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The Morning Scramble – 7/22/2008

by @ 11:12 on July 22, 2008. Filed under The Morning Scramble.

Today’s music is suggested by Peter (specifically, the bottom-of-the-deck reference). Before we get there, however, a little inside baseball. I’m laughing at the “superior intellect” of the Leftosphere as Rick Esenberg destroys it…


  • Let’s start out with some highlights of other oh-so-tolerant lieberals and their ideas of speech –
    Doubleplusundead caught some anti-war types spitting at veterans. Several others in my feed reader also caught this, but DPUD found a couple of “special” spokesmen.
  • American Thinker found Google sending the anti-Barack Obama spin from the Hillary Clinton campaign down its own memory hole.
  • Warner Todd Huston brings news of a “news” organization that bowed to the tantrums of the nutroots.
  • Fred invites a local lefty to clean out his ears. Haven’t you heard the news, Fred? The left decides what is and is not said nowadays </sarcasm>.
  • On to the Obamination Watch, and I’ll start with something designed to tweak our “old friends” on the Left – Michelle Malkin found Michelle Obama (She Who Cannot Be Critiziced – according to the oh-so-compassionate Left at least) threatening the children. Not surprising when Barack’s gangsta-rap supporters have threatened the rest of us with death.
  • Richard H. Collins proudly introduces Obama’s Enemies List. Can I forego the $5 donation since I’m doing all I can to tweak the oh-so-tolerant Left, and I’ve proven successful on the local level?
  • PJ-Comix has his usual FUnny take on the DUmmies call to violence should their man Barack Obama lose in November.
  • Robert notes Obama is providing hope to the enemy.
  • Uncle Jimbo reminds us that Obama has been opposed to liberating Iraq from the start.
  • Allahpundit found Obama continuing to oppose the liberation of Iraq.
  • Jim Hoft notes Obama gives all the credit to the Sunnis of the Anbar Awakening. News flash; without the US military, there wouldn’t have been an Anbar Awakening, and the inevitable post-Hussein (Saddam, not Barack) period would have had decades of extreme bloodshed and a likely muti-part ethnic cleansing (take your pick of Sunni or Shia along with the Kurds and Christians).
  • Ed Morrissey asks whether Obama would stick with a “surge” in Afghanistan. Judging by the above, probably not.
  • Glenn Reynolds has a counter-prediction on Obama’s future warlike status that won’t make the peacenik portion of the moonbat base at all happy. Do remember that, just like the Clinton escapades of 1998, it’s all about Number One.
  • Scott found evidence of that counter-prediction in today’s Obamination Express Bus Toss of the hard-and-fast timetable.
  • Mary Katharine Ham predicts the next contestant in the Obamination Express Bus Toss – Andrea Mitchell. The only question is whether the rest of the presstitutes will first throw her under their bus or wait until the Barack-Track marks are on her back.
  • Zip spotted something missing from the flying version of the Obamination Express; the American flag (replaced by the Obamination seal).
  • Headless Blogger spotted a very-special banner above one of the stops of the Obamination Retreat and Defeat World Tour.
  • CDR Salamander offers some siting help for the Germany portion of the Obamination Retreat and Defeat World Tour.
  • MataHartley notes one country left off the Obamination Retreat and Defeat World Tour; Pakistan.
  • Gabriel Malor provides today’s episode of Obamination Gaffe Machine – an advisor forgot that the election hasn’t taken place yet. Incredibly, a reporter pointed out the gaffe.
  • Jim Geraghty believes both parties will have the bottom half of the dance card filled in the next 2 weeks. Unfortunately, John McCain is poised to waste the advantage of having the later convention by doing so this week.
  • Patrick Ruffini agrees that it is too early.
  • Sister Toldjah thinks it’s a good move.
  • Matt Wolking has a dark-horse for McCain’s VP pick – Eric Cantor. I’ll try to be back on this in a bit.
  • McQ asks whether this is 1976 or 1980. The Pubbies are running Gerald Ford II, not Ronald Reagan II; and I believe that answers the question.
  • Mark Krikorian found another ex-ally of McCain’s abandoning him for the ‘Rats – the Mexican government. Guess pushing shamnesty is truly a lose-lose for the Pubbies.
  • Stephen Green found a bumper sticker for James Dobson. I’m still uncommitted despite the expletive.
  • William Tate ran the money totals of the presstitute donations, and is shocked, SHOCKED that there is a 10-1 advantage for the ‘Rat.
  • Gorebal “Warming” Update time – Lance Burri proves once again that it’s all about sending us back to the 13th Century.
  • Silent E discovered whose senator Herb Kohl is – OPEC. Maybe that’s slightly unfair, as Kohl wants to seize the American assets of OPEC and trigger a oil boycott that will make 1973 and 1979 look like mere hiccups.
  • Paul Socha has a two-part series of efforts to increase production of both crude oil and refined petroleum products. Unfortunately, it’s Iran that’s exploiting new oil fields and building new refineries.
  • Todd Lohenry brings some disturbing news from northern Alaska. We have a 10-year deadline to increase oil production in the North Slope to save the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System.
  • The rest of the best – Andy Aplikowski has some tips for Republicans looking to leverage the power of the blogosphere.
  • Dr. Melissa Clouthier explains why they should leverage that power.
  • Darryl Enriquez reposts comments from a former train engineer on why “quiet zones” are deadly. Bonus thought – the trains were there before most of the whiners.
  • Eddiebear has a very bad feeling about the Sovi…er, Russians returning to Cuba. I really need to dig out a dispatch from The News Organization That Cannot Be Quoted™ from the weekend that whined that the Sovi…er, Russians just can’t come up with enough new-generation weapons to threaten America with.
  • Kevin (yes, that Kevin who’s been MIA from the Cheddarsphere the last couple years) notes that history might not quite be repeated this time thanks to the NEA.
  • Emperor Misha I rips San Francisco’s mayor for running a sanctuary city sheltering an illegal alien with a lengthy criminal record who ultimately committed a triple homicide as only a Rottweiler can. One thing to add from last night’s O’Reilly Factor – the San Francisco County Sheriff’s office (not under the control of the mayor) did contact ICE to get him deported, only to have ICE do nothing.
  • Zip points out that the EU is once again useless on Iran. Then again, 2/3rds of the EU3 were (and probably want to be again) heavily-involved in the Iranian nuclear program, and the other third is quickly sliding toward Britainistan.
  • Mary Katharine Ham plays “Guess The Reporter’s World View”. I’ll wager that presstitute supports the no-stick approach from the EU3.
  • Tracy Coenen has a solution that wouldn’t involve moving out of Milwaukee if the voters pass a paid sick-leave mandate more generous by a few hours than the 65 hours the average state employee takes – cut the pay. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
  • Patrick Casey invites the Senate GOP “leadership” to resign after showing absolutely no willingness to show leadership, culminating with the acceptance of the ‘Rat policies on almost everything. No wonder why I call them the bipartisan Party-In-Government, and no wonder why a plurality of my readership still believes there will be no GOP come 2012.
  • I can’t be entirely serious (or is it series, or maybe Sirius) – Owen has a couple of pictorals on proper restroom etiquitte. Don’t know if I’d agree with holding onto the hair while one is vomiting into the porcelain throne, but there definitely should be silence in the mens’ room.

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