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Archive for November 21st, 2007

Oh, the weather outside is almost frightful

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Hopefully, your driving during the first snowfall of the season will be delightful. The snow isn’t sticking yet in south suburban Milwaukee, but it’s coming down, and the wet roads are about to start freezing up (my car’s thermometer had 34 degrees). Slow down and allow yourself extra time and distance, or you might end up like the idiot that ran into Pete the other night.

Sorry about that interruption

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My host had some unexpected problems with server maintenance. Things are back to golden now.

Question-and-answer time

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Disgruntled Truck Driver has two sets of questions up, one for Dems and lefties, and one for Pubbies and righties. Since I’m of the right half of things, I’ll take the latter:

1. Do you approve of EVERYTHING President Bush has done while in office? (Be specific) Nope. Spending went out of control; instead of fixing Medicare, we got a massive increase; and the utter failure to secure our southern border against either a country wishing to refight the Mexican-American War or a bunch of Islamokazis is inexcusable.

2. Do you believe that EVERYTHING that Republicans did while they controlled the House and Senate was good? Oh, hell no. Again, that spending and expansion of the welfare state didn’t happen just because Bush wanted it.

3. What is more important to you? How much a politician “cares” or what a politician “does”? It’s all about the results.

4. How motivated are you to see a Republican be elected on a scale of 1-10? It honestly depends on whether that Pubbie is not or is a member of the bipartisan Party-In-Government. If said Pubbie is a PIG, I’m not exactly interested.

5. Will you vote Republican because you believe the candidate will be what’s best for the country or because Hillary scares the living crap out of you? How does, “Both, boss,” sound? Keeping Hiliary out of the Oval Office is what’s best for the country.

6. Does the idea of a Democrat as Commander in Chief make you feel more or less safe? Far less safe.

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