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Archive for November 11th, 2008

Jersey City Councilman Responds to Voters

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A Democrat Councilman from Jersey City urinated on voters at a Grateful Dead Concert:

The New Jersey councilman who allegedly  urinated on a crowd of concertgoers from the balcony of a Washington, D.C. nightclub swore off booze on Sunday — two days after he was busted for the embarrassing stunt.

OK, well, maybe not all of the people he peed on were voters from his district.   Then again, like a four year old at a urinal, I’m not sure Democrats are feeling the need to be too careful about who they piss on these days!

So You Didn’t Like Palin?

For the two of you who didn’t like Palin and thought that one of the McCain look-a-likes would have been a better choice, take a look at one of your other options:

From the “Agency who can not be named,” Pawlenty jobs plan has green tint

Yup, that’s right, one of McCain’s short listers, one of the guys who the MSM were pining for wants to move forward promoting a green jobs agenda!

Minnesota will likely face a $2 – $3 Billion dollar budget shortfall this year and Pawlenty is proposing flushing several million down the drain in an attempt to create “green energy” jobs in one of the highest taxed states in the nation! Has he learned nothing from shoving a bunch of state money into the ethanol industry only to find that the industry has no means to self sustain?

Minnesota is looking less and less like the Midwest and more and more like an End of the Great Lakes version of Michigan!

In Case You Missed It

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U1SAToday had an article last week showing the return on investment for the Nation’s largest financial institutions lobby efforts.

For the minor investment of just over $30 million, a group of 9 banks and investment firms garnered almost $163 billion of funding from the Treasury.   That’s a return of over 5,400 times the investment!  

PNC Bank appears to have the best negotiators.   For a mere $320,000, PNC received $7.7 billion, an amazing 24,000 times return on investment.   At the other end was Goldman Sachs who got a return of less than 2,400 times their $4.2 million dollars of lobbying.

If only we all had gotten the minimum 2,400 times return on the money we had invested as of the end of September.   I’m pretty sure most of us, well, me for sure, wouldn’t be caring much about all the other nonsense the Treasury was doing.   Heck, if I had 2,400 times my September balance, I might have voted to raise taxes on myself too!

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