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Lobbyist HO Train derailed

by @ 15:56 on November 8, 2010. Filed under Choo-choos, Politics - Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin State Journal carried an Associated Press dispatch saying that, a week after committing Wisconsin to spend all $810 million of Porkulus money to create a train to make lobbyists think they’re living in southern Maryla…er, link Milwaukee and Madison by car-speed passenger rail, Jim Doyle has cried, “UNCLE!”

From the relevant part of the press release/rant (courtesy Vicki McKenna on her Facebook page, who broke out the U-word):

While I could force the issue, I believe that this project will only be successful in the long run if the State of Wisconsin and the U.S. Department of Transportation are strong partners. For that reason, I have put the project on pause, so that the U.S. DOT and the Governor-elect can confer about the future of the high speed rail project. If Governor-elect Walker opposes the project, U.S. DOT has made it clear that the money will go to one of the many other states that intend to move forward with high speed passenger rail.

Ding-dong, car-speed rail’s dead.

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