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The Morning Scramble – 4/15/2008

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It’s Tax Day and Buy A Gun Day (H/T – Beth). Coincidence? I think not. Since I can’t afford a real fancy gun, I may as well enjoy the blues while I finish off my taxes and try to figure out how much money I have left with which to buy a gun:


B.C. is displaying some serious gun pics. If only I could afford them,….
Christian Schneider delivers your dose of Justice Scalia. That brings back good memories of his visit to Marquette many years ago.
Grim has a couple of new ways to support the troops.
Fred Keller remembered that this day 61 years ago, Jackie Robinson made his debut for the Brooklyn Dodgers.
Mark Block delivers another history lesson, this one for the likes of Red Fred Kessler.
Dad29 admonishes the bipartisan Party-In-Government in Madison to stop digging.
Michelle and the Hot Air gang have a fresh episode of “Hot Air TV”, which is very timely. If only my dad were a Kennedy,….
– Staying with taxes, Clint answers the burning question of the Left – “Did the Bush tax cuts screw the poor and the working class?” (hint, it’s not a 3-letter answer, but it’s one that will blow the minds of the Left)
William Teach has the WordPress 2.5 Media Center fix for those willing to tinker under the hood.
Jim Geraghty notes John McCain wants a summerlong tax holiday. That doesn’t exactly jive with the official position of the executive branch of Wisconsin’s government, which is to raise it 40 cents.
Katie Favazza dumps a horseshoe on Hillary Clinton’s almost-somewhat-not-quite-enough attempt to bamboozle pro-lifers.

I doubt I’ll be blogging much the rest of the day; I have some taxes to do.

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