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Antivirus 360 trojan – VERY bad news

by @ 20:57 on December 30, 2008. Filed under Miscellaneous.

I spent all day trying to eradicate a rather new trojan from the Soviet Union that drops a piece-of-shit malware program called Antivirus 360 off the younger sister’s and her husband’s computer, without complete success. Without going into the long, sordid details, I tried both manual removal suggested by various websites I semi-trust and a McAfee scan with the current definition, one that supposedly eradicates the fucking problem, both with very-limited success.

The “good” news – I did get rid of the end result (the Antivirus 360 install), and McAfee did (allegedly, at least) get rid of the initial downloader. Also, as long as IE isn’t opened, the computer is more-or-less stable.

The bad news – The intermediate program is still hooked into IE like a black lab pup on her favorite chew toy.

Round 2 is scheduled for tomorrow, and I’m bringing in some bigger artillery if the overnight “safe mode” scan doesn’t do the job. That may well mean no Scramble or any other posts (I sure as hell don’t want to log into anything on an infected system).

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