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Oak Creek voting breakdown

by @ 7:42 on April 3, 2008. Filed under Politics - Oak Creek.

Kevin Fischer’s posting of Franklin’s votes in key multi-municipality races info got me to digging for Oak Creek’s breakdown in those races. While the PDF file the city put up is marked unofficial, the link says it is official:

Turnout – 27.49%

Supreme Court: Gableman 3109 (59.93%), Butler 2079 (40.07%)
Eliminate the Frankenveto: Yes 3735 (72.84%), No 1393 (17.16%)
County Executive: Walker 4243 (77.44%), Taylor 1236 (22.56%)
County Supervisor District 9: Cesarz 2238 (52.82%), Balistreri 1999 (47.18%)
Circuit Court District 40: Dallet 2890 (66.85%), Norman 1433 (33.15%)

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