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Oak Creek flooding continues

by @ 8:47 on June 9, 2008. Filed under Weather.

I just got back from a two-hour tour of town after a weekend that saw 8.5 inches of rain at the MMSD plant at 5th Ave. and Puetz Rd and 7 inches at the bunker, and the following major roads are closed:

– E. Puetz Rd. between Maize Dr. and Pennsylvania Ave.
– S. Pennsylvania Ave. between Puetz Rd. and Oakwood Rd.
– E. Forest Hill Ave. between Shepard Ave. and Pennsylvania Ave.
– E. Ryan Rd. (the old Ryan, not the new Hwy. 100) between 15th Ave. and the dead-end west of Nicholson Ave.
– S. 15th Ave. between Ryan and State Hwy. 100
– S. Nicholson Rd. between Puetz Rd. and State Hwy 100, and again at County Line Rd going south into Caledonia.
– E. County Line Rd. between 10th Ave. and Nicholson Rd. (note; Caledonia still has a barricade eastbound at 10th Ave., closing eastbound between there and Chicago Rd.)
– E. Elm Rd. between 10th Ave. and Nicholson Rd.
– S. Howell Ave (State Highway 38) at Elm Rd. going south into Caledonia (presumably 7 1/2 Mile Rd.)
– S. 13th St. at the Milwaukee/Racine county line going south into Caledonia
– S. 27th St. (State Highway 241) south of Elm to I-94 (this includes the off-ramp from north/westbound I-94 to 27th St.)
– W. Drexel Ave. between 13th St. and 27th St.

In addition, E. Drexel Ave. at and just east of Clement Ave. and S. Shepard Ave. just north of Ryan Rd. had significant standing water as of 6:00 am to 6:30 am, but were still passable (unless one is driving a Corvette).

Mayor Dick Bolender conducted an interview with WTMJ-AM this morning, and WTMJ was kind enough to put up a podcast (even if they misspelled the mayor’s name). Even though he had 5 inches of water in his basement, he was out there helping to put up barricades.

On a personal note, I got extremely lucky with nothing more than a bit of seepage from a downspout that got disconnected in the height of the storm.

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