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Racine updates (as of 3:50 pm)

by @ 12:21 on November 4, 2008. Filed under Vote Fraud.

I’ll repost the Tweets from gopfolk, who is monitoring the Racine polls. I do not know the Racine area all that well, so I don’t know where the polling locations are. I do recall problems in Racine in the past, so I will keep this updated. Any typos are in the Tweets, which came via text message (so don’t knock gopfolk for them)

(7:14 am) Goodland school is OK. 2 other election observers
(7:41 am) MLK potential issue – obama volunteer working for clerks office – no issue noted
(8:09 am) Mckinley – election observers for obama – helping register voters – been corrected will monitor
(9:14 am) Johnson – no hard issues but there is an obama supporter outside of building directing people how to vote – watch?this
(9:49 am) Mitchel – 2 election protection – 2 dem attorneys – no issues
(10:35 am) Fine arts – poll works great – issue with unsworn person registering people – cmplaint filed
(10:44 am) Tyler domer – 2 vol sitting in their vehicle – not talking to anyone – copied plate num
(11:40 am) Lakeview – nothing here – very slow
(12:03 pm) Cesar Chaves – no issues – state chairman was here – moderate line
(12:56 pm) Faith united – dems handing out registration forms – told?them to?seace – called their attny upheld and they stopped – no issues
(1:24 pm) Jerstad – dems handing out reg forms asked?to cease chief inspector called city clerk and verified – dem attorney sees things diff
(1:25 pm) Work force dev ctr – machine down early – quickly replaced – very small for 2 voting wards
(1:27 pm) Humble?park – no issues – moderate line – dem poll checkers
(1:55 pm) Fest hall – no major issues – 2 attornys – abs ballots del to wrong loc
(1:59 pm) Emmanuel luthern – not busy – very well run – no issues – 2 dem attorneys
(2:13 pm) St andrews – 2 dems 1 is an attny – no issues have been noted – steady flow of people
(2:25 pm) Prince of peace – no issues
(2:38 pm) Eastside – busy but no issues

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