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Archive for September 21st, 2006

Doylie Electons Board highway robbery becoming Grand Theft Courts

You have to hand it to Team Craps for total chutzpah – JSOnline’s DayWatch is reporting that state Justice Department lawyers Michael Bauer, Christopher Blythe and Lara Sutherlin argued in court that the Green campaign should be forced to give back $1.26 million of the $1.3 million and be allowed to keep only the $43,128 they say state law allows any candidate committee to give a gubernatorial candidate.

For you budding (or recovering) lawyers out there, JSOnline happens to have the Team Craps brief, but not the Green Team’s ones. WisPolitics’ Courtwatch, however, comes through with the Green Team’s appeal as well as a supporting affadavit from the Green campaign treasurer. I don’t have the time at the moment to sift through all of that, but I will if anybody feels like commenting.

Ignoring the fact that, among other things, Tom Barrett transfered much more than $43,128 to his gubernatorial campaign from his congressional one without so much as a peep from the Doylies or anybody else, let’s see if Team Craps practices what they now preach.

Looking through the 2002 election cycle records at the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, I seem to see donations totaling $190,000 from a “political/ideological” entity called the “Lawton Committee”. I can’t seem to find any information on this committee with either a Yahoo or Google search, but I do know that Barbara Lawton was his lieutenant governor running mate and in fact is the serving lt. gov. My best guess is that the “Lawton Committee” listed in the WDC report is the campaign committee of Barbara Lawton, and I don’t think the $43,128 limit just popped into state law in the last 4 years.

Golly; once again, it looks like Team Craps has stepped in it. Of course, they’re on friendly turf in Dane County, and they do have a Craps-stacked State Supreme Court (one that was left unchallenged by the “R”PW earlier this year).

Remember, I predicted the full monty grand theft back on September 6

Here’s a bold prediction; whether the Craps strategy of trying to smear Green while starving his campaign of some funds works or not in the public arena, Craps will try to get his Doylie Elections Board to declare the other $800,000 Green transfered from his federal campaign "illegal" by early October, using the "justification" that federal law prohibits the transfer of state campaign funds.

I was slightly wrong on the timing (it’s only mid-September), the forum and the “justification”, but you have to give me credit for nailing the theft. As for the “remaining” $43,128, the Doylies will push to have that disappear in the form of “fines”.

Make this pic (borrowed from Patrick) happen; vote Mark Green Nov. 7

The blogroll taketh, so now it giveth

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I whacked a few blogs on Sunday, so it’s time to add a few:

  • Like I said below, silent E speaks got added earlier today.
  • Gibbsville Unincorporated reincorporated with the react to the revalation the State Doylie Elections Board took its marching orders from Team Craps.
  • On the strength of Dan and Keith, the Early Spin Blog finally got noticed. Sorry about taking so long; you guys are up against Bob and Brian after all, and there’s a ball and chain who shall remain nameless (coughNicolecough) that had her lieberal pals rig the contest.

It’s good to wield the lupa.

Who’s running Team Craps and DEB, Riley Coyote? (and an addition to the roll)

(H/T – Mike Huckleberry)

Mike Ellis, who I have little love for, noticed a little something about the State Doylie Elections Board’s kneecapping robbery of the Green campaign; namely, it happened in Waukesha County. Last I checked, Paul “The Marauder” Bucher was still DA there. Accordingly, Ellis has asked Bucher’s office to look into whether laws were broken by the Doylies. I don’t think the Doylies will come out in much better shape than Donovan “Vote twice like a ‘Rat” Riley.

For contributing “Riley Coyote” to the lexicon, silent E speaks just found its way onto the roll. Let’s make Doyle’s name mud-spelled backwards November 7.

Sorry about the semi-busted links

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I’ve been trying a different permalink structure in an attempt to limit cleaning out my spam trackback box. Unfortunately, that structure also appeared to have killed all the trackbacks. I’ve gone back to the WordPress standard and am trusting (once again) my anti-spam defenses. That’s broken the links to posts done under the customized permalink structure. Sorry about the inconvenience.

