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Archive for June 8th, 2008

Flooding state of emergency in Oak Creek

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Via JSOnline’s DayWatch, the mayor has declared a state of emergency here in Oak Creek due to significant flooding. The roads that are currently closed are:

– W. Drexel Avenue from 13th St. to 27th St.
– E. Forest Hill Ave. from Shepard Ave. to Pennsylvania Ave.
– E. Oakwood Rd. from Pennsylvania to John Aaron Dr.
– S. 100th (W. Ryan Rd.) from Howell Ave. to 13th St.
– S. Nicholson Rd. from Puetz Rd. to 100th.
– S. Pennsylvania Ave. from Puertz Rd. to Oakwood Rd.
– S. Shepard Ave. from S. 100th to Centennial Dr.

I expect more closures to happen with the next rounds of storms; the ground is oversaturated. As the National Weather Service says, “Turn around, don’t drown”.

I love the smell of irony in the morning

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(H/T – Jim Hoft)

A few days after the Democratic Party ignored the will of its voters and selected Barack Obama as its Presidential candidate, Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Florida) introduced a constitutional amendment to eliminate the Electoral College, which actually elects the President and Vice President, in favor of a nationwide popular vote.

My underlying thoughts on the elimination of the Electoral College remain unchanged from 2006, when an outfit called National Popular Vote made significant inroads on its unconstitutional scheme to have a sufficient number of states join in a compact to neuter the Electoral College. While it is still wrong as wrong can be, at least Sen. Nelson is doing it the way prescribed by the Constitution.

Roll bloat – stormy weather edition

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There’s more thunder rumbling in the distance, but while I’m still dry and with power, I best add Gawfer.

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