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Archive for July 5th, 2008

So Not New That Even His Fund Raising FlipFlops

by @ 5:03. Filed under Politics - National.

In a report by the, a gambling expert at Focus on the Family, claims that the Obama campaign violated 37 state’s and a Federal statute prohibiting internet gambling. The concern is with Obama’s offer to provide a VIP trip to three winners chosen from people who make at least a $5 contribution to his campaign. According to Focus on the Family, the fact that a person needs to make a contribution to enter the drawing makes the drawing “gambling.” Most drawings of this type get around the “money for a prize” issue by using a “mouse typed” option that allows people to get an entry blank by sending in an entry directly or by getting an entry form by requesting one, Obama’s offer had no alternative option.

OK, in the scheme of things, this isn’t going to show on the radar screen of voter’s decisions. It is funny though that a candidate who is a lawyer, a “Constitutional Professor” and has the media agog about the mastery with which his campaign has been managed would get tripped up by such an entry level issue.

The candidate of “Hope and Change” has had a career’s worth of position changing in just the past couple of weeks: gun control, late term abortions, Iraq etc. I can only imagine that with Obama’s finance team thought flip flopping was now acceptable as a “New Politician” and they wanted to support the team by creating their own opportunity for Barack to say “Juuuuuuust kidding!”

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