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Archive for July 12th, 2008

RIP, Tony Snow

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Tony Snow passed away this morning. Fox News (his former employer before he was White House Press Secretary), CNN (his curent employer), and Ed Morrissey (where I found this out; I hadn’t turned on the computer or TV until a short while ago) all have great tributes.

In addition, Brit Hume provides a video tribute:

Gas Prices are not All Bad News.

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Feeling blue about the increased cost of gasoline?   Don’t!   There’s a silver lining, at least according to this article:

According to a recent study by professors Michael Morrisey of the University of Alabama-Birmingham and David Grabowski of Harvard Medical School, as gas prices increase there is a decrease in automobile accident deaths. A 10 percent increase in gas price resulted in a 2.3 percent decrease in deaths. Automobile accidents account for nearly 40,000 deaths per year, and it is estimated the recent gas price increase to $4.00 per gallon could decrease automobile deaths by nearly 1,000 per month, resulting in nearly a 1/3 reduction.

Oh, but that’s not all:

A real benefit of increased gas prices is the potential for healthier lifestyles and a better environment. As people drive less and less to save money on gas, there is a potential many of these people will increase walking, biking and other activities as modes of transportation. Less driving also means less carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which is good for the environment. While to pain of filling up your tank at the pump increases everyday, it is good to know there may be benefits associated with the rise in gas prices.

So rising gas prices are good for us? Gee, it doesn’t feel so good!

If these folks are happy that we have fewer traffic deaths because we can’t afford to drive as much, they’d be ecstatic if the price went to a point where cars became obsolete! At that point there would be zero deaths!

If removing all risk of death is the means by which we measure what’s good for America, let me see if I can offer some policy suggestions.

  • There are 350 deaths each year caused by a machine.   If we can get the cost of energy high enough we won’t be able to manufacture or operate any more of these killers!
  • There are 500 deaths from Medical & Surgical Complications and Misadventures each year.   Rather than going to Universal Health Care we should abolish all health care so that we don’t lose one more person to these completely avoidable tragedies.
  • 3,300 people die from suffocation each year.   Most of these deaths mostly resulted from blockages of the respiratory system by food or other objects.   I propose that we prohibit all ingesting of food or any other substance, that should help!
  • 3,700 people die from fires and burns each year.   This one is easy to fix.   As soon as the Envirowhackos eliminate all sources of energy and implement carbon credits, there will no longer be any means or allowance to have a fire….all burns are gone!
  • 4,000 drownings occur each year.   I propose no more swimming or baths.   Heck, Barack wants us to be more like the French.   We could start by smelling more like them!
  • 14,900 people die of falls each year.   I propose we mandate that no building be more than 1 story.   I have no idea how we’d all manage to live within walking distance of the major down towns once all transportation has been eliminated, but that’s not my concern.   I’m only trying to eliminate deaths!

Actually, in the minds of the extreme left, the best solution would be to abort all babies and never reproduce.   While it might take 100 or so years, eventually all humanity would cease to exist on the earth.   From their point of view this would be the optimal…no more deaths plus the earth would once again be its pristine self.

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