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Archive for November 11th, 2007

Thank you, vets

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You, and those that came before you, are the reason why we live in the greatest country in the history of mankind.

Note; comments are disabled because, unless you are a veteran, I can’t think of anything more to say.

NFL Week 10

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It is with a heavy heart that I’m back in town, because my college pick of the day (Bucky +3 over the mini-Wolves) made bank, and if I could’ve stuck around longer, my late picks (Illinois and Georgia) would have also made bank. Oh well, I’ll just have to keep on rolling after yet another 9-win week

Minnesota (+6) @ Green Bay – There’s just too many points to give, especially with Rouse now starting.
Chicago (-3.5) @ Oakland – I hope the Black Tygrrrr enjoyed his Vegas trip; reality crashes in on him today. Sorry.
Detroit (pick’em) @ Arizona – I know the Lions suck on the road, but you gotta give the hapless Cards a point or two. On second thought, since the pros aren’t, you shouldn’t either.
Jacksonville (+5) @ Tennessee – The schedulers screwed the Jags this year; they’re the only team to take a 3-game road trip.
Denver (+3) @ Kansas City – Larry Johnson is not only out, but he’s out $7,500.
Buffalo (-3) @ Miami – Odds that the Deadfins finish 0-16 the same year the Pats break their 1972 record; pretty damn good.
Cleveland @ Pittsburgh (-10) – As long as the Steelers don’t come out in those awful uniforms again,….
St Louis @ New Orleans (-11) – Help a brother out; lay the lumber.
Atlanta @ Carolina (-3.5) – Since I’m giving shout-outs to the blogroll, Sister Toldjah will be happy today.
Philadelphia (+3) @ Washington – Like McNabb should’ve said last week, “We’re making sure the Boys win the NFC East.”
Cincinnati (+3.5) @ Baltimore – You may like/want/get the points, but the OldBrowns are too shell-shocked.
Dallas (-2.5) @ NY Giants – The bottom line from Hoffa says the G-men are fishing with him. Stat of the week from JammieWearingFool – the Giants are 4-14 coming off the bye.
Indianapolis (-4) @ San Diego – Battle of the funks. The Bolts have longer ones.
San Francisco @ Seattle (-10) – The Pacific Northwest is very hazardous to one’s health, and the Niners are anything but healthy.

Revisions/extensions (10:50 am 11/11/2007) – Almost forgot my ass-kicking over/unders. Go under the 38 in the San Fran/Seattle game and over the 41 at Lambeau.

Rinsing and repeating Week 9

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Did I not say to rinse and repeat? 9-5 against the spread, and my first win in weeks on the over/under made me a very happy camper.

Green Bay 33 (+2.5) @ Kansas City 22 – Losing records will not be tolerated. Thankfully, we don’t have to worry about that.
Denver 7 (+3) @ Detroit 44 – Let the bleeding commence.
San Diego 17 (-7.5) @ Minnesota 35 – Back at the hotel, that is. They sent San Diego State along as a surrogate D.
Washington 23 @ NY Jets 20 (+4-WIN) – At least I was right about the 3 and the 0.
Arizona 10 @ Tampa Bay 17 (-3.5) – Did I not say take the team with the D?
Carolina 7 (+5) @ Tennessee 20 – Boy was that an inept call. At least the under was preserved.
San Francisco 16 (+3) @ Atlanta 20 – Where, oh where as Frank Goracle gone?
Jacksonville 24 @ New Orleans 41 (-3.5) – Separation time is NOW.
Cincinnati 21 @ Buffalo 33 (+2) – And I call it riding the gravy train.
Seattle 30 @ Cleveland 33 (-2) – Un-fragging-believable; an outright OT win.
New England 24 @ Indianapolis 20 (+6.5-WIN) – If the Colts can’t stop the Pats, nobody can.
Houston 24 (+3) @ Oakland 17 – Repeating, “Just lose, baby.” Sorry Eric, you guys just don’t have the swords this year.
Dallas 38 (-3.5) @ Philadelphia 17 – McNabb to the media after the game, if he were honest – “The Boys will win the NFC East.”
Baltimore 7 (+10) @ Pittsburgh 38 – Because only one team has a defense, and that team also has the offense, you dumbshit.

Oh-so-close to .500 now at 60-62-8 ATS, 11-6-1 on the over/unders. If I keep rolling, I might make bank.

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