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Mexico is our “friend” part 592

by @ 8:03 on September 3, 2007. Filed under Immigration.

(H/Ts – Allahpundit and Curt/Flopping Aces)

Mexican President Felipe Calderon made a couple of rather startling statements in his State of the Nation address yesterday:

We strongly protest the unilateral measures taken by the U.S. Congress and government that have only persecuted and exacerbated the mistreatment of Mexican undocumented workers. The insensitivity toward those who support the U.S. economy and society has only served as an impetus to reinforce the battle "¦ for their rights….

Where there is a Mexican, there is Mexico.

I know El Jefe Jorge won’t do it, but it is well past time to militarize the southern border. Indeed, HotAir commenter Pilgrim notes that this likely canceled the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo, specifically Article V –

The boundary line established by this article shall be religiously respected by each of the two republics, and no change shall ever be made therein, except by the express and free consent of both nations, lawfully given by the General Government of each, in conformity with its own constitution.

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