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Heller affirmed

by @ 9:19 on June 26, 2008. Filed under Guns.

Word from SCOTUSblog is that Antonin Scalia wrote the majority opinion in the 5-4 split striking down DC’s gun bans and affirming an individual right under the 2nd Amendment, with Breyer writing a main dissent and an unknown Justice writing a concurring dissent.

When they have the opinion, I’ll have the link to it.

Revisions/extensions (9:27 am 6/26/2008) – They have the opinion. I’m going through it as soon as I hit “save”.

R&E parts 2 and 3 (10:59 am and 11:08 am 6/26/2008) – Scalia’s opinion is mostly a thing of beauty. There are a couple of quibbles regarding too much deference given to bad precedent, but considering we were but a Kennedy away from no gun rights outside of the auspices of a government organization, I’ll take it. Indeed, Heller is part of a government organization and was seeking to extend his “militia” right to his private residence.

Also, Chris, the BBA Master of Arms, is now taking suggestions for a date to hold a BBA shoot in honor of Heller.

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