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Archive for September 24th, 2006

NFL Week 3

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The byes are starting this weekend, and the man can’t be happier because there’s 2 less games for him to give up money on. Let’s strive for a 14-0 blowout special to put the “d” in his depression. As always, the lines are fresh from, and if you’re betting illegally, I never heard of you.

Green Bay (+7) @ Detroit – I know what I just said, but since everybody is taking last week’s advice, you need to switch it up to make money this week.
Chicago (-4.5) @ Minnesota – Grossman’s good for a few more weeks, then the Bears become a 1-dimensional team.
NY Jets @ Buffalo (-6) – And the New York Media goes apoplectic.
Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh (pick’em) – Damn, but this is a tough one. The coin said, “Stillers”.
Jacksonville @ Indianapolis (-7) – The Jags are real, but this is the very definition of a letdown game.
Tennessee @ Miami (-11) – The chant in Tennessee – “We want Vince Young”. Bad news for them; the coach doesn’t think he’s ready.
Washington (-4.5) @ Houston – Texans fans are wishing they had Vince Yooung (or Reggie Bush or Matt Leinart, or anybody that can help out on offense).
Carolina (-3.5) @ Tampa Bay – Who saw this being a Toilet Bowl-quality game at the beginning of the month? You liar! Take the under-34 for some extra teeth-smashing.
Baltimore (-7.5) @ Cleveland – Once again, the OldBrowns will get their revenge on the NFL.
St. Louis @ Arizona (-4.5) – Anyone think that Kurt Warner isn’t up for this game?
NY Giants (+3.5) @ Seattle – The Seahags finally run into a real team. Take the over-42.5.
Philadelphia (-6.5) @ San Francisco – The fairy tale is over.
Denver @ New England (-7) – The real Snake has slithered up, and it ain’t pretty in the mountains.
Atlanta @ New Orleans (+4) – The Dirty Birds are a 1-dimensional team, and the Saints are built to flatten that dimension. Throw in the emotion factor, and this dog’s bite will be worse than its loud bark.

NFL Week 2 Redemption Recap

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I wanted to get this done earlier than today considering I went 10-6 to get above .500 for the year (17-15), but one thing obviously led to another. Oh well, it’s time to recap the redemption:

New Orleans 34 (-3) @ Green Bay 27 – Time to ReWriteâ„¢ what I said last week; until Duh Pack gets Duh Lions outside in December, give the points.
Detroit 7 (+8.5) @ Chicago 34 – Over/under on Grossman’s season-ending injury – Week 8. Until then, don’t take the under.
Oakland 6 @ Baltimore 20 (-13) – The OldBrowns were feeling generous.
Houston 24 @ Indianapolis 43 (-14) – I don’t remember what the over/under was, but if you also took the over, you had enough lumber left for a deck.
Cleveland 17 @ Cincinnati 34 (-11) – The scary thing is Palmer isn’t playing that well.
Buffalo 16 (+6.5) @ Miami 6 – I should’ve specifically told you to take the under too. I thought the “tale of no offenses” was enough.
Carolina 13 (+1.5) @ Minnesota 16 – Paging Wile E. Thompson (mud spelled backwards), are you sticking by the “kickers are overrated too” line?
New York Giants 30 @ Philadelphia 24 (-3) – Too bad the Iggles’ D folded like a cheap card table in the 4th and OT. Damn that OT.
Tampa Bay 3 @ Atlanta 14 (-6) – And there’s no Jim Lovell to save the command module.
St Louis 13 (-3) @ San Francisco 20 – Where did the defenses come from?
Arizona 10 (+7) @ Seattle 21 – Somebody forgot to tell Green it’s not December.
New England 24 (-6.5) @ NY Jets 17 – J-E-T-S S*CK! SU*K! SUC*! Too bad they don’t play Duh Pack.
Tennessee 7 @ San Diego 40 (-12) – Joan Rivers went 25-35 in the blowout.
Kansas City 6 (+11-WIN) @ Denver 9 – Did I say I hate OT? Er, never mind.
Washington 10 @ Dallas 27 (-7) – Time to see if TO can heal fast again.
Pittsburgh 0 (-3) @ Jacksonville 9 – Big Ben was back, but the Stillers ran into trouble.

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