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Archive for November 1st, 2010

The Bob Etheridge Memorial Constituent Relations Award goes to…

(H/T – Jon Henke)

Congressman Ron Kind (D-La Crosse), who attempted to grab the video camera of a blogger for La Crosse WatchDog who dared confront him on PlaceboCare.

[youtube width=”560″ height=”340″][/youtube]

If the voters in the 3rd Congressional District needed another reason to retire Kind, he just delivered.

Egg’s ballot – Fall 2010 edition

With the election tomorrow (7 am-8 pm in Wisconsin, check with your local election officials for times and poll locations), it’s as good a time as any to tell you who I’ll be voting for and who I would be voting for if I were in various districts other than my own:

Races I will be voting on

  • Wisconsin governor/lieutenant governor – Scott Walker/Rebecca Kleefisch – In case you missed that little graphic on your right (or you’re viewing this place on a mobile phone), I’ve been an early backer of Scott Walker. Do I really need to repeat what I said in September?
  • US Senator from Wisconsin – Ron Johnson – Going back to the September ballot explanation, I said that I trust someone whose “gut” was in the right place. Johnson has learned how effectively voice his “gut conservatism”, and how to avoid the types of mistakes that other first-timers have made.
  • 1st Congressional DistrictPaul Ryan – There is a runaway fiscal train coming down the tracks, and despite what certain “libertarians” think, Ryan is one of the few willing to work on rerouting the train away from the derailing curve at the bottom of the hill.
  • Attorney General – J.B. Van Hollen – There is a reason Van Hollen was the only Republican to win a major statewide/Congressional office held by a Democrat in 2006; he is a law-and-order type who runs a lean department.
  • State treasurer – Kurt SchullerSchuller sold me on his candidacy in an interview he did shortly after the primary. I’m still not entirely convinced that the state treasurer’s office should go away entirely, but until/unless it does, he will fill the job in a fiscally- and constitutionally-responsible manner.
  • Secretary of state – David King – I’ll go back to an interview he did back at the RPW convention.
  • Milwaukee County Sheriff – David Clarke – Simple; he has professionalized the Sheriff’s office while streamlining the costs.
  • 7th Senate District – Jess Ripp – The Milwaukee Democrats made a big mistake in removing Jeff Plale in the primary in favor of someone who, if elected, would be the most-liberal Senator in the next session of the Legislature. Ripp, and my fellow voters, are just the people to explain to them just how big.
  • 21st Assembly District – Mark Honadel – Honadel took a district that had been a Democrat stronghold for 80 years during southeast Wisconsin’s precursor to the TEA Party. Now that he’s about to finally be in a government-limiting majority, it’s time to make sure he’s there to make it happen.
  • Races I wish I could be voting on

  • 5th Senate District – Leah Vukmir – She is, simply, one of the brightest people who ever went into the Capitol to serve, and the Capitol hasn’t corrupted her.
  • 21st Senate District – Van Wanggaard
  • 31st Senate District – Ed Thompson
  • 6 of the other 7 Congressional races – Chad Lee (2nd), Dan Kapanke (3rd), Dan Sebring (4th), Jim Sensenbrenner (5th), Sean Duffy (7th) and Reid Ribble (8th) – It’s about the spending. Sensenbrenner is a proven spendthrift, and the other 5 are running as the same. A couple of them won’t win just because the districts (2nd and 4th) are just that rigged for Democrats, but this time last year, everybody thought Dave Obey was safe in the 7th. In case you were wondering where Tom Petri is, see the open.
  • 25th Assembly District – Bob Ziegelbauer – Sink the other part of the Democrat Party Purification to bear at least some fruit this cycle. The Democrats and AFSCME went so far as to insert a faux “Republican” into the race (finally succeeding after some nomination signatures were found well after the deadline and after the Government “Accountability” Board threw out enough signatures to deny the stalking horse a ballot spot); don’t let them oust the last moderate Dem to see where the party is headed.
  • Racine County advisory referendum on new taxes for KRM – No – KRM should be dead and buried in the new year, but it’s best to drive this stake through it.

Guest post from Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) – Support Sean Duffy in Wisconsin’s Seventh Congressional District

Note – Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) is the Deputy House GOP Whip and recruitment director of the NRCC, and he’s been covering various candidates on RedState the past few weeks.

Tomorrow is Election Day, and I’m excited for the Republican House candidates who have worked so hard over the last several months. Momentum is on our side, and tomorrow, Americans can make a bold statement to change our country’s direction.

One who I am excited about is Young Gun candidate Sean Duffy, who is running in Wisconsin’s Seventh Congressional District. If Sean looks familiar, it’s because he was on MTV’s Real World. But in the actual real world, Sean is a former prosecutor who stepped forward to run for Congress when he saw the Democrats’ failed policies hurting the country.

Sean Duffy
Just like he chops logs as a competitive lumberjack, Sean wants to chop down the federal budget deficit. He would do that by freezing non-discretionary federal spending to 2008 levels and canceling unspent stimulus money.

Sean is also on a mission to get the economy going to create jobs. Instead of the Democrats’ tired idea of more stimulus spending, Sean believes in releasing the energy of small businesses. That means stopping the Democrats’ tax increases coming on January 1, 2011, abandoning a cap-and-trade energy tax, and reducing regulations on small businesses.

Some of those new regulations are found in the Democrats’ government takeover of health care. Sean rejects that Big Government approach and will work for real solutions like letting consumers buy insurance across state lines and lawsuit abuse reform.

Check out Sean’s website and follow him on Twitter.


Rep. Kevin McCarthy

Eggs on the road and on the air – Election Day edition

Revisions/extensions (1:55 pm 11/1/2010) – I wasn’t anticipating on going on TEMS today, but I will be on at 3 pm.

There’s a few places I will be tomorrow (and today):

Soon-to-be-Elected Candidate Hot Read – Erick Erickson’s “An Open Letter to the Freshman Republican Victors”

RedStae head Erick Erickson has a reminder for the soon-to-be-freshmen Congresscritters and Senators that, while focused on them, is also a very good read for those about to be sent to Madison, St. Paul and Frankfort:

When you get to Washington you will be told you need a professional staff of lobbyists, careerists, etc. to help guide you. You will be told that “you just don’t understand” or “you are naive” or “the School House Rock version of how a bill becomes a law is too simplified for the real world.”

The people telling you this are the people the voters hate and you should not trust. Largely they will be people in leadership, particularly staffers, who will soon depart for K Street where they hope to profit off their relationship with you. They will work with people like Trent Lott to try to co-opt you.


Fight them.

Fight the idea that you must yield to their ways instead of them yielding to your ways. You, after all, have not been driven from power like these men have….

If you fight them you will be rewarded. If you succumb, the tea party will come for you in just a few short years.

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