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Sgt. Hulka’s political Wisdom

by @ 7:00 on April 23, 2008. Filed under Immigration.

As I watched the Democratic debate last week, I found it odd that the segments began with a  reading of a part of the US Constitution.   Sometimes the follow up questions would vaguely  align with the subject of the reading but several times it was just the constitutional reading and then the debate would restart with  no context of the reading.   I didn’t understand what ABC was doing at the time but I think I’ve now figured it out.

The TV networks have been fighting with lowered audiences for the past several years.    This has been especially true with anything that is news related.   The debate last week had the highest ratings of any debate to date.   I think ABC was trying to kill 2 birds with one stone.   The were trying to get ad  revenue  based on the large audience AND they were getting in some of their required public service announcements.   What better way to get your PSA requirement in than by teaching Liberals about the constitution!

I’m sorry to say that while ABC’s plan was novel and laudatory, it  apparently failed.

During a debate on whether to  have the State of Colorado aid “immigrant” workers in getting a federal work visa, the following exchange took place on the General Assembly Floor:

Apparently Rep. Kathleen Curry, Democrat, who was serving as the chairwoman did not learn anything from the educational time in the debate the other evening.   She  must be  unaware that the First Amendment of our Constitution guarantees free speech.   Gee, I would think that the first place that guarantee would be held would be within the Federal and State governments.    

Curry also seems to have missed the kerfuffle where Barack Obama referred to an unplanned pregnancy as “being punished by a baby.”   Last I looked, even with that heinous comparison, Barack Obama remains in contention for the Presidential election; no censure, no ousting.   Evidently the First Amendment works for him.

If Curry had been either a: a bit less of a legend in her own mind or b: just a bit more thoughtful, she would have understood that Rep. Bruce was in fact taking the lead from Barack Obama who reminded us that “words matter” and he used words that specifically described the population that was being discussed….from

Illiterate:   having or demonstrating very little or no education.

Peasant:   a member of a class of persons who are small farmers or farm laborers of low social rank.

I can’t say that I would have used the words that Rep. Bruce used as descriptors.   Nor do I find some of Rep. Bruce’s past antics acceptable.   But the words do accurately describe the population being discussed.

If we determine who can and can’t speak, on important issues, simply based on whether we like their words, we will never hear their true issues and we will never find ways to solve the important problems.

I think we could all learn from the wisdom of Sgt. Hulka in Stripes when he said “Lighten up Francis!”

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