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When April Fools’ Day and elections collide

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I guess Clint should have put the April Fools’ disclaimer on his “multiple-voting” post. Kevin Fischer is treating it as though yesterday wasn’t April 1.

Only a liberal would see high prices this way

(H/T – Donna Martinez)

I honestly don’t know where to begin with this New York Times article quoting liberal after Marxist extolling the virtues of unafforable food, so I’ll probably ramble and shamble.

And if American staples like soda, fast-food hamburgers and frozen dinners don’t seem like such a bargain anymore, the American eating public might turn its attention to ingredients like local fruits and vegetables, and milk and meat from animals that eat grass.

More-likely, given the rush to corn-a-hole and bo(v)i(ne)diesel, we’ll turn our attention to imported foods as there won’t be any land available for those boutique foods.

Urging others to eat better (and thus more expensive) food is not elitist, (Alice Walters) said. It is simply a matter of quality versus quantity and encouraging healthier, more satisfying choices. "Make a sacrifice on the cellphone or the third pair of Nike shoes," she said.

Now we get to the nitty-gritty of the Marxist nature of the Food Snobs. It truly is a case of food or lifestyle for them.

"Someone on the margin who says "˜I’m struggling’ would say rising food costs are in no way a positive," said Ephraim Leibtag of the United States Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service. Even if the food budget isn’t an issue, there are plenty of people who view low-cost food as a national triumph.

"If you think that mass production and vast distribution predicated on cheap energy is a good system, then the dollar hamburger is a good thing,” Mr. Leibtag said.

I don’t think I’m struggling (neither am I living high on the hog), but rising food costs are in no way a positive because I believe in mass production and vast distribution predicated on cheap energy. With his distain for capitalism, no wonder Mr. Leibtag works for the gubmint.

Although prices for organic groceries are rising at least as fast as their conventional counterparts,….

I find it funny that this was buried on page 2 of the web version, well after the third-paragraph claim that organics weren’t going up in price.

Craps channels your average Scooby Doo crook

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Or am I just imagining things when I think of that when I see Jim “Craps” Doyle (WEAC/Potawatomi-For Sale) uttered this after us meddling voters undid his packing of the state Supreme Court – "It is a tragedy that such a fine judge and good human being was trashed during the campaign. Justice Butler has served with distinction and honor on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, and I thank him for his fairness, his sense of justice and his lifelong commitment to public service."

No, it’s not a tragedy. It’s a sign of sanity.

Congress is playing “Chinese Baseball”

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I worked in the wireless provider industry for a number of years.   When I started it was a very new business with few rules and very little history to draw on.   At that time, fast, significant change was either something that energized and motivated you or you didn’t last long in the business.   I don’t remember where the phrase came from but we often referred to our environment as “playing Chinese baseball.”

I’m not sure why it was ever referred to as “Chinese” except that the concept was similar to a “Chinese Fire-drill.”   In the latter, upon stopping at a stop light or sign, everyone in the car would get out, run around the car and try to get back in before the light would turn green or a car would honk from the other side of the intersection.   In “Chinese baseball” it was played like a regular baseball game except that every time someone would hit the ball, the people playing the base positions would pick up their base and run around the field with it trying not to let the runner get to the base.   The concept for our business was that like Chinese baseball, you would play  the game  by the general rules of the game you were playing.   However, some of the basic rules would change frequently enough that you felt like the game was always stacked against you or that it was impossible to know at any given time, what the rules really were i.e. bases moving each time the ball was hit.

Yesterday, Congress had oil executives sitting in front of them to explain why gas had become so expensive and why the companies were making such large profits.   I won’t even get into the stupidity of their questioning except to point you to this article  which makes a great argument that Congress, through it’s inability to control the budget and thereby depressing the dollar, is actually responsible for a significant part of the increase in oil costs.   Oh, and Congress is also the ones that won’t allow drilling in the US…but of course, it’s the evil oil companies that are controlling the prices! (more…)

Fraley the Magnificent strikes again

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Yes, he called it. The moonbat half of the Cheddarsphere is acting like there’s a full moon and they’re fresh out of blood.

I’ll get the popcorn.

