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Method to McCain’s No-Negative Messages Madness?

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Jim Geraghty figured out why John McCain is trying to silence anybody and everybody that hits the Democrats hard; he’s running very hard to the mushy middle as Mr. Clean. 16 years ago, that might have worked, because that is precisely how his BFF Russ Feingold overcame a massive money and name recognition disadvantage to first win a 3-way primary battle and then win his Senate seat. However, this isn’t 1992, and frankly, most of the country isn’t Wisconsin. That mushy middle doesn’t really exist; at best it represents 10% of the electorate, and it’s been shrinking every election.

Sean Hackbarth pointed out a potentially-significant flaw in McCain’s plan; he’s not been consistent on the lack of use of the Wright-Obama connection. Actually, let’s drop the “potentially”; it’s certain tha McCain’s former friends in the LeftStreamMedia will use that inconsistency against him to further shrink the mushy middle.

Moreover, every open step toward the mushy middle, especially in the form of a repudiation of the GOP base (or at least what, up until recently, was the base), further weakens him in the eyes of said base. This specific case reinforced my opinion that the current “leadership” of the GOP really wants to be a permanent minority center-left party. I’m all-but-ready to abandon the See-Dub plan and follow doubleplusundead in saying, “Screw McCain.”

Roll bloat – west of the apples edition

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I’m all out of the descriptive words right now, but since it’s on the roll, I do want to make sure you know to check out Today’s Concerns by Greg Kowalski. I may not often agree with him, but it always is good to have another local view in the hopper.

Adding Fuel to the Fire

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Sorry for the pun…no, I guess I’m not.

I heard on Glenn Beck this morning that gas prices increased $.012/gallon every 30 days while the Republicans had control of congress.   Since Nancy and her gang have had control, gas increases $.076/gallon every 30 days.

HMMMMMMM Does Nancy have ties Exxon that we don’t know about?

Hillary and Barack continue to want to run against Bush in the election.   I suggest John McCain run against Nancy and the Democratic control of Congress.   If McCain had any real conservative balls, this would be the commercial he would be playing non stop between now and the election.


Re: Nero Fiddles

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That is a real head-slapper, Shoebox. I originally was going to just do this as a comment, but there’s simply too much to say, partly because Matt Lewis pointed to something in today’s Wall Street Journal that causes me to radically extend the time frame that the Neroes have been fiddling.

Before I get to the fresh material, I do have to comment on the Pelosi (lack of) plan:

– Filing lawsuits against OPEC acting as a Cartel"¦.

It’s not a new idea. I took a whack at it back when Herb Kohl (D-Nobody’s Senator) introduced it as a bill last year, and those words still stand. Do note who voted for it in the Senate; 2/3rds of the Three Nominating Stooges voted for it (McCain wasn’t around).

– Continuing to chase gouging Bogeymen"¦
– Chasing more gouging Bogeymen"¦.

Bogeymen is precisely the right term. I’ve lost count of how many times “Big Oil” has been exonerated in those witch hunts.

Forcing renewable energy into the marketplace…

I’ve taken so many whacks at the bad effects of “renewable” energy mandates, I’ve lost count.

That serves as the launching point into the fresh material. Back in 2000, then-Illinois state Senator Barack Obama pushed through a sales-tax holiday on gasoline sold in Illinois. The WSJ article failed to state why this was an issue back then. In 2000, Chicago and Milwaukee were the only two areas selling a particular formula of reformulated gas. The spring of 2000 saw a convergence of that and three factors that drove gas prices up above $2/gallon when the average price was $1.52/gallon:

– A switchover between the winter and summer blends of that extra-special Algore Memorial RFG, which included, going into 2000, the only widespread use of ethanol.
– The extended shutdown of one of the two refineries that made said RFG.
– A brand-new mandate by California that MBTE be replaced by ethanol.

Ed Morrissey also notes that these factors were never addressed. Hence, we are where we are.

I will say that the gas sales tax holiday indeed worked in reducing gas prices for the summer of 2000. The prices in northeast Illinois were, for a time, significantly lower than that in southeast Wisconsin, and were roughly the national average. Because the Illinois Legislature made it a statewide holiday, prices downstate were close to the lowest in the nation. However, once again, Ed notes that it was and is a temporary fix.

The Morning Scramble/Open Thread Thursday – 4/24/2008

It’s Open Thread Thursday, so this thread’s yours after some blues and a couple links:


Allahpundit and Michelle Malkin offer up diverging predictions on the LeftStreamMedia reaction to one of their own getting pied. Those who know me already know which one I believe.
Justin Higgins saw LeftStreamMedia bias up close and personal.
James Wigderson highlights a blog fight between a professional political type and a neophyte. Normally, I wouldn’t note this because I am a neophyte myself, but it’s worth another couple bags of popcorn (besides, I know and trust the pro).
– In a show of bipartisanship, Greg Kowalski and Kevin Fischer whack the new name of the 27th Street Corridor redevelopment that the Oak Creek and Franklin Common Councils approved (in executive sessions at the request of the Zizzo Group) – BOOMGAARD. Question for the audience (especially the Moronbloggers); does that sound more like a tribute to the 3 apple orchards that used to be on 27th (that’s Dutch for “apple”) or an ordnance range? My little contribution to that (beyond the executive session); while it flew through the Franklin Common Council unopposed, it took Hizzoner Dick “Borrow-and-Spend” Bolender to break the tie in Oak Creek.

With that, I’m going to enjoy at least the morning and start praying The Winter That Won’t Die™ stays dead. The “S” word is in the forecast for Sunday night.

Nero Fiddles

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Wednesday morning, John Boehner along with other House Republican leaders, sent a letter to Nancy Pelosi asking her to make good on her 2006 promise  to have a  plan to reduce gas prices.   As Boehner pointed out, and all of us are feeling, gas prices are up over 50% since Pelosi took office.

This afternoon, Pelosi released her plan.   You can see the details here.

As I read it, Nancy thinks the following will reduce gas prices:

  • Filing lawsuits against OPEC acting as a Cartel….
  • Continuing to chase gouging Bogeymen…
  • Forcing renewable energy into the marketplace
  • Chasing more gouging Bogeymen….

Can anyone explain to me where one penny of reduction in gas prices will come from any of these “initiatives?”   If anything, the result of these acts will be to increase government regulation, raise costs on existing gas suppliers and force the use of uneconomical alternative energies.   The result will not be a reduction in gas prices, rather, it will be an overall increase in energy prices.

Nancy is proving to have the leadership traits of Nero.   The difference between Nero and Nancy is that Nero still had something to burn when he got done.

The Understatement of the Day

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“It required the steadiest of hands.”

The doctor seems pretty cavalier about the whole thing.   However, he makes the mistaken comment that the “pin” was still in the grenade.   I wonder if his bravado would have come down a couple of notches if he knew that this kind of grenade has no pin.

Congratulations to the soldier and the doctor!

RIP Mr. Frick

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Mr. Frick, AKA Werner Groebli died Wednesday at the ripe old age of 92.

For those of you unfamiliar with Mr. Frick, he was a comedic ice skater and a staple of the Ice Follies for many years.

Mr. Frick’s signature move was the “spread-eagle cantilever.”   You can see it in the following clip, about 1:57


Watching the video I’m reminiscent of the great family television entertainment that was available during Mr. Frick’s era, I miss it.

God bless you Mr. Frick, thanks for sharing your talent.

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