Letter #3 –

Dear Egg,

I am truly desperate. I spent the last month alone on the airwaves, trying to paint my opponent as too extreme. However, with one commercial, he completely neutered all my efforts. I do have a plan to shut up his campaign for the next two weeks, but it involves getting my State Elections Board to apply a rule change I shoved through to a time period when it was still only under consideration, and get them to ignore that, until the middle of July, it had been suspended by the Legislature. The SEB lawyer, who I haven’t bought, says I can’t do it, but I really need to slime my opponent to get the bloodhounds off my stench. Should I go for it?

-Desperate in Madistan

Dear Desperate,

You know the law; you used to be Attorney General. It won’t survive a legal challenge, especially considering that your advantage on the Supreme Court would have to recuse herself because she appoints a member of the board. Morever, it will look exactly like what it is, a craven, partisan, and desperate attempt to rig the election in your favor. Don’t do it!

Enjoy retirement,

Letter #4 –

Dear Egg,

My voting record is a mess. I managed to convince the Milwaukee County DA to ignore records that say I voted twice in two different municipalities in November 1996 and state that the records are a mess without even having to get my dad, who has the same name as I do, state for the record that it was him and not me that voted in one of those places. That hasn’t dissuaded some of my critics, who have called into question where I voted in September 1998. I housesat for my dad at that time, the records say that he voted there, and I voted in the other city. The thing is, I didn’t vote in the city the records say I voted in that election. Should I roll the dice again, claim that the poll workers got it wrong once again, and get the city clerk to alter the record to remove my name from the roll that it was on?

Before you answer, remember that the same DA is still around a bit longer, and my party controls both the AG’s office and the SEB.

– Sweating in Tosa

Dear Sweating,

Leave sleeiping dogs lie, and keep your mouth shut. Even though the statute of limitations on vote fraud in the 1998 election has passed, it just wouldn’t look good to bring it up again by saying you didn’t vote in Tosa. It’s a lot easier to get people to accept that the election workers made one mistake than it is to get them to accept the election workers made three.

Morever, even though the DA is and will be a no-charge DA, having the voting record changed is a felony. You can’t count on your party holding onto the AG’s office, and since it was a US House and US Senate primary, there just might be a federal “hook” to get US Attorney Steve Biskupic involved. Trust me, you don’t want him sniffing around.

Remember, silence is golden.

You know, I should miss a few days of blogging more often ;-)

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