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Time to call a Cease Fire on Operation Chaos

by @ 7:01 on April 29, 2008. Filed under Miscellaneous.

While I can’t say that I understand what dynamics are causing this, and Rasmussen still shows McCain leading either Democratic candidate, a recent poll indicates that Hillary Clinton is now leading John McCain in a national poll by 9%.

I think it’s time to call a cease fire on Operation Chaos for the following reasons:

  1. With Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, his wife, it appears that Barack Obama has not only proven to be mortal but an unvetted mortal as well.   In fact, in a recent poll the “Obama concern factor” has dropped by 17% amongst Republicans.
  2. Even in a general election it appears unlikely that Barack Obama will be able to move to the center.   He has staked out positions so far to the left on significant issues it would be hard to come back with any credibility.   With Hillary, well, credibility has never been an issue for the Clintons.   They find ways to sway with the polls and convince people that that’s what they meant all along.
  3. Hillary moving ahead of McCain in this significant fashion would suggest that the rumored divide within the Democratic party where BO supporters won’t vote for Hillary and vice versa appears to be more rumor than fact.
  4. While slipping a bit, Hillary still has a 5 point lead in a recent poll for Indiana.
  5. While still down in recent polls, Clinton’s about to get the endorsement of North Carolina’s Governor.

It’s been a lot of fun watching the Democrats squirm and complain about Operation Chaos.   I think the Operation has done it’s job.   Even without the ongoing support of Operation Chaos valiant men and women Hillary is now assured of staying in the race to the convention or until forced out by a preemptive vote of the Super Delegates.   Speaking of which, There is growing concern within Democratic ranks about BO’s electability.   We don’t need to be reinforcing the notion of Hillary being more electable in the final primaries.

My hat is off to Rush and the operatives of Operation Chaos.   Please welcome the returning operatives with the respect and honor they deserve!

(Update:   As of 1:30 Central Time, Rush has called for an operational pause.   Stay tuned for further instructions.   This has been a public service of your local Operation Chaos outlet.)

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