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Archive for November 2nd, 2010

Election Night 2010 liveblog

I will eventually be at Ron Johnson’s Election Night party in Oshkosh, but the races will start closing well before 8 pm. With that in mind, we at No Runny Eggs, or at least those of us who are not at Drinking Right, will be kicking off election night live coverage at about 6 pm Central.

Depending on who is here when, comments may take a while to show up. Because this will be picked up by FreedomWorks, please keep it clean.

Election Day Hot Read – R.S. McCain’s “Final Warning: Polls Are Not Elections”

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The Winning McCain unleashes an invective or two to remind us that we need to run through the tape at the close of polling places today (that’s right, there’s a language warning on a McCain post, and it’s not from Meggie Mac):

Polls don’t win elections, and regression analysis sure as hell doesn’t win elections. Politics is not a science, and trying to reduce elections to trends, polls and mathematical formulae is one of those situations where when the only tool you’ve got is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

If you’re a thousand miles away from a district and don’t actually know anything about what the candidates and their campaigns are doing, it is tempting to look at poll numbers, examine past voting trends, and start making assumptions about what the result will be. But when we yield to that temptation, we ignore the Hayekian insight: Information is diffused throughout society in such a way that no one — not even the best-informed “expert” — can know everything.

So Jay Cost doesn’t know everything, Charlie Cook doesn’t know everything and Michael Barone doesn’t know everything, either. Yet their status as political experts requires them to make predictions and we mere mortals . . . well, we don’t know nothing about winning no elections.

In short – until and unless you, and those you know, vote, the Democrats are still in charge.

The MacIver Institute presents an Election Day Live Blog

The MacIver Institute has launched an Election Day live-blog, with reports from both the MacIver News Serivce and various bloggers. From the announcement:

Contrbutors can merely read the various posts or submit their own original content.The MacIver Institute’s History as it Happens Election Day Live Blog will record information, anecdotes and analysis on:

  • The most hotly contested local races
  • Voting experiences at polling places across Wisconsin
  • Turn out levels throughout the day
  • Final GOTV activities by candidates
  • Local referenda across the state
  • Any incidents of voting irregularities

The forum will be moderated by the team at MacIver. Promotion of individual candidates or political parties, promotion of any organization or cause, innuendo, rumor and name calling will be prohibited.

Since I’m one of those who was invited, I’ll simulcast the event here.

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