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Archive for November 27th, 2007

I’ve got (almost) nothing

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Nothing is really catching my interest tonight, and Bucky’s first real test of the basketball season is due up presently, so I’ll just send you along in the general direction of those that actually have something. (Editor’s note; since I don’t have much of anything new or exciting to offer, I attempted to disable pingbacks to the blogs I’m mentioning here.):

– Casper’s back with some wicked takes on the “coexist kerfuffle” (original parody from the irreplaceable Tom McMahon)

– Mary Katharine Ham sat down with a couple of CNN types and talked the Pubbie YouTube debate.

Patrick Ruffini and Jim Geraghty have duelling takes on the Ron Paul effect. If I get more time, I’ll expound on why I’m far more in Geraghty’s camp on this one, but I will say that there is a reason why Libertarians aren’t in office even if a significant portion of the populace agrees with the smaller-government portion of their platform (and no, jumping on the Toofer and Dhimmitude train isn’t going to help them either, even though it’s made them more popular with the presstitutes).

– From the Theives in Gubmint Department – State Edition: massive pay raises for state employees, with a only-in-gubmint defense from Russ Decker. Hey Russ, I don’t recall too many in the private sector getting 3.1% annual raises, and the last time I checked, 6.3% for yourself is a lot bigger than the 5% you’re giving the non-union employees.

Fred Thompson borrows the Paul Ryan tax plan. Again, what’s with the option of keeping the bloated tax code so complex it takes a dolly to cart around?

– Caledonia Unplugged has the latest on the traffic-killing roundabout at the intersection of Hwys 38 and K down in Racine County. Like any bad gubmint project, it’s overdue and ineffectual. I’ll wager it’s also over budget.

– The Artist Formerly Known As Dennis York, a former legislative aide, brings forth a stack of stupid constituent letters.

– As long as I’m raiding Atomic Trousers, Dr. Emil Shuffhausen’s Rulez of the Road is a must-read.

– If you’re a closet Hitler fan, like a certain Philadelphia baseball writer, take these lessons to heart. First, don’t admit it in an e-mail. Second, and most-important, don’t under any circumstances let Ace find out. Fans of Bugs Bunny ought to be able to guess that putz calls himself a genius, and we all know what happens when self-proclaimed geniuses run into morons that can barely pass the entrance exam to kindergarten.

– Speaking of baseball, I put a lot of trust in those that value Sabermetrics, like fellow barkeep ESK. I’m going to enjoy all of the homers that Cordero’s going to give up for the Redlegs. That’s $48 million well-spent (at least from a Brewers’ fan’s perspective) by a division rival.

– I previously noted that Ted “Swimmer” Kennedy is going to write an autobiography in the mold of OJ Simpson. Uncle Fred’s running a contest to name that book.

Revisions/extensions (3:33 pm 11/28/2007) – Jo ever-so-gently reminded me of a call from the Fond du Lac Reporter for kissing experiences and perferences. Talk about stupid presstitute tricks.

What do The Swimmer and The Slasher have in common?

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(H/T – Weasel Zippers)

With Ted Kennedy getting $8 million from the Hatchette Book Group for his memoirs, both he and OJ Simpson are profiting quite handsomely from having women die on them.

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