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Archive for July 7th, 2008

Midwest’s MD-80s – not good enough for you, but good enough for Obama

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(H/T – JammieWearingFool)

Barack Obama’s chartered Midwest Airlines’ MD-80, en route from Chicago to Charlotte, North Carolina, made an unscheduled landing in St. Louis after what the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported as the emergency slide in the tail cone of the plane deploying in flight. ABC News’ Sunlen Miller reported an abnormally large dip shortly after takeoff from Midway during bad weather.

I’m glad that everyone’s okay, but I have two questions:

– Why would an eastbound flight from Chicago divert to St. Louis?
– Considering that Midwest is grounding its MD-80s because they’re too fuel-inefficient, why did the Obama campaign decide to charter one?

The Morni…er, Afternoon Scramble – 7/7/2008

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It’s just been one of those weekends…


  • Jim Geraghty has today’s Obamination Theme wrapped up in one convenient post. You know what they say about history.
  • Gawfer pulls in a letter from the future. There’s definitely short-term pain, but I’m not as optimistic as he is on the long-term.
  • Jim Hoft is shocked, SHOCKED that the woman two heartbeats away from the Oval Office conducted her own private foreign policy for the benefit of Communists.
  • Lawhawk has video of the rescue that San Fran Nan couldn’t stop.
  • Chris the head barkeep has 90 million reasons to like Milwaukee Brewers’ owner Mark Attanasio. As he says, we’re now at the Adults table.
  • Christian Schneider lists the winners and losers of the big trade for C.C. Sabathia.
  • Legalbgl calls for the banning of another Barry Bonds legacy – maple bats.
  • Emperor Misha I has some news not fit to print on this side of the pond. That’s right; we have to go to Britain’s newspapers (or the conservative blogosphere) to find out that Al Qaeda in Iraq is about to be pushed out of their last stronghold.
  • Gabriel Malor is shocked, SHOCKED to find out that 1 in 100 Club Gitmo (and other assorted overseas detention centers) “guests” has an existing FBI record.
  • Charles Johnson caught the News Organization That Cannot Be Quoted displaying their anti-American bias loudly and proudly. No wonder why the presstitutes at crAP don’t want us memorializing their utterances.
  • JohnJayRay blows yet another hole in Gorebal Warming – that “fast-melting” Greenland ice is strictly a result of seasonal changes, not any climatic change.
  • While We’re Winning the Fight On the Scientific End, We’re Losing It On the Political, Part 1 – BrianR is saying, “No!”, to McCain because of his status as a Gorebal “Warming” acolyte.
  • Doubleplusundead highlights the coming platform fight in St. Paul.
  • While We’re Winning the Fight On the Scientific End, We’re Losing It On the Political, Part 2 – Ed Driscoll reports California is requiring Gorebal Warming Scores on all new cars.
  • Fred uses one lieberal screwball idea to mess with another.
  • Nanny Statism Part 1 (and also Stupid Labels Part 2) – Slublog passes along the Stupid Label of the Week.
  • Gaius has this week’s dose of Microsoft FAIL – their plan to have people rent Office.
  • Nanny Statism Part 2 (and Why I’m Glad We Beat the Brits Part 1) – Sister Toldjah passes along news that the Brits are now going to start labeling 3-year-olds who say, “Yuk,” to foreign food as “racists”.
  • Nanny Statism Part 3/Why I’m Glad We Beat the Brits Part 2) – Jon Ham notes the British government is going to use the “kids are starving in China” canard to get those “racist” kids to clean their plates.
  • Antitote to Nanny Statism – Mary Lazich reports that bans on cell-phone use while driving don’t work. Now if she could convince her fellow Legislators,….
  • Headless Blogger has today’s dose of history, commuter-train edition. Simply reversing the letters on the money-losing abomination that was MRK (which failed long before I-94 opened up) isn’t going to suddenly make it a success.

Sorry about being late (again). I didn’t feel well at all this weekend (a bit better now).

Now on the NRE menu – Crow with side of foot

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(H/T – Disgruntled Truck Driver)

Remember that uranium yellowcake reference in the 2003 State of the Union speech? Guess what – Iraq had a whole shitload of uranium yellowcake. Indeed, the US just got done transferring 550 metric tons found after the invasion to Canada in 110 shipping containers and 37 C-17 trips. That would be 550 metric tons not found properly disposed of by the Bumbling Twins, Hans Blix and Mohammed ElBaradei.

I seem to be out of barbecue sauce, so you liberals are going to just have to eat that crow and your feet dry.

Revisions/extensions (5:38 pm 7/7/2008) – Ed Morrissey notes that the IAEA knew about this for the last 13 years, yet all they did was put a seal (which a commenter on the Hot Air thread notes wasn’t exactly fool-proof) on it, which was left unmonitored between the tail end of 1998 and the arrival of American forces in 2003. There are also a couple of other discrepancies in the comments.

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