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“Hope” or same old “compassionate” Left?

by @ 10:21 on April 11, 2008. Filed under Compassionate Lieberals, Politics - National.

(Major H/T – Fred)

If memory serves, Mary Katharine Ham has been hammering the operators of Huffington Post and Daily Kos for “less-than-civil” comments left on their sites on her weekly appearances on “The O’Reilly Factor”. I wonder where this little gem from Ejike Ofoemezie of Canton, Georgia on a blog hosted on Barack Obama’s official campaign site would fall on that scale:

It is unbecoming of an old man who is a part of the problem America has today to tell us not to hope. What a deaf man? If McCain has given up on hope and life, the rest of America has not. He should pay a deserved visit to the undertaker. So, someone should please remind McCain there is a place called a zoo where the likes of him should take abode while the rest of America moves on.

Just in case the Obama campaign decides to scrub their servers, I did take the liberty of grabbing a screencap, complete with both an apparently-unused link to report objectionable content and a graphic stating that the blog is on a server paid for by Obama For America (click for a full-sized graphic)…


Revisions/extensions (4:44 pm 4/11/2008) – Sorry about the lateness of the update; I was away from the keyboard all afternoon. I don’t know if it was Fred or Winged Hussar of Grizzly Groundswell (who had it first), or Charlie Sykes (who picked it up in the 11 o’clock hour), but we got results. Into the memory hole it went, but not before Winged Hussar and I both got screencaps. I’ll put my money on Charlie; it disappeared about an hour after he posted on it. Fred also notes a few other nuggets of material (enough for not one but two pages of archives) from Ejike are still there.

Also on top of it – Psycmeister’s Ice Palace.

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