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Election Night Drunkblog

I’ll be starting at the Sam Adams forward observation post, and moving to Papa’s for Drinking Right somewhere around 7. Since the first polls close at 6, that’s when the fun starts.

I’ll be taking requests for races to follow (or at least try to follow between drinks).

Food for votes attempted by the Obama campaign in Milwaukee

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The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that a self-identified Obama campaign worker delievered food and bottled water to poll workers at Hampton School and presumably other North Side polling locations this afternoon. The individual, who left without identifying himself, at first said the bounty at Hampton School was for the poll workers, then said it was for voters waiting in line. While the law is apparently silent on delivery of food to poll workers (at least according to the Milwaukee Election Commission), it expressly prohibits the giving of “anything of value” to a voter to influence that voter’s choices.

McCain Wins!

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Well, at least at Thing 1 and Thing 2’s elementary.   I’m told he won 396 to 157!   I suspect the spread in the adult vote of this area won’t be too far off of that.   Maybe we should have started a drive to get “Power of attorney” for the rest of the state!

Exit polls – 4:30 PM

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Fox and others have just released the first exit polls for several key states of Indiana, Ohio and Virginia.   Highlights:

  • New voters are breaking for Obama by 60 – 70% to 30% to 40%, depending upon the state.   Republican spokesperson “not surprised”
  • White men are breaking to McCain by 4% (Ohio)  to almost 20% (Virginia), depending upon the state.   Democrat spokesperson “not surprised.”
  • Late deciders are breaking for Obama in Indiana and Ohio but to McCain in Virgiana…about 10% spreads in each.

I’m encouraged by the Virginia info as it would seem to support McCain on a couple of key fronts.   The Ohio data gives me concern as white males are only slightly more disposed to McCain and there was a strong number for Obama in late breakers.   That said, I don’t see anything that causes any overall “this is getting away from us” at this point.

Stay tuned!

Revisions/extensions (4:53 pm 11/4/2008, steveegg) – In addition to my usual call to ignore the polls if you haven’t already voted, I present some circumstantial evidence dug up by Jim Geraghty that these may be as hosed as they were 4 years ago:

08:32 – AP doing exit polling in Stafford. Talking 4 to 1 to minorities over whites at a Republican precinct (Falmouth). Expect it to be skewed. Don’t trust the exit polls as they start to trickle out.

First, vote (especially if you’re going to vote for the elephant brand). Second, wait for some real numbers.

added revision (5:01, Shoebox)   – Drudge has been running a headline showing O up by 15% in PA.   That may actually be good news for McCain.   Kerry was up by 20% in the early polling and ended up winning by only 2%.

Problem in Wauwatosa

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I somehow missed this one earlier, but the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting that between 20 and 50 voters in Wauwatosa’s District 22 received ballots for District 24. Susan Van Hoven, the deputy city clerk, says that the votes for the races common to both districts will be transfered to new ballots by poll workers and then recorded. There are two issues here:

– The two Districts are in different Assembly districts, with a contested race between incumbent Leah Vukmir and challenger Dave Hucke in District 22. The “solution” offered by Wauwatosa will disenfranchise those voters in that race. That is unacceptable, especially since a shift of, depending on the caucusing whims of freshly-“independent” Jeff Wood, two or three seats will change the balance of power in the Assembly.

– Mark Belling pointed out, even as I type, that Wauwatosa’s city clerk, Carla Ledesma, altered official election records to remove evidence of double voting by state Senator Jim Sullivan. I do not trust Wauwatosa’s election officials to correctly remark the ballots for the races that are common to the two districts.

Racine updates (as of 3:50 pm)

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I’ll repost the Tweets from gopfolk, who is monitoring the Racine polls. I do not know the Racine area all that well, so I don’t know where the polling locations are. I do recall problems in Racine in the past, so I will keep this updated. Any typos are in the Tweets, which came via text message (so don’t knock gopfolk for them)

(7:14 am) Goodland school is OK. 2 other election observers
(7:41 am) MLK potential issue – obama volunteer working for clerks office – no issue noted
(8:09 am) Mckinley – election observers for obama – helping register voters – been corrected will monitor
(9:14 am) Johnson – no hard issues but there is an obama supporter outside of building directing people how to vote – watch?this
(9:49 am) Mitchel – 2 election protection – 2 dem attorneys – no issues
(10:35 am) Fine arts – poll works great – issue with unsworn person registering people – cmplaint filed
(10:44 am) Tyler domer – 2 vol sitting in their vehicle – not talking to anyone – copied plate num
(11:40 am) Lakeview – nothing here – very slow
(12:03 pm) Cesar Chaves – no issues – state chairman was here – moderate line
(12:56 pm) Faith united – dems handing out registration forms – told?them to?seace – called their attny upheld and they stopped – no issues
(1:24 pm) Jerstad – dems handing out reg forms asked?to cease chief inspector called city clerk and verified – dem attorney sees things diff
(1:25 pm) Work force dev ctr – machine down early – quickly replaced – very small for 2 voting wards
(1:27 pm) Humble?park – no issues – moderate line – dem poll checkers
(1:55 pm) Fest hall – no major issues – 2 attornys – abs ballots del to wrong loc
(1:59 pm) Emmanuel luthern – not busy – very well run – no issues – 2 dem attorneys
(2:13 pm) St andrews – 2 dems 1 is an attny – no issues have been noted – steady flow of people
(2:25 pm) Prince of peace – no issues
(2:38 pm) Eastside – busy but no issues

