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It’s a one-way border

by @ 9:27 on April 29, 2008. Filed under Immigration.

(H/T – Silent E)

Fox News has the story of one Army Spc. Richard Raymond Medina Torres, who was arrested by Mexican border police after he inadvertantly drove over the Bridge of the Americas in between El Paso, Texas, USA and Juarez, Mexico with a licensed AR-15 and a licensed handgun in the trunk and attempted a u-turn to get back into the US. Because foreigners are generally prohibited from having firearms in Mexico, Spc. Medina Torres is now in Juarez’s toughest prison and awaiting trial on charges that would get him between 3 and 10 years.

I wonder if the “no-borders” crowds that Michelle Malkin is tracking will spend so much as a second on Spc. Medina Torres’ case. Somehow, I doubt it; hence the title.

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