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My Hat’s Off to the TSA

by @ 12:57 on November 20, 2010. Filed under Miscellaneous.

Over the past few weeks, the TSA has gained an increasingly notorious reputation. Increasingly aggressive searching procedures have cries of sexual harassment, security boycotts and “Fourth Amendment” echoing through airport terminals. While I didn’t think it possible, the TSA has become more hated than Nancy Pelosi and has done it in a matter of just a few weeks. That all said, I’ve found the silver lining that goes with thrum of negativity regarding the TSA.

On a radio show Friday, Jesse Ventura said that he would no longer fly commercial flights due to the TSA regulations:

I feel that as a former governor, a former mayor, an honestly discharged [Vietnam] Navy veteran, that I can’t live with myself and subject myself that every time I go to an airport I have to prove that I am not a murderer, I have to prove I am not guilty of anything, I have to prove I won’t hijack a plane. I find it ridiculous and so for my own personal choice I will not fly a commercial airliner or subject myself to that again.

Ventura then recognized the possible implication of his decision:

It probably means an end to my career.

Oh no! You mean the bat shit crazy former governor of my former state won’t get a forum to espouse more of his bat shit crazy theories? You mean we won’t hear anymore about Jesse’s theory of 9/11, FEMA camps and other illusions of his mind?

Well done TSA, well done!

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