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A Silver Lining?

by @ 5:58 on December 4, 2008. Filed under Economy, Immigration.

With the recession officially called, there may be a silver lining to the economic challenges that seem to appear around every corner; illegal immigrants are returning home.

McClatchy writes the article about an illegal who is contemplating moving back to Mexico for better economic prospects.

McClatchy gets the news aspect correct with their headline:

With economy souring, illegal immigrants going home

But that’s where the news ends and the editorial disguised as news begins.   McClatchy begins their lament with:

But the U.S. economic crisis has disrupted his life and the lives of countless other illegal immigrants who are now planning to leave or have already left.

Sure the economy is causing folks to adjust but didn’t the illegals  disrupt their lives when they chose to illegally move into the US?

Oh, but it’s not just the people in the US that are hurting.   The US slow down is also hurting the economy of entire towns in other nations:

The ripple effects are already being felt. Communities in Latin America and the Caribbean report a reduction in remittances — money sent home from the United States. That money is critical to the survival of families and the success of local civic projects. Border communities that once thrived as way stations for those heading north are now little more than ghost towns.

Is the Governor’s conference still going?   Perhaps the mayors of these border community ghost towns can get in line with California, Michigan and others and get a piece of a federal bailout to allow them to survive the down turn?   Maybe Hank Paulson has a bailout plan for the Latin American house payments that will now go unpaid?

Rasmussen Reports issued a polltoday on America’s sentiment of illegal border crossings.   74% of those polled still believe that the US government isn’t doing enough to secure our borders.   Interestingly, less than half of those polled now believe that there is no way to end illegal immigration.   That’s a shift of 7% in just 6 weeks.

I’d really prefer the economy back to where it was in mid 2007.   That said, how many months of consumer malaise would it take to solve a our illegal immigration problem?   Well, we ought to at least ask!

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