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Senate Stupidity part 2 – the Dhimms, especially Kohl, want blood for oil

by @ 16:33 on June 26, 2007. Filed under Politics - National, War.

No, I am not making this one up. Nobody’s Senator introduced an amendment to the “CLEAN Energy Act” to make OPEC “illegal” (scroll down for the text). The money line – A foreign state engaged in conduct in violation of subsection (a) shall not be immune under the doctrine of sovereign immunity from the jurisdiction or judgments of the courts of the United States in any action brought to enforce this section.

It flew through the Senate 70-23, and it’s part of the bill pending the conference committee. A question for Nobody’s Senator, Russ el-Slimeroad, Hitlery Rotten Von Der Schlikmeister, Osama Hussein Obama, and the other 66 who voted for this; what happens if this is found Constitutional, we seize the assets of OPEC’s members, and they shut off the spigot in retaliation? Or better yet, those international forums you’re so fond of says we can’t seize those assets because it violates “international law”? Are you going to accept $20/gallon gas, are you going to open up drilling to replace the 50% of oil we won’t get anymore, or are you going to send the military on a blood-for-oil quest?

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