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Oak Creek flood closures winding down

by @ 7:36 on June 11, 2008. Filed under Weather.

Most of the east-west routes are now open, but most of the north-south routes are still closed. What is still closed:

– E. County Line Rd. between 10th Ave and Nicholson Rd.
– S. Pennsylvania Ave. between Ryan Rd. and Oakwood Rd.
– S. Nicholson Rd. between County Line Rd. and Vista Dr. in Caledonia (the first barricade is now at Oakwood; no barricade at Elm halfway between Oakwood and County Line; I expect it to reopen once Caledonia cleans up the road just south of County Line)
– S. Howell Ave (STH 38) between Oakwood Rd. and Caddy Ln. in Caledonia
– S. 27th St (STH 241) between Elm Rd. and I-94 (includes the I-94-to-27th off-ramp and the west frontage road in Racine County, but not 8 Mile Rd./County Line Rd.; somebody moved the barricades from the southbound lanes but not the northbound lanes at Elm; I expect it to officially reopen sometime today)

Roads closed yesterday that are now open:

– E. Forest Hill Ave. between Pennsylvania Ave. and Shepard Ave.
– E. Ryan Rd. between Pennsylvania Ave. and Nicholson Rd.
– E. Oakwood Rd. between John Aron Dr. and Redwood Ln.
– E. Elm Rd. between 10th Ave. and Nicholson Rd.
– S. 13th St. between Oakwood Rd. and the Milwaukee/Racine county line.

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