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Archive for November 2nd, 2007

Roll bloat – the oppressor and the oppressed version

The Sheboygan city attorney, Stephen G. McLean, ignoring not only case law but Article I, Section 3 of the Wisconsin Constitution (which reads, for the dense, “Every person may freely speak, write and publish his sentiments on all subjects, being responsible for the abuse of that right, and no laws shall be passed to restrain or abridge the liberty of speech or of the press.”), ordered the proprietor of Sheboygan Shenanigans to pull links to the Sheboygan Police Department. After she complied, she became the subject part of a police investigation into the officer that maintains the Sheboygan Police site that was ordered by Sheboygan police chief David E. Kirk and Sheboygan mayor Juan Perez. Perez is still pissed that the private citizen led a recall effort against him, and is continuing to bully her.

Paging Mr. Van Hollen. Paging Mr. Biskupic. Something’s rotten in Sheboygan City Hall.

One more thing; Sheboygan Shenanigans is now on the blogroll, and the Sheboygan pols are part of a new section of that roll. Those pols will find I’m not a pushover.

Revisions/extensions (11:17 am 11/2/2007) – Jeni corrected who the police was conducting the mayoral witch-hunt against.

Roll bloat – it-only-looks-randomized edition

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First, Mark McNally, the man behind Paindealer, does just that to Cleveland’s presstitutes.

Next, how can I not add a fan of Atlas Shrugged? So, please welcome Dagney’s Rant

Will run for beer

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(H/T – Michelle/HotAir Headlines)

The Daily Mail reports on a Granada University of Spain study that claims that quaffing a pint of beer after a good bit of exercise as part of one’s rehydration routine rehydrates one faster than just guzzling water.

Professor Manuel Garzon had a set of 25 student volunteers run on a treadmill in a room heated to 104 degrees until they were on the ragged edge of exhaustion. He and his staffers measured the participants’ hydration levels, ability to concentrate, and motor skills, then had half take in two half-pints of a Spanish lager before being allowed to drink as much water as they wanted, while the other half simply had to make do with as much water as they wanted.

Garzon said the rehydration effect in the students who were given beer was “slightly better” than among those given only water, and attributes that to the carbon dioxide quenching the thirst more quickly and the carbohydrates (presumably including the ethanol as that is a carb) replacing the calories expended.

They’re recommending a pint of beer a day for male athletes, and a shorty a day for female athletes. Prost!

Operation Exploitation – Day 1

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The polls are now open. Remember, vote for these blogs once daily per computer or IP address:

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