Out of control spending, 2006 MMSD edition

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(H/T – Jessica)

Lost in the revelation that Jim “Craps” Doyle (WEAC/Potawatomi-For Sale) had his campaign lawyer instruct the State Doylie Elections Board on how to kneecap Mark Green via e-mail (and thus traceable), and the chutzpah of the Doylies to once again seek to retroactively change the rules to grab even more of Green’s money, is this little gem from the Journal Sentinel – MMSD proposes 30% budget increase. They’re looking at a 3% levy increase, and are proposing tapping $500,000 out of the $13.5 million user stabilization fund (no word on how much they’re sticking the non-Milwaukee County suburbs for in fees). Let’s take a look at the tax time bomb that is MMSD, the Crappy Water People™:

  • Total proposed budget for 2007 – $352.9 million (up 30.5% from 2006)
  • Capital improvements – $285.4 million (up 37.9% from 2006, even though the non-Milwaukee County portion of paying for that that is decreasing $1.4 million to $22.6 million – Houston, we have a consistency problem here)
  • “Low”-interest state loans in 2007 – $108.7 million (or 30.8% of the total budget)
  • Bonds and “expected” federal/state aid – $67.8 million (19.2% of the total budget; not broken down in the story)
  • The Milorganite market, which barely breaks even on good years, is drying up.
  • Despite being ordered to sink another $900 million (in addition to the billions spent on the almost-somewhat-not-quite-Deep-enough Tunnel, designed to make the suburbs pay for Milwaukee’s and Shorewood’s unwillingness to separate their combined sewers, the top cause of sewage dumping) on dumping mitigation, MMSD still faces lawsuits from both the state (which negotiated that $900 million settlement) and envirowhackos to spend even more.

When half of what you spend (math lesson of the day – 30.8 + 19.2 = 50.0) is borrowed or gifted from an uncertain source of aid, it’s no surprise when the acting comptroller warns that the butcher’s bill will come due in 2008. Gee, I wonder why the board is sort of holding the line this year; could it be because fellow ‘RAT Craps doesn’t need yet another massive increase in property taxes from MMSD (4.0% increase last year) and its kind like what happened last year?

While Jessica reminds you the not-so-gentle reader (you may be gentle if you read her blog, but you’re definitely not gentle if you’re here) that the Legislature killed a bill to make these non-elected taxing authorities elected instead of appointed, I’ll remind you once again that Craps specifically exempted non-elected taxing authorities from his Craps Anti-Freeze. They’re setting up for the mother of all sublimations next year.

Gov’s race – 9/21 update

Item #1 – The MJS reports Doyle campaign lawyer Michael S. Maistelman told the 3 ‘Rat members of the State Doylie Elections Board whose jobs aren’t directly tied to Jim “Craps” Doyle’s (WEAC/Potawatomi-For Sale) continued occupation of the governor’s mansion, “Even if this ends up in Court it is a PR victory for us since it makes Green spend money and have to defend the use of his Washington DC dirty money.” Further, they report that, contrary to earlier denials that Maistelman was working for the Doyle campaign, he was present at the August 30 meeting where the Doylies retroactively applied their rule to Mark Green to strip him of $486,000 that he had transfered to his state campaign from his federal campaign; and that Maistelman, in conjunction with Doyle campaign manager Dan Schooff, discussed possible penalties with the 3 “independent” ‘Rat members of the State Doylie Elections Board before they meted out their punishment revenge on Green.

I’m actually surprised that the Journal Sentinel took the time to dig this up and then reported it. Thank you, Team Craps, for proving just how sleazy you greedy, power-mad SOBs really are. If you doubt me, take a look at the copy of the Team Craps e-mails over at Boots and Sabers.
Item #2 – Poll-a-copia time. Strategic Vision’s mid-September poll (9/15-9/17) (H/T – Kevin) shows some odd results; despite a 52% disapproval rating (up from 50% in August), Doyle stretches his lead from 45%-44% to 46%-42%. Meanwhile, Rasmussen (currently a “members-only” link) has some bad news for Team Craps (again, H/T – Kevin; his lead dropped from 49%-41% on August 10 to 47%-44% on September 17.

Could the Rasmussen/Zogby Interactive (I do not trust the self-identification method of that particular division of Zogby) trend of tightening be related to item #3?
Item #3 – As predicted by me on September 6, Team Craps is going after some more of the money transfered from Green’s federal campaign. This time, they’re going after $48,000 that the Wisconsin Democracy claims violates the $10,000 limit. They claim that 30 donors who donated to Green’s federal campaign in 2003 and 2004, then later donated to Green’s gubernatorial campaign, illegally donated more than $10,000 to the Green gubernatorial campaign. Since the Journtinel doesn’t refresh your memory on what the SEB told Green when he transfered the money (again, I’ll point out he did so before they adopted the rule they later applied retroactively), I will – any money that entered the Green federal campaign on or after January 1, 2005, would be counted against that $10,000 limit.

I wonder if the Craps campaign will be suggesting punishments this time too.

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