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Archive for November 12th, 2008

Just been burnt extra-crispy

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I just haven’t had the steam to blog the last couple days. Oh well; it happens.

You Just Stay Classy, Barack

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Running on a promise of “Hope and Change” and promising that politics in his administration would be different, Barack Obama was voted into office.   Yesterday, following his first trip to the White House, Obama and his team, showed just how much was going to change and how different it would be.

Following what was their first fact to face conversation, between a very gracious current President and the holder of the “Office of the President Elect,” a conversation that purposely invited no staff of either man’s, the content of the conversation was leaked.   It wasn’t leaked by the White House or people affiliated with the gracious host.   The information was leaked by “anonymous aides” of the individual who is not yet President but has been the Presumptuous President for over a year.

Why is it that when I think of Obama and his staff moving into the White House I get a mental picture of college freshman  arriving at  the college campus and charging towards the frat house awaiting the first of their many anticipated parties.   Like the college freshman, I hope Obama and his staff figure out that there’s more to being in the White House than  leaks, special favors and other attempts  to make themselves look good.   Eventually, like college freshman, they’ll learn that there is a lot of  day in, day out work that needs to be done.   Work,  without which, they’ll fail.

No Shit Sherlock!

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Somebody better get this news flash to the various Republican organizations and their leaders!

So Karl Rove has finally figured out that you can’t play defense and take body blows for 10 rounds and expect to win!   For as smart as Rove was at orchestrating two elections, this was one topic that he sure flunked!

You can bet Obama won’t be making the same mistakes!

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