The Morning Scramble – 4/2/2008

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This one’s dedicated to Justice-elect Mike Gableman, Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker, Milwaukee County Supervisor Paul Cesarz, and Alderwoman-elect Kathy Carpenter…


Tom McMahon distills judicial campaigns to 4 blocks.
Brian Fraley peers into the Left’s fax machine for their post-election blues meme.
– Morons who missed Ace on C-SPAN accepting the Blogger of the Year award rejoice; Vinnie scored him for The Jawa Report: Radio Edition.
Gaius exposes the rank hypocrisy of the Left on human rights.
– Speaking of hypocrisy; Sister Toldjah tells us what we already know about Ted “Swimmer” Kennedy and the environment and adds some more.
– Hypocrisy is running amok; Scott at Flopping Aces exposes Obama’s oil-donation problem.
Mark McNally uncovered what Obama’s Secret Service nickname is. It fits.
– It definitely fits better than the Obama Mortal Kombat videos out there. However, Doc has some wicked-good fan art of Baraka Obama.
– I hope you didn’t have your breakfast yet; Jim Lynch has the scary Photoshop of the day (and since it’s Hillary’s head on Rocky’s shirtless body, it may or may not be safe for work).
– Speaking of stomach-turning images, Charlie Sykes says those with weak stomachs and any love for America should not watch Hamas TV.
William Teach reports Elizabeth Edwards wants to be included in her husband’s Other America when it comes to goverment-funded health care.
Elliot answers what taxes are for.
– Too bad Asian Badger didn’t win his write-in campaign for the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals seat; he has typical Asian Badger humor commercial pilot sense in his vote summary.
– Paging the gang at B4B; Jim Geraghty scooped you guys on the latest McCain/”24″ news.
– Cover your ears; Dan notes the New Kids on the Block are making a comeback.
– I should’ve had this yesterday, but I was late and ran out of time. Christian Schneider cheers “negativity”.

Revisions/extensions (9:33 am 4/2/2008) – John also entered the Hillarocky Photoshop sweepstakes.

More things that make me go “Huh?”

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Citi seeks finance-savvy directors – The Wall Street Journal

01 Apr 2008
Citigroup, as it unveiled the final in a flurry of internal organizational changes, appears to be getting started on a restructuring of its board.

The banking giant said in a statement on its website that its board “is actively seeking new directors” and is placing a “particular emphasis on expertise in finance and investments.”

Wow! Now there’s a novel concept! How about getting Directors on your board that have some expertise in the business they’re supposed to help guide!

There was a time when the smartest of the smart got wall street jobs. Apparently, that isn’t so true anymore.

Spring election instant react

I know a few of you were keeping an eye on the live thread, and I have to thank Pete, Coop and Dad29 for helping me out with the results. I really should be sleeping, but there’s a couple of random thoughts I still need to do:

– Be afraid, Doyle. Be very afraid. An 18-point win for Scott Walker does not bode well for your chances in 2010, stacked Government Accountability Board or not.
– That having been said, other than Walker, Paul Cesarz, Mark Borowski, and Joe Rice (who did not have an opponent), the tax revolt is dead in Milwaukee, Waukesha and Racine Counties. $400,000 for a shed? Why not? $9 million in borrowing for maintenance? Go right ahead. $12 million for a Taj Mahal fire station? You betcha. $66 million for a makeover? Hey, at least it’s not $110 million. You wasted the breathing room we gave you last time? Go ahead, here’s some more.
– Fortunately, it spread further out. Attempts to jack taxes in Germantown, Hartford and Jefferson got shot down.
– Sanity will soon return to the state Supreme Court. Dickie Scruggs’ friends had best find a new state to try to pillage. The bad news; Doyle gets to choose the next judge of Burnett County.
– On the other hand, the same voters who delivered the margin of victory for Justice-elect Gableman decided that in the battle of stinky and extra-smelly, they would take extra-smelly.
– Bold prediction of 2008: there will be a lot of 3-3 ties broken by Hizzoner here in Oak Creek.
– Finally, a blogger makes good on an election. Congratulations, Kathy.
– I hope the guards at the jail Michael McGee-Jackson Jr is at took away his shoelaces; his world is crashing in on him.

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