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Sometimes the Frog Jumps

by @ 14:38 on April 29, 2008. Filed under Miscellaneous.

There’s an urban legend that states that if you put a frog in water and increase the temperature slowly, the frog will not notice the change in temperature and eventually be killed by the hot water.   This experiment has been tried by many aspiring “scientists” and I have no doubt that many frogs have found their final rest as result.   However, not every frog succumbs to the increasing heat, sometimes the frog jumps.

And so it happened today.   With pressure mounting over the ongoing antics of Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama felt he could no longer paddle around in the verbal repartee of “I wasn’t there when that was said” or “those were just sound bites and not representative of a 30 year career” and attempted to jump out of the Jeremiah Wright hot water.

I watched and listened to Obama’s press conference.   The water was so hot that he actually took questions from the press which he had been avoiding for weeks.   I found his  claims and statements  incredulous.  

Barack claimed that Wright had become a caricature yesterday at the National Press Club.   As a part of his comments Wright reiterated his belief that the US government could be responsible for causing and distributing aids.   Caricature?   “Ludicrously exaggerating the peculiarities?”   I don’t think so.   If anything, Wrights display at the National Press Club removed the argument that his earlier quotes were caricatures.  

For a candidate who is telling us that the key difference for him is his judgement, he now wants us to believe that in 20 years he was not aware of the positions of Wright.   Positions that even we who had never heard Wright’s name prior to 4 months ago, are acutely aware of….really?   Either Barack believes us to be fools or the quality of his judgement is seriously in question.   If Barack is no longer able to differentiate himself on his judgement, what else would cause people to believe that he has the experience required to be President?

Just because a frog jumps it doesn’t mean that it will survive.   Sometimes the frog jumps but doesn’t clear the pot and ends up succumbing to the boiling water.   Sometimes the frog jumps, clears the pot but it succumbs to the damage done prior to the jump.   Yes, sometimes the frog jumps, clears the pot and lives to tell the tale, at least until thrown into another pot of water.  

I’m not sure yet which version of the post jump frog Barack will be.   I think it safe to say that if he survives, this will not be the last time Barack is swimming in hot water.

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