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The Morning Scramble – 6/29/2008

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Yes, it’s Sunday. As usual, I’m conscious way too early, but not as usual, I’m running with a Scramble…


  • James Wigderson found yet another place that requires photo ID.
  • Kevin Fischer issued a call to arms back at the home county (Milwaukee) over a board of supervisors’ 12-6 vote on running a referendum to raise the county sales tax from 0.5% to 1.5% (this on top of a 5.0% state sales tax, a 0.1% Miller Park tax shared with only 4 other counties, and a 0.25% food-and-soda tax for the white elephant known as the Midwest Airlines Center not levied in any other county. For the non-math geniuses, that’s just enough to override a Scott Walker veto (and yes, he will veto). Fortunately, they can’t raise the sales tax…yet.
  • Eric runs through the alphabet for examples of successful first-initial people.
  • Marshall Manson reviews the Newseum. Paging Ms. Favazza. Paging Katie Favazza. I do believe you owe us a review.
  • Jib has this weekend’s presstitute folly. I’m the king of the run-on sentence, but what The Capital Times put up is beyond belief. I guess all the copy editors were fired when they went essentially web-only.
  • Emperor Misha I shows what happens when there is no such thing as a Bill of Rights. I wonder if seeing the video will make American presstitutes not be in such a rush to become like their European counterparts…nah.
  • JammieWearingFool found a disturbing new trend; people who are adopting “Hussein” as their middle name. Why? They want to be like Barack Hussein Obama. Bad decision.
  • Owen discovered that the Jim Geraghty Maxim also applies to Obama’s words on taxes. Unfortunately, the curdling exposed an even more-liberal view. As I am fond of saying, the past is an indication of future performance.
  • Janet Evans marvels at the 52 Chinese who refused to leave a plane after the flight was cancelled. And we gave Beijing (the city where the plane was sitting) the Olympics this year?
  • Elliot (and commenters) explode the “War is not the answer” line of Bravo Sierra.
  • Vivian Lee saw the best bumper sticker ever.
  • Rich Horton has today’s European PC Death Watch episode. Kids no longer have control over who they invite to their birthday parties.
  • Patrick dips into the history well for a few choice quotes from the Founding Fathers regarding the 2nd Amendment.

Time for some biscuits and gravy. Hopefully when I get home, the bunker won’t have blown away.

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