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The Christmas Eve Scramble – 2008

by @ 19:32 on December 24, 2008. Filed under The Morning Scramble.

This one’s going to be a bit short, but it’s late on Christmas Eve already…


  • Noel Sheppard found some Aussies that would hate the above video. That’s right, the Gorebal Warming acolytes are going after Christmas lights.
  • William Teach discovered they’re also going after the Christmas feast. BAH HUMBUG!
  • Stix found the official carol of the Religion of Gorebal “Warming”.
  • Dad29 wonders why the EPA chose the time frame that included the demolition work associated with the Marquette Interchange to measure particle pollution in Milwaukee County. Simple; they wanted to put Milwaukee County in non-compliance. Bonus item from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel story – because Milwaukee County is not in compliance, Racine and Waukesha Counties, which met the soon-to-be-implemented standards, is also in the “non-attainment zone” just because the EPA can declare that to be so.
  • Flip carries a telling exchange between Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s office and PETA. Which exhibit is this in the “Don’t bother to attempt to appease the Left becuase they’ll just lie about you anyway” series?
  • Fausta puts the serious hate on “It’s a Wonderful Lif…er, Bailout”. Life does imitate art, even if it’s 62 years late.
  • Fidothedog found that government waste in the midst of a deep recession isn’t limited to the US. That’s right, the EU spent €2,000 (that’s just under $2,800 at the current exchange rates) per employee on Christmas travel.
  • Randall Hoven has a plan to end this recession – “honest, responsible and predictable government budgeting.” Of course, putting the $57 trillion in unfunded Social Security/Medicare liabilities on the books is more likely to result in a revolution (which may not be such a bad idea).
  • Patrick McIlheran has the story of yet another set of businesses being run out of business by Red China and an unthinking federal government; small-toy manufacturers.
  • Gravelle hoists a cold one to a gang in Madison looking for some serious alcohol in their Reinheitsgebot-compliant beer. PROST!

Shoebox’s Christmas message is already up; mine will be up just after midnight, along with the start of the 2nd annual linkfest.

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