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Nero Fiddles

by @ 7:19 on April 24, 2008. Filed under Miscellaneous.

Wednesday morning, John Boehner along with other House Republican leaders, sent a letter to Nancy Pelosi asking her to make good on her 2006 promise  to have a  plan to reduce gas prices.   As Boehner pointed out, and all of us are feeling, gas prices are up over 50% since Pelosi took office.

This afternoon, Pelosi released her plan.   You can see the details here.

As I read it, Nancy thinks the following will reduce gas prices:

  • Filing lawsuits against OPEC acting as a Cartel….
  • Continuing to chase gouging Bogeymen…
  • Forcing renewable energy into the marketplace
  • Chasing more gouging Bogeymen….

Can anyone explain to me where one penny of reduction in gas prices will come from any of these “initiatives?”   If anything, the result of these acts will be to increase government regulation, raise costs on existing gas suppliers and force the use of uneconomical alternative energies.   The result will not be a reduction in gas prices, rather, it will be an overall increase in energy prices.

Nancy is proving to have the leadership traits of Nero.   The difference between Nero and Nancy is that Nero still had something to burn when he got done.

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