Running down a pair of early instances

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Item #1 – WISN-AM reported Obama flyers present at a polling place at W. Villard and N. 68th St. Since I did not hear the report first-hand, I believe it is the Byron Kilbourn School at 5354 N. 68th St, which is the voting location for the 22nd ward of the 2nd aldermanic district. It is illegal to have any electioneering materials within 100 feet of a polling place in Wisconsin.

Item #2 – WTMJ-AM reported police are involved in a challenge of votes at a remote absentee ballot counting location in the 4200 block of N. Holton St.

We hope to have more information shortly.

One more place to keep up with Wisconsin vote fraud

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The gang at Sam Adams Alliance has set up a blog to centralize all the reports in Milwaukee – Wisconsin Voter Fraud. I am a contributor there, so stuff I get here will also appear there.

And the field has been prepared for fraud in Milwaukee

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John Fund reports that the head of the Milwaukee Police Department’s Special Investigations Unit has been told to send any investigators to the polls today, and that his unit will be disbanded. The unit’s crimes? Issuing a 67-page report that illustrated systemic vote fraud in Milwaukee in 2004, suggesting that same-day registration be eliminated and photo ID be required of voters, and uncovering evidence that the same will be going on this time, including GOTV groups having out-of-state workers register to vote in Wisconsin, a college dorm with 60 people who are not students, and at least 7 (probable-)illegal absentee ballots.

Un-fragging-believable. Actually, it’s all-too-believable because while city government is supposedly non-partisan, it is dominated by Democrats.

Revisions/extensions (11:09 am 11/4/2008) – Charlie Sykes interviewed Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn, who categorically denied the main parts of the report from Fund. While the Special Investigations Unit will not be assigned to the polls directly, they, as well as a 50-officer response squad, are on standby. I’ll leave it to you to decide what’s what.

Election Day plans

I will be working with the Sam Adams Alliance and several other bloggers to report on voter/election fraud in and around Milwaukee until about 7 pm. Please stay tuned to this place, Vote Fraud Squad, and the #voterfraud hashtag on Twitter.

If you have any tips, please e-mail me at

The Morning Scramble – Election 2008 edition

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This one’s going to be short because I’m actually doing this on Monday night due to various committments during the day today. I will (or at least should) have a liveblog set up for the night; as I type this, I don’t know which forward observation post I’ll be occupying after I cast my ballot.


As Styx put it – Get up. Get back on your feet. You’re the one they can’t beat and you know it. Now, get out there and defeat the ‘Rats.

  • Ed Morrissey has the November Surprise – the Palins did nothing wrong in “Troopergate” according to the non-partisan Alaskan State Personnel Board.
  • Mike repeats a message that I’ve been hammering home – IGNORE THE EXIT POLLS!
  • Gaius found another place photo ID is required – Barack Obama’s rally at Grant Park. Of course, in true ACORN fashion, they screwed up with the “plus one” portion.
  • Today’s ObamiNation In Your Face Violence Tour update – Scott reports his daughter received death threats from fellow children because her dad supports John McCain. Yes, it has come to this.
  • Mary found one last Joe Biden gaffe. We should rename him UPS, because he delivers everywhere.
  • Kevin Fischer abhors the idea of making today a holiday. If one can’t find the time to vote in either the massive amount of hours the polls are open (in Wisconsin, between 7 am and 8 pm) or the weeks prior to the election, one doesn’t have the time management skills necessary to function in life.
  • Related to that, Kevin also provides his official voting guide. I approve of that message.
  • Jim Geraghty’s guru Obi-Wan states the pollsters “seem to have slipped into a world of easy assumptions”.
  • Speaking of polls, Charlie Sykes reminds us how the pollsters got 1980 so wrong.
  • Cub quotes Confucius on taxes. I’ll take the tigers as well.

If you’re looking for election predictions, most of the people linked to on the bloated roll to your right have them. Mine is for prolonged pain.

One last item – nominations are being accepted in various categories for th 2008 Weblog Awards. If I find any of youse mugs putting this place in any of the nomination slots, I’ll murdalize ya. I am serious, and don’t call me Shirley. Do feel free, however, to nominate other places on the bloated roll to your right as they’re more worthy than me.

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