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Archive for September 14th, 2006

Tuesday election screw-ups

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Item #1 from the Journal Sentinel –

The city of Milwaukee reports tens of thousands more voters than votes cast. ‘Tis extremely strange, but not exactly surprising considering that there were races in both parties. Question; did anybody consider counting up the spoiled ballots where there was not a “corrected” ballot cast? This bears watching.

More-troubling is the continuing existence of the “Philadelphia” factor – several wards with over 100% turnout in an election where there was an alleged citywide turnout of around 25%. Can someone tell me why we still let people register at the polls the day of the election?

Item #2 (also from the JS) –

Waukesha County all screwed up. The worst screw-ups were in the hotly-contested 97th Assembly District, where Chris Lufter was initially declared the winner, only to lose after the ballots from the city of Waukesha (home of Comrade Nelson) were recounted.

Other snafus included the complete failure of the new touch-screen machines in the city of Waukesha, and incompatibilities between the format of the results from touch-screen machines in 2 of the municipalities and those from touch-screen machines in the rest of the county resulting in no online results on the county’s web site.

A picture is worth 1,000 words

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Found on the front page of the Metro section in this morning’s Journal Sentinel, as part of this story on the attorney general’s race….

Journal Sentinel photo by Benny Sieu (9/13/2006)

Remember, Jim “Craps” Doyle remains under investigation by both the US Attorney’s office (Eastern District of Wisconsin) and the state Department of Justice (headed by the state attorney general, an office Kathleen Falk is running for) for multiple “irregularities” involving campaign finances.

Expect more of these pictures, as the person who hopes to be the official Craps whitewasher signalled that she and Craps plan on many more joint appearances